World War Z Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 5/10
Moments of thrill, and then sections of “?”. That’s how I absorbed World War Z. I don’t know how to describe my urge to scream “I WANT to love it soooo much.” that is mixed with my sense of disappointment. I’m not totally disappointed or anything like that. I did enjoy the movie. It had its positives. I mean, it’s Zombies…so there’s that. I do like Brad Pitt, so there’s that. It’s global in scope and the cast is pretty good, so there’s that…..and then…. it’s just missing a few elements.

Sad but true, I can’t rave about this movie. It ticked a few boxes, but actually not even a full tick on any of them. Great zombie adventure? Hmmm We follow our leading man around the world while he tried to track down the origin of an outbreak of zombiefied humans. This doesn’t do much for my adventure itch. I like big scratches, the kind that make you go…ahhhhhh… but WWZ kind of does that thing that your husband does, lightly pretend to scratch your itch just enough to appear to be doing the job, but in the end there is never a satisfactorily resolution to the itch. The danger at each point of the traveling around didn’t feel very threatening. I mean, fast moving chomping half dead folks seem scary, but not menacing for some reason. That’s a flaw for sure.

Another thing that slowed me down on the journey to complete zombie fulfillment was the huge gaping holes in the “how the hell did they get from there to there and from this to that?” arena. The melodramatic attempts at being emotional didn’t pan out for me, and the almost resolution didn’t make me a happy movie watcher. I was moderately giddy in a dull kind of way. That’s just because, as I said, it’s zombies. This brings me to my last contentions, the zombies are just biting people. They aren’t like very dead people, rotting, dripping with flesh, or at least they aren’t moving slowly enough to enjoy it if they are. I know, I know, we need to be open minded to all kinds of zombies…I’ll work on that.

Overall I did have a decent time with this movie. Even with the bummer aspects I like dipping into any “What if” scenarios when it comes to the walking dead or the possibility of the human systems breaking down for whatever reason. For this along I’m supporting this Pitt offering, even if it’s doesn’t scratch deep enough.

Features: 6/10

  • Behind The Scenes Featurettes – A bevy of behind the scenes featurettes none of which contain any actual dialog from Brad Pitt. None of the problems the production faced are discussed either.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy
  • Theatrical & Unrated Cut

Cover Art and Menus: 4/10
Not interested. Seriously, so many good images to pick from and this is what they give us? I would not want this as a poster. The menu is slightly themed, but does show live action from the movie which doesn’t win me over. 

Audio & Video: 8/10
World War Z is a zombie movie without much blood so do not expect to see any of the red stuff in high definition. What you will see though is a 1080P AVC transfer that is bright, sharp and full of shadow detail. The unfortunate thing is the actual color timing used here makes the film look dull and drab most of the time so the HD format never really gets to stretch it’s legs. This is not the kind of disc you will grab to show off your system but it’s faithful to the theatrical presentation.

On the other side of the Zombie coin we have the excellent DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 soundtrack that makes up for the lackluster visuals. From the second the film starts (I think this movie holds some kind of record for the amount of production company logos at the start) until the uplifting ending you are really thrown into this future without hope. My favorite moment is right at the start of the film on the crowded street you can literally hear the cop on the motorbike approach from the distance then the thundering truck makes your room rattle. This is a standout audio track that is enjoyable start to finish.

Value: 5/10
I wanted to love it, so that’s worth a few dollars. I always enjoy Brad Pitt, another few bucks, It is exploring the doom of a possible human societal break down, a few more…so if you want to spend 10 or so, go for it when it hits the bargain bins. If you just want to go for a night of biting and virus hunting, rent it and a few other classics.

Overall Score 5/10