Youth In Revolt DVD Review

Cover Art and Menus: 8/10
The cover for Youth in Revolt is a bit drab, but the menu is really well done.  With movie artwork and a very colorful, active design, the menu is very well done.  It feels a bit like Napoleon Dynamite or Juno, with the style and presentation, but that is fine, as the movie is very similar in style also.   The cover is a collection of the main characters, but to me is a not inspiring.

Features: 6/10

  • Deleted Scenes – There are 9 deleted scenes included here, and they are really not bad.  They include a talk between Michael Cera and Steve Buscemi while their two characters, a father and son, are tripping on mushrooms, and some animated scenes.  They are decent to watch and a nice break from some of the standard deleted scenes that are included in movies.
  • Off The Chain Deleted & Extended Animated Sequences – I don’t know about being “off the chain,” but these are deleted scenes and some extended animated scenes from the movie.  The movie includes a few strange animated sequences that break up the movie, and add a bit of style to the movie.  Again, it seems a bit like something that would appear in a Napoleon Dynamite type of movie, or at least something from Michel Gondry, but it is cute and seems to fit this movie.  The extended scenes are fun to watch.
  • Audition Footage – There are a bunch of audition scenes here, which are kind of fun to watch.  We get to see some readings and auditions for the main characters, which is always interesting.
  • Commentary With The Director & Michael Cera – I didn’t love the commentary, as it was a bit dry, but at least it keeps moving and is informative.

The Movie: 6/10
Youth in Revolt is a tale about a 16 year-old boy, who is somewhat of an outsider.  Played by the perennial movie geek Michael Cera, the boy, named Nick Twisp, starts off the movie stating that he is a virgin, and while watching the character develop, there is no real question as to why.  Nick is a huge fan of Frank Sinatra, and his wardrobe begs for some help.  As a high school student, he is definitely not going to win prom king, not that he would want to.

Nick’s good friend Lefty is in the same boat, and also is obsessed with sex.  Lefty is  obsessed with a girl in their class, and has been for years, and we get the idea that he has about as much of a chance in getting this beautiful girl as Nick has of being a football star – it just is not going to happen.

Nick’s mother (Jean Smart) has been shacking up with bearded loser (Zach Galifianakis) who sells a car to some sailors who end up wanting a refund when the car explodes shortly after they have purchased it.  In order to avoid having his head taken off by the sailors, he takes Nick and his mother to a trailer park in Northern California, where by chance Nick meets the beautiful, and uninhibited Sheeni (played exceptionally well by Portia Doubleday).  The two start an interesting relationship, as Sheeni explains her obsession with all things French, right down to her imaginary boyfriend Francois, who she is convinced she will marry.  In real life Sheeni is dating the 6 foot Trent, or so she tells Nick.

Sheeni’s parents are religious nuts, which contrasts sharply to Sheeni’s seemingly uninhibited talk and actions.  Nick of course is smitten beyond belief, as this is perhaps the first girl he has interacted with at this depth.  The two are cute, and Nick creates an alter ego, or different version of himself, named Francois, who is cool and calculated, and is “bad” in a way that Nick is not.  This is apparently what Sheeni is looking for in a man, and Francois goes out of his way to help out Nick, whose only goal is to get the girl.

Youth in Revolt features some great actors in quirky roles.  Fred Willard is, like always, just a crazy character that adds much to the movie.  Buscemi and everyone else bring a real sense of depth and reality , in that even though the characters are bizarre, they feel real.

I liked Youth in Revolt for the most part, even though I thought the story was a bit light in parts.  This is a fun little movie, and if you can appreciate Juno and the like, this is a film that you will enjoy.  It would be nice to see Michael Cera break out from this geek role at some point, but he has a lockdown on it for now, and he might as well continue making this type of movie while he can.

Audio & Video: 7/10
I was pleasantly surprised by both the audio and the video on this standard DVD.  The 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen is bright and cheerful throughout the movie.  The video itself was pretty crisp, and there were only a few moments when I noticed grain.  The presentation was nicely done, and the results was good.

The audio was also well done, as the Surround Sound was well used and the overall effect was nice.  The music was quite well done too, with a quirky selection, as to be expected.

Value: 7/10
I can see how the younger generation would take to this movie quite like they did to Juno and Napoleon Dynamite.  This is definitely a movie about those who are, or consider themselves an outsider, and so I can see that Youth in Revolt can hold some charm for that group.  It is probably one of those movies that grows on you.  The movie itself is not overtly funny, but there are some clever moments.  The movie is decent, but the disc is not full of extras like it could have been.  This is a rental, if you are into these types of comedies, and you know who you are if you are a big Michael Cera fan.  He essentially is the same character that he always plays.

Overall Score 7/10