When In Rome Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 5/10
The bright cover for When in Rome is pretty bland.  We get to see yet another version of the romantic comedy cover, with the two main characters looking cute and attractive, setting up the predictable story line.  The menu is actually quite well done though, with a nice fountain effect.  At least it is an effort to spice up an otherwise so-so presentation.  They easily could have just thrown another photo of Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel in there, but they did not, and I give them some credit for that.

Features: 4/10

  • Deleted Scenes – We get a few minutes of deleted scenes that are truly forgettable.
  • Bloopers – Some of the bloopers are decent, but I wouldn’t call these great by any stretch.
  • Music Videos – There are two different music videos included on the Blu-ray.  The first is for the song “Starstrukk” by 3OH!3 featuring Katy Perry, and also “Stupid Love Letter” by the Friday Night Boys.
  • Crazy Casanovas – This extra features the guys who have fallen for Beth, talking about the movie.  This short (12 minutes) feature also has the crew discussing aspects of the movie.
  • Alternate Opening and Ending– There are seven minutes of a different opening, as well as a different ending to the movies.  The ending was quite good, but I didn’t love the alternate beginning.  Nice to see different takes on the movie though.

The Movie: 6/10
When in Rome starts off with a completely staged and fake looking party, and you can immediately be thrown out of the movie.  The movie and the acting does get better, but during the party scene, I was nervous about this movie.    When in Rome is a story about Beth, who is a (stop me if you have seen this before in a romantic comedy) female who is so focused on her job that her love life is forced to take a back seat.  Her younger sister announces that she has met an Italian and fallen in love, and who she is marrying in Rome after two weeks of courtship.  Beth of course agrees to come to the wedding, even though she is not sure that they two should get married due to the short amount of time that they have known each other.  Beth’s mean boss (Angelica Huston) is not thrilled at the thought of Beth leaving, as she is a curator and is in charge of a major upcoming exhibit, which is not going as planned.  Beth promises to stay on top of the exhibit from Rome, and her Italian adventure (until she returns for most of the movie, back to New York).

Beth jets off to Rome, where she meets her brother in law’s college roommate Nick (Josh Duhamel), who is also from New York City.  Beth decides to try to spark up a relationship with Nick, who also seems interested in her, but when Beth sees him embrace a beautiful female in a red dress, Beth loses it and gets drunk near the famous Fontana de Amore, where she picks up coins that have been tossed in by people wishing to find true love.  The drunk Beth figures that she is saving them from broken hearts.  The problem is that the local folklore states that a coin taken from the fountain immediately makes the person who threw the coin in the fountain fall hopelessly in love with you.  Beth somehow manages to pull coins out that only men have thrown, and only (for the most part) men who are from New York and were apparently visiting Rome, like her.

From there we get to see Beth as she deals with the unwelcome advances of various males who are convinced that she is the one.  The various suitors range from Dax Shepard as a male model to John Heder as a magician.  We also get to see Danny Devito playing a sausage king who, like the rest of the New York suitors, is crazy about Beth to the point of being stalkers.  Beth is convinced that the last coin, a poker chip pulled out of the fountain, belongs to Nick.  When things start to really go well between the two, Beth convinces herself that Nick is not in love with her – it is just the folklore and the coin.

When in Rome is a decent little movie, even though it is predictible and not nearly as funny as it should be.  It is worth a watch if you are a romantic comedy type of person.

Audio & Video: 7/10
The video looked pretty decent overall.  I thought a lot of the scenes that focused on the character’s faces seemed a bight orange or overly tan, but overall the colors were pretty good, and the picture sharp.

The audio was pretty well done, with lots of focus on the soundtrack.  I didn’t overly notice much use of the rear speakers, but when I did it was well done and full.  A pretty good Blu-ray presentation.

Value: 5/10
I have seen worse romantic comedies, but When in Rome is really predictable and the acting was pretty forgettable.  I thought the premise could be really funny, bu it just got a bit ridiculous and unbelievable.  My wife is not a fan of sci-fi movies with their “mystical magical” aspects, which I think is rampant in this movie as well – just in a slightly different manner.  I didn’t hate When in Rome, but it was not one I will watch again soon.

Overall Score 5/10