Wind River Blu-ray Review

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The Movie: 10/10
This movie deserves the high score I’m giving it for 4 reasons: Characters, Performances, Location, Writing, Direction. I know, those are the obvious things to think about with a movie, but sometimes when they are not all matched in similar quality, it makes the movie kind of blah. Wind River has characters written, directed, and performed with the right combination of subtly, honesty, and some raw emotion that made me want to know what will happen to them. That doesn’t always happen. Sometimes a movie is full of characters who don’t reach out to me at all. This story is put together in a way that almost demands that I was drawn in. From the quiet dignity of most of the people we get introduced to, all the way to the explosive jerks we meet later on, they all fill this very cold corner of the world with everything I want in a film.

The performances vary from the subdued to over the top, but all balanced just right. I bought it, every single person in the situation seemed like someone who would exist, for better or worse. The pain of some of the characters, mixed with the numbness of others made it a pointed movie for sure. No one is untouched by suffering in this movie, in one way or another…I like that:)

The director brought out the best in every aspect of this whole movie. From the sets to the moments of performers being highly emotionally exposed, it was delicate mixed with a hammer. The bitter cold of the weather with actors barely making facial gestures to express their emotions, to the cold contrasted with powerful violence that makes your blood rush through your veins, this director did it all with the right mixture of all elements.

The writing is more like what real people say and do than a lot of movies even attempt to do these days. The sadness and anger and utter desperation of some of the people comes out in dialogue that I could overhear in any family conversation or community discussion about the bad times that have hit them all.

Mixed with the right music and paced with such a perfect touch, seriously, can you tell I LOVE this movie?! I recommend it to any adults who like a drama that doesn’t flinch at a bit of a slow hand when it comes to getting the story to unwind. It’s not for kids, so don’t have them in the room.

Features: 4/10

  • Deleted Scenes (3 Minutes)
  • Behind The Scenes Video Gallery (10 Minutes) – Standard EPK trailer with interview fair.
  • UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 5/10
This cover looks more like a TV movie of the week, which doesn’t really do it justice. I wouldn’t have this as a poster, sadly, because I LOVE this movie. I would pick another image from the movie, maybe a barren frozen landscape to show the isolation of the place these characters live.

Audio & Video: 8/10
Wind River comes to Blu-ray courtesy of Lionsgate and an AVC encoded 1080P 2.39:1 transfer. Finished in 2k the movies snow-capped look incredibly detailed throughout. Facial detail is clean but the opening sequence and some of the interior shots come across murky and dark. It’s not a perfect looking film but it does look good nonetheless.

Presented using a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track that uses surround to its fullest. A couple of gunshots actually made me jump a little. Dynamic range is slightly to wide here and you might be running for the midnight button on your amp. Dialog is clean and never overpowered with the action.

Overall Score 10/10