Wanted Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
Blah I do like that the cover isn’t some glossy frontal posed view of the big name case. That’s a bonus for sure. I’m just not sure I’m a fan of the bullet flying out of the middle. I know, it’s supposed to be cool and give the 3-D effect, but it doesn’t work for me. Other than that I like the composition and attitude, oh and the color is right on for the tone of the movie. Why? I have no idea, it just works.

The menu is a standard Blu-Ray offering. The problem is it has live action sequences from the movie so it can give things away if you aren’t careful to blow past the menu quickly.

Features: 9.5/10

  • Alternate Opening – This a fully produced and finished beginning to the movie that somehow got chopped off. It’s a period sequence going back 1000 years to when the fraternity of assassins began. Very elaborate.
  • Assassin Profiles – Each person gets a description, weapons they use, where they are from, personal back story, etc.  You can pop them up while you watch the movie in U-Control mode.
  • U-Control Picture In Picture – More behind the scenes about certain, um scenes. The picture in Picture still isn’t big enough!!
  • Stunts On The L Train – How do you make a moving train safe on a movie set…you don’t, you make a fake train and a moving bridge.
  • Special Effects The Art Of The Impossible – There are some really cool effects in this movie, and unlike a lot of other flicks, this one brings some new techniques, which is fun to watch.
  • Groundbreaking Visual Effects From Imagination To Execution – More new amazing techniques thought up by the director and effects masterminds.
  • The Origins Of Wanted Bringing The Graphic Novel To Life – A brief run down of how the graphic novel found it’s way from the Scottish author to a Kazakh film director in Hollywood. It’s cool to see the whole thing from idea to cinema.
  • Extended Scene – One scene with our hero learning to shoot a gun that has a little bit left in, with some unnecessary dialogue and campiness. It’s better cut down like it is in the final movie.
  • Digital Copy – Self explanatory.
  • Wanted Motion Comics – Excellent. This is a way to become familiar with the original comic/graphic novel brought to life with lovely animation, sound, and dialogue.
  • BD Live – More features (can’t tell you want they are, it didn’t work when we tried multiple times to check it out.)

The Movie: 6/10
I’ve seen Wanted twice. The first time I was impressed with the action, the special effects, and McAvoy. I thought the story was so-so, the theme was not original, and the ultra violence wasn’t for anything but shock value.

The second time……I feel the exact same way. I didn’t find any different emotions or observations to dredge up from the bottom of my jaded movie watching heart. I just watched and this time, had fun.

It’s hard to say it’s ‘fun’ to watch so much violence and unneeded testosterone flying around, but there is a place for this kind of movie in my world. It pushes the imagination but in a real world setting.

The idea of a 1000 year old fraternity of assassins who get their victim list from a mysterious loom that weaves in binary code (well, dang, that just sounds silly) is hard to get my bubble of suspended belief around. The thing that made it easier the second time was that I just let it happen, no questions or nit picking in my mind as I watched. I just enjoyed James McAvoy, A LOT, and watched in awe as the big action sequences came fast and hard, scene after scene after scene.

The sound of everything added sooo much to the experience the second time around. We saw it in the theater the first time, which always sucks. Our home theater sound and picture is about 10 times better than our local theater, so this time I let my eyes wander around the screen at the nice crisp clear picture. My ears were alive with every little screech of metal on pavement, footstep, heavy breating during a foot chase. It’s a really excellent example of a Blu-Ray movie, that’s for sure.

The idea of a guy beaten down by life who is found and taken in by a band of assassins, by whom he is beaten senseless, taught to kill, brainwashed to kill, and thereby finds meaning in his life…well, it’s kind of extreme. Then again it’s hard to be as dynamic if your story isn’t as grounded in the power of visual effects that are born from fist fights, explosions, and car crashes.

The tone is pretty dark, but that’s mostly due to the death and blood and stuff. The bottom line is good vs. evil and the choices we make to either try to rule the world by , or rule your own life by taking charge and finding meaning in something other than a boring job that sucks the life right out of you.

Audio & Video: 9/10 (By Ascully)
From the opening scene to the ending credits Wanted is a rollercoaster ride in the audio and visual departments. Any Blu-ray transfer that makes the not-so-easily-impressed Cidtalk admit that the image looks sharp and almost three dimensional is a winner in my book.

Special note should go to the incredible DTS Master Audio soundtrack that really rocks the house. The movie also has a great score that is captured perfectly on this disc.

As I said in the podcast, this movie might not be for everyone. However, if you check your brain at the door, sit back and enjoy the unique visual style that Timur brings to the movie you might just have a great time.

Value: 5/10
This is a darn good packaged deal for a movie watching experience. The movie is fun and full of action. The extras are substantial. You are going to get a big chunk of time on your couch or in your home theater recliner, that’s for sure. I’m looking for this Blu-Ray to be around 15 bucks, and until then I say rent it or wait for it to be on good old fashioned pay TV, like HBO.

Overall Score 7/10