Veronica Mars Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7/10
I am a lifelong TV fan. The more I watched as a kid the more I craved. Everything from The Brady Bunch to M*A*S*H to Tom Snyder late at night. As I got older I added more, Frazier, Cheers, ER, and the obvious reruns like Matlock and Andy Griffith. TV shows can become like friends, NO, not the show Friends, just a friend. Veronica Mars never came into my TV watching gravity, but after seeing the movie……. I get it. It has all the wonderfully overused formulas we are trained to be hypnotized by, and fall in love with the whole packaged show in the process. We are introduced to a group of people who used to go to high school together. It’s been 10 years and now there is a murder mystery involving a couple of them, one dead, one accused. Ahhh the plot thickens, well, not really.

There isn’t a lot of depth here, so don’t think you are going to be enlightened or have a life changing experience with Ms. Mars. You won’t. It’s heavy with the stereotypes tempered with their own little variances, along with a story tangled with a love triangle, jealousy, and enough obvious nods to the TV show fans that I could FEEL them watching the reruns obsessively for every little nuance. I’m not knocking the fact that this is another, if not slightly extended, episode of a show I have never watched. I kind of like it. The opening gives us the rundown on what happened in the past to get up to speed, and that’s that really. I was ready for a new adventure. I don’t judge. TV was my friend, remember, and we don’t judge our friends.

I like the cast, even if they do have a bit of leftover enthusiasm for old TV habits, but that’s what makes it have the personality it has, kind of cheesy but fun, even with murder as the main theme. The music is in line with what the whole vibe is, modern kind of looking through nostalgic ears at the past lives of these characters. It fits.

It all made me feel very good for some reason. Getting involved with a set of characters and feeling like you are IN with them for some weird reason, that’s the heart of falling in love with your favorite TV shows, well, the old fashioned ones anyway. I felt that tugging at me. The familiar jokes, references to things I’m sure I didn’t fully understand but UNDERSTOOD nonetheless. The comfortable acceptance that these “people” live in a fictional world that if I squint my eyes just right and take a deep breath I could step into their hyper-unreal universe to experience their dramas and traumas and adventures.

There is no reason for me to pick at Veronica Mars. It’s a fine movie watching experience with its own specific charm. It’s not going to make me go watch the show, mostly because I think the recap in the beginning of the movie told me everything I need to know. If there is another movie with these folks in their corrupt town of Neptune, I’ll go along for the ride!

Features: 8/10

  • By The Fans: The Making Of The Veronica Mars Movie – Now this is how you make fans of the show feel special. This 56 minute behind the scenes takes you from the day the Kickstarter campaign launched for the movie through the making and eventually the screening and Comiccon. Lots of behind the scenes stuff and the cast being goofy. Veronica Mars fans will not be disappointed.
  • More On Set Fun – Six different featurettes featured here including “Welcome to Keith Mars investigation ,” “Game Show With Kristin Bell & Chris Lowell ,” “On set with Max Greenfield ,” “Veronica Mars Backers , ” It’s not all about you Monkey , and finally “Young Veronica”  The only thing missing here is a commentary, I am actually quite surprised they didn’t do one, maybe a special fans edition set in the future will scratch that itch.
  • Deleted Scenes – Extended and deleted scenes which I would file under hardcore fans only.
  • Gag Reel – Lot’s of goofiness in and around this movie, you know the score.
  • UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 5/10
The cover is not my kind of thing, so I wouldn’t have it as a poster, but I understand the idea. Private Eye action!! The menu is just what it is.

Audio & Video: 7/10
A very nice 1080P AVC encoded transfer gives way to warm colors, crisp detailed faces and superb black levels. Veronica Mars was shot digitally so there are instances during low light situations where grain and crush rears its ugly head but thankfully most of the movie occurs in the daytime. I saw no instances of macro-blocking or banding, Veronica Mars is quite the treat visually.

Audio does not fair as well as the video with a very strange uneven mix that is fairly typical for a TV show but unforgivable for an actual motion picture. Dialog is centered and loud enough to hear for the most part, but on occasion it actually comes from the rear speakers instead of the front which makes some dialog hard to hear. Aside from the awesome LFE output during the few action scenes you would think you were listening to a TV show which when I come to think of it you actually are albeit in a larger format. Veronica Mars is no technical marvel but fans will be so in awe of the subject matter most of these flaws will go unnoticed.

Overall Score 7/10