Yes Man Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 4/10
The title, cover, slip cover, posters, everything for this movie are wrong wrong wrong. None of it fairly represents the actual story or anything about it. It’s not a wacky comedy, for the most part.

The box cover is Jim Carrey with his hands up in the air, and the slip cover is Jim Carrey with his hands flapping around while he’s dangling from a bungee cord. I’m pretty sure there was never any arm flapping going on through the whole movie. I just really don’t like it when the packaging and promotion of a movie is so far from what we get when we crank up the dang blasted thing.

The menu is Blu-Ray, enough said.

Features: 7/10

  • Downtime On The Set Of Yes Man With Jim Carrey –What does a director do with an adult who has the urge to entertain whether the cameras are rolling or not? This is the job of a master, see how Carrey expends his energy while keeping the crew laughing between takes.
  • Jim Carrey: Extreme Yes Man – Bungee jumping off a bridge, thousands of people do it for the first time every year. One person gets a film crew, lots of attention, and a DVD extra produced in his honor for the occasion. 🙂
  • Future Sounds Munchhausen By Proxy – Such a  funny little band they created for the movie, and this is a little fabricated music show dedicated to them. great looking extra, very 80’s.
  • 5 Exclusive Munchhausen By Proxy Music Videos – More from the little band that could:) Really fun stuff.
  • Gag Reel – Jim Carrey messing up, oh and a couple of other people.
  • On Set With Danny Wallace (Blu-Ray Only) – The writer of the Novel gives us a guided tour of the set, he bumps into the director and Jim Carrey on the way they even give the director a haircut.
  • Say Yes To Red Bull (Blu-Ray Only) – A scene shows Carrey after a night of Red Bull and raving. Behind the scenes he has never had one and drinks it right before trying to film his bits and bobs. Carrey on Red Bull…hmmm
  • Yes Man With Rhys Darby (Blu-Ray Only) – A special look at the character of Norm in his home, or crib as they say on MTV.
  • Digital Copy – Always a nice addition, if the price is right.
  • BDLive – It never remembers our password, even if we tell it to, so we skipped this out of frustration.

The Movie: 7/10
Yea, a 7, that’s right. It’s not that far above average as a movie, but I really really do enjoy Jim Carrey, so I give some extra zing for just looking at him. That’s how I roll. The other 5.5 points go for the “It’s OK” factor of the movie. I had a good time watching it. I laughed a lot. It just never really grabbed me in THAT way at any particular moment.

The premise of a bored, tired, worn down, stuck in a routine kind of guy who avoids his friends or any real interaction with people stumbles onto a far out seminar that insists that you say YES to everything in order to take control of your life.

There is nothing mystical or fantasy about the story, well, that anyone can afford last minute airline tickets, that pretty fictional, but it’s all reality based with the standard comedy shtick tossed in for fun.

There is a love interest. She’s got that quirky kind of young woman thing going on. She plays in an avant garde band, takes photos while she jogs, likes to travel on a whim…you get the idea, she’s the opposite to his closed up anti-social personality. I like her, even if it seems a bit forced sometimes.

The best part of the movie for me is the idea that shutting yourself off from life after a heart break (Oh did I mention he was married and now divorced and keeps running into his beautiful ex-wife?) only hurts you in the end. You have to just get out into life and live a little or you will shrivel up and blow away. Well, that’s my interpretation. If I came away from such an average movie with an actual changed molecule or two in my brain about life, that ain’t bad.

I love Jim Carrey, which I have made clear. I would watch him read his email, from a distance, through binoculars, wearing his favorite t-shirt….not that I have. I’m just saying, he compells me and I like that about him.

There are a few life observations here and there in the story, not surprisingly, but on that kind of superficial level. It’s just deep enough to be like a lick-n-stick tattoo, looks pretty cook, but still not the real deal.

It’s a fun ride with one of my lifetime favorite performers, so it’s well worth a watch. I’d even watch it again when it appears on cable. It’s one of those that the isolated smiles and guffaws I get out of it make it recyclable. Not every movie has that kind of quality, but sometimes a bit of fluff and fun can make a great afternoon of movie watching.

Audio & Video: 8/10
Yes Man is presented in 2.40:1 Wide Screen using the VC1 codec. Warner has had a bad rap in the past with less than stellar Blu-Ray transfers but Yes Man is an exception. Flesh tones are natural and lifelike and dark scenes are still heavy on detail. Overall the image is sharp clear and colorful and I saw no instances of macro blocking or video noise.

Warner has delivered a great soundtrack here using  Dolby TrueHD uncompressed sound. This is a dialog driven comedy so most of the action happens in the front 3 speakers, but the whole YES seminar sequence at the start really makes use of the surrounds. There is also a scene with Jim Carrey singing which sounds great (the soundtrack not necessarily Jim’s vocal talents). Overall Yes Man is a solid title on Blu-Ray, not a movie I would re-watch but a fun couple of hours nonetheless.

Value: 5/10
Do you have a Jim Carrey collection? That means you will buy this movie in every format, fair enough. Do you really really like Jim Carrey, like me? I say it’s a great rental, but not one I have to have on the shelf at the bloated bullshit Blu-Ray prices. The extras are pretty good, but not the kind of whiz-bang I would shell out the extra cash for either. If you don’t like Jim Carrey, hmmm, go watch Joe Dirt and rethink your life.

Overall Score 6/10

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