Transformers: The Last Knight 4KUHD Review

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The Movie: 5/10
Science Fiction…yes. Giant robots from outer space…yes. Earth ending scenario…yes. A guy who sells protein powders and hamburgers and once ran with “the Funky Bunch” thwarting the robots and saving Earth? Hmmm I’m still not convinced these things go together. I get it, he’s hunky and seems like a good person for being there to defend our Transformer friends, but he’s soooooo boring! I can’t help it. I watch and I do appreciate that he’s fighting the good cause, he’s mechanically inclined so he can repair these unimaginably complex beings, and that he tries so desperately to be funny, and yet I’m left with nothing more than a wish that someone more interesting or more dynamic, or more something would be our hero. Don’t be discouraged though, as much as I don’t really find Marky Mark an interesting part of the Transformers’ world, I still really enjoy the movies, and the Last Knight is another fun romp and my eyes are very happy.

Happy eyes, yes, very important. When my eyes are dancing around the screen watching the tiny details of giant robots talking, walking, transforming, and my brain being convinced it’s all really happening, it’s a really good time for me. I can overlook some of the things that might make me roll my eyes like the horrible characters of some of the robots…terrible. They are more boring than our hero. I don’t know who thinks these characters, like the guy with the cigar and the samurai, I can do without any of them. I like Bumble Bee, of course, and I even like evil Prime. They are more grounded, more like how I imagine mechanical creatures to be, and yes, convincing myself they do exist somewhere in the universe:)

The action is always fast and ferocious in Transformer movies. I like the adventure of it all, but then there are those moments in The Last Knight when I think they focus on the humans being tossed around  in settings where it’s not quite so awesome. I like it when the real action is seeing the GIANT ROBOTS in our world with our tiny buildings and other human stuff all around them.

The rest of the cast this time has a heavy hitter, aka Hannibal Lector, and yet even his quirky performance doesn’t do much for this story at all. The C3P0 knock off isn’t cool enough, and the female characters are, while written to be pivotal, seem like just added in for effect.

You might think I didn’t like this movie, but it’s just that I feel the need to point out the big negatives that occur to me while watching, but then they pass quickly as I just go with the flow and let my imagination ride the adventure. I did have a good time, I just wish I had a way to ignore the dummied down parts…wine might help next time:)

Features: 7/10

  • Merging Mythologies (20 Minutes) – A look at how they took the King Arthur myth and merged it with Transformers. Casting, props and the opening sequence are covered.
  • Climbing The Ranks (9 Minutes) –Taking a look at the military leaders and soldiers in the movie. Bay explains how he used real Navy Seals to bring authenticity to the film.
  • The Royal Treatment: Transformers In The UK (27 Minutes) – It’s the first time the Transformers have visited the UK and here we see the filming locations used and how they closed London’s high street to film a key car chase.
  • Motors & Magic (15 Minutes) –Optimus, Bumblebee, Hot Road, Hound, Crosshairs, Drift, Cogman, Sqweeks, Day Trader, Megatron, Barricade and Mohawk are all covered here in detail.
  • Alien Landscape: Cybertron (7 Minutes) –Quintessa, the creator of Optimus Prime and her planet Cybertron are pulled into focus for this cool featurette.
  • One More Giant Effin Movie (7 Minutes) – Michael Bay loves explosions and here are a bunch of them in quick succession.
  • 4K, Blu-ray & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art: 4/10
I’m not interested in this as a poster at all. It’s such an amazing kind of world to explore with bright graphic design of these shiny beings from space, and yet they choose the darkest way to dull down a cool giant robot face? I get it, he’s the bad guy, but he’s the least visually interesting one when you hide his features in darkness to make him seem more ominous, but he’s just not as interesting. And, no more humans on the covers please.

Audio & Video: 9/10
Digitally photographed using a 2k camera Transformers: The Last Knight rolls onto 4KUHD in style. The disc includes both HDR10 and Dolby Vision color formats so all manner of setups are covered. The Blu-ray is an incredible reference quality transfer and the 4K offers slightly enhanced detail across the board. Aspect ratios in this movie are all over the place and the jumps are most jarring. If you choose the Blu-ray or the 4KUHD you will be satisfied with either, 4K does have the lead though thanks to the HDR lighting.

The Dolby Atmos soundtrack is incredible a step up from the last Transformers movie. Director Michael Bay has always had a flair for sound design and it shows here. Speaker presence is remarkable with centered dialog and surround effects from all angles. Special note should be made to any time Anthony Hopkins does voice over, his deep booming voice adds an extra dimension to any scene that his narration is added to.

Overall Score 5/10