Welcome To Marwen Blu-ray Review

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The Movie: 9/10
A story about a man coping with trauma, PTSD, mental illness, and the difficulties of life after a vicious attack left him nearly dead and with a head injury shouldn’t feel precious or charming or sweet…but it is, and that’s a good thing. Our leading man has taken to making photo stories of characters he creates from real life and from his imagination. He uses dolls/figures and elaborate sets he has built as the world they live in. It’s amazing. The photos are amazing. The stories in his mind are amazing. This movie swept me away and I didn’t want it to end. It’s a beautiful tribute to what we might be able to accomplish if we learn to explore and cope with emotional and mental traumas we all suffer through our lives. If a person finds solace in their imagination in a way that also creates their own creative or productive outlet that the world can share, why the heck not?

The cast is fantastic. There isn’t any one person who pulls me out of the story. With the animation, voice acting, motion capture, and life action scenes, I was lost in it all. I want an imagination that builds a world like this, even if it is from a place of fear and destruction, it’s a place to fix his soul and find his own way out of his trauma.

The emotion crammed into this movie ranges from a bit of pity, sorrow, anger, awe, joy, and hope. I’m not sure what else you would want from a movie.

Features: 7/10

  • Deleted Scenes (11 Minutes) – Seven deleted scenes that are of mixed quality.
  • Marwen’s Citizens (4 Minutes) – A look at the superhero women of Marwen and how they shape the world.
  • A Visionary Director (5 Minutes) – Robert Zemeckis is examined in this look at his back catalog.
  • Building Marwen (4 Minutes) – A quick look at the models and CG used to bring Marwen to life.
  • Living Dolls (4 Minutes) – How motion capture was used to bring these ladies to life.
  • Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Copy

Audio & Video: 8/10
Welcome to Marwen comes to Blu-ray with a superb looking transfer that makes this movie pop off the screen. Detail is exquisite in the set design and none of this is lost during the CG sequences that are frequent in the film. Shadow detail is great the only thing missing is a 4K transfer of the movie.

Audio is handled with the Dolby TrueHD codec and is impressive as well as subtle. The track produces some bass that is off the charts during the opening action sequence. Dialog is central, clear and always easy to understand.

Overall Score 9/10