Zootopia Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 8/10
Really? You need a review of this movie? It’s animated animals wearing clothes….and…..yea, you need to be told if you should see it? OK, you asked for it.

Watch it.

Is that not enough? Zootopia is funny, thoughtful, entertaining, fun, funny (oh did I say that already?), and it doesn’t just have a heart, it has a brain. If you want to just chuckle at the animal references, it’s wonderful. Rabbits, foxes, water buffaloes, naked elephants all populate the city of many regions to make it habitable for everyone. We get to see the frozen tundra, the dessert, the rain forest, and a tiny little part of town where the littlest mammals live. Fun. Did I mention this movie is just plain fun?

If you like a movie with a message, Zootopia will do the trick. There are a few grown up themes and they all make sense in our world of adults and boring terrible things like stereotypes and prejudices. It’s not preachy or pushy and I don’t catch any hints of blame that some movies have dumps on us (eh hem…Wall-E and the fat blaming theme). I know a bunch of adults write these movies, over 600 actually at the Disney Animation Studio, so that many folks will have so many life experience to weave into the stories they tell, and yet they bring it all together with just the right balance. I laughed, cried a tiny bit, and laughed some more. I just realized something IS missing from this movie, no dead parents for the main characters! I think this is the first Disney animation where someone wasn’t sad and overcoming the loss of a mother or father or both. I don’t count Pixar, they were Pixar before they were part of Disney so their movies haven’t followed the same sadness hook. Even without the dead parents, Zootopia does not suffer at all.

I can’t go into all the amazing characters, but from our leading Bunny Cop, to her criminal Fox Friend, to the Lion Mayor, the Water Buffalo Chief of police, they are all-compelling and well-rounded “people”.

Let me cut this short while cutting to the chase, I don’t have any complaints about Zootopia. If you watch it and think the predators are you, or you are the prey, well, so does everyone else. It will hopefully make you think and rethink a few things. It won’t change the world, but it might make a couple of hours of your life a bit of fun and for a day or so you might consider the ideas.

Features: 7/10

  • Zoology: The Round tables (15 Minutes) – A three-part featurette that discusses the Characters the Environments and the Animation.
  • The Origin Of An Animal Tale (10 Minutes) – This movie had many rewrites including a complete change of main character towards the end of its pre production. Here the filmmakers explain  all this.
  • Research: A True Life Adventure (10 Minutes) – The filmmakers travel top Africa to see the real life animals that inspired the film.
  • ZPD Forensic Files (3 Minutes) – A quick look at the various Easter eggs in the film.
  • Deleted Characters (3 Minutes) – Directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore show us some of the critters that were removed from the film.
  • Deleted Scenes – Seven deleted scenes with optional director commentary.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
I don’t normally like covers with the whole cast crammed into one image, but this time I will make an exception. I love it. I would have this as a poster in the movie room for sure.

Audio & Video: 9/10
At this point Disney are literally the masters of putting CGI animation on Blu-Ray Disc. Zootopia is no exception with a dazzling vibrant looking transfer that is sure to please the younglings in your life. The movie is awash in color and really looks like it has depth and shadow detail in every moment. Close ups of fur or hair are especially impressive and it really goes to show how far CG animation has come in the last few years. This is an amazing looking presentation from Disney and one you will be proud to own.

The DTS-HD Master audio 7.1 track used here is also top-notch and adds to the alive feeling of the world of Zootopia. The couple of pop songs that the film has sound deep rich and full of bass just like they should. Dialog is centrally delivered and is clear and natural sounding. Fans of the film will not be left wanting aurally.

Overall Score 8/10