Wild Hogs

DVD & Blu-Ray Covered In Review

Cover Art and Menus: 5/10
Whacky comedy, appropriate cover. Oh, did I mention this movie has about half of Hollywood’s population of middle aged mega stars in it to showcase on the promotional materials? The menu is pretty cool with the little biking theme. How cute.

Features: 4/10

  • The Making Of Wild Hogs Featurette – Interviews with the cast and crew make for a lovely Hollywood suck fest. These guys love working together. They love the script. They love the director. They love the project…you get the picture.
  • How To Get Your Wife To Buy You A Motorcycle Featurette – A kitschy little feature that smacks of comedy that’s dripping with testosterone.
  • Alternate Ending – Huh? This ain’t much of an alternative.
  • Two Deleted Scenes – TWO? Very generous.
  • Outtakes – Big stars doing farcical roles in an over the top comedy and they still have the nerve to screw up their lines and get the giggles.
  • Feature Commentary With Walt Becker & Brad Copeland – More of a love fest, this time the director salivates over his star studded flick and how they got through it all.

Movie: 5/10
I laughed. I guess that about covers it.

That isn’t a very satisfying review is it? Ok, so it’s a few big named stars acting the fool. Hey that’s the truth people. Four middle aged men with similarly worn out lives have formed their own little biker self help group.

One is a bored dentist. One is a hen pecked writer wannabe. One is a washed up ex-business mogul with a failing marriage with a super model. One is the nerdy know it all with hints of obsessive compulsive behavior. They get together to ride their motorcycles and do the knocking knuckles thing and feel good about themselves.

You might hear a bit of hhummpf attitude emanating from your monitor, but it’s just that kind of movie. It’s funny. I laughed my ass off inappropriately sometimes. Other times I rolled my eyes and felt that question well up inside me, “Travolta, Allen, Macy, Liotta, what were you thinking?” There are a lot of horrible stereotypes, stereotypical behavior, and stereotyped characters. This isn’t where the charm come from, obviously.

I didn’t really care about the road trip these fell as decide to take to snub the constraints of their blasĂ© lives. They could have gone to Pancake City for a late breakfast for all I care. Instead the story takes us along on their quest for freedom. This means they hit the road on their bikes, no cell phones, no wives, no kids, no middle aged man baggage to slow them down.

That sounds so uncomplicated and not-so-funny, which is partially correct. It’s the subtle things they day and do that made the whole thing work for me in the laughter department. It wasn’t that the character was doing the thing, it was that John Travolta was being that guy, not doing a great job of acting, who was doing that thing. I won’t watch it again. I was laughing sometimes enough to actually block out dialogue and even slivers and bits of the action, so if I had to watch it again I might not have that ‘first viewing comedy filter’ tuned up so high.

There is an explosion, a fight scene, motorcycles, scenery, naked men, and Marissa Tomei. With all that they had room to squeeze in a good spirited message under the slap stick jokes, the ad-libbed dialogue, and it’s nice enough. Life is short, don’t let your dreams fade away. Live it up while you have a chance!! Oh, and being a jerky biker gang guy is a bad thing.

Video & Audio: (By Ascully): 8/10
While Wild Hogs might not be the best movie in the world once again Disney have impressed with a amazing looking transfer. Wild Hogs is a road movie at heart and road movies always feature some great looking sweeping vistas, another thing Wild Hogs showcases in HD is how middle aged the four main actors actually are, every wrinkle on John Travolta’s face shows up in vivid detail, its not really for the faint of heart. Interestingly enough the standard DVD also features a stellar transfer not quite as vivid as the HD version but pretty awesome and almost a showcase for what standard DVD can offer.

Audio on the Blu-Ray disc is as fully featured as it gets the amazing standard Dolby 5.1 track really brings the noise of the engines of the hogs to life, but when you actually switch to the uncompressed version of the audio WOW. The same compressed Dolby 5.1 track is included on the standard DVD and sounds exactly the same as the Blu Ray track. Overall Wild Hogs isn’t the best movie out there, but it is fun for a afternoons viewing and Disney’s presentation on both formats is top notch. With that I will let Cidtalk take over with the value section of the review.

Value: 3/10
For around 20 bucks this DVD is a hard one to decide the real “value for money”. There will be three groups of people who would be better judges of the price than me:

Haters – “It’s a piece of crap and I wouldn’t watch it again if you paid me.”

Lovers – “I have to have this DVD so I can watch it every time my middle aged man friends and I get together to bond and sympathize with each other about how hard it is to be a dude.”

Renters – “It’s funny, but once is enough.”. (Me)

Overall Score 5/10