Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Blu-Ray Review

The Movie: 7/10
I cannot take my eyes off any giant robots with personalities and the ability to change into big trucks. I should say “transform” into big trucks. 🙂 I have enjoyed all the Transformer movies, some more than others, and I can’t explain exactly why. This time around there are just as many low brow jokes, gags, adolescent sexual nods, and female exploitave visuals, that being said it’s all about having a good time in a big way. Big robots, big action, giantic planetary implications, big explosions, big guns, big heart strings to tug at, it’s all big big big. There is nothing wrong with a bit of escapist fun.

The best part of Transformers 3 are the special effects and the scope of the danger we piddly ass humans are in. The building falling over, the scale of the destruction, the bad guys, and the detail of the transforming, it’s all more more more. Bigger and more, these are the signs of a block buster summer flick, not a thinking quiet masterpiece. Keep that in mind as you watch the low brow chuckles and mostly naked ass we are subjected to in the first minute of the movie. Men..blah

I do long for the good old days when Witwicky was new to the alien robot world and we hadn’t yet been innodanted with very boring, very unfunny ‘side kicks’. What the hell is wrong with these writers and director? What exactly seems funny about exploiting folks with accents or hinting at horrible racial stereotypes? Are they so rich and above us all that they forget to not be so rude to the world? That’s the worst thing going in all the Tranformer movies, the very very very bad taste tucked into every nook and cranny. Other than that I always find a good time lurking between the eye-rolls and sighs.

There was only a little visit with the comic stylings of Witwicky’s parents, which is kind of unfortunate. I like them even if they are a bit much sometimes. Dempsy makes a good snively rich guy who may or may not be in cahoots with the overlord metal factions. He’s making eyes for the woman in our heroe’s life, which makes him even less charming. I did like the young lady who played opposite LaBeouf, or whatever his name is. I am too lazy right now to look up their names, but you know who I’m talking about. She’s pretty tough and brave and her acting out classes our bumbling leading man by about 165%. The voices of the transformers are all pretty good, except the really super annoying “funny” ones. I say “funny” in quotation marks because they are not funny, just in case you weren’t sure where I was going with that.

For this installment Witwicky has a new girlfriend, of course, has no job, is on the outs with the government, and is mostly dispensible to the real story. The alien robots have more secrets. The bad guy robots are looking for something, while the good guy robots are becoming a nusance to mankind. When the evil robots actually come around and start blowing shit up, including lots of innocent by standers I perked up. I mean, these movies generally don’t have much in the way of collateral damage when it comes to human life, so this time it takes a darker turn. When it comes to alien invasions I’m all over any movie that goes down that path. For Tranformers 3 they do a pretty good job of giving the vibe of our whole planet being in jeapardy. What would it be like to have the human race enslaved by an alien neighbor? It actually got me to feel more supportive of the fighting folks, the soldiers who keep coming back for each movie, for nutsy ex-FBI guy, and even Witwicky and his girlfriend. They are what stands between our freedom and being the under appreciated work force for an alien race who want their world to be rebuilt brick by brick, or whatever their world is built with. I had to root for the flimsy humans, it only seemed right.

Overall I really had a good time, minus the few eye rolls and brief wishes that they would just let the franchise go away. The specticle of the special effects is enough to get my approval. To hear Bumble Bee piece together phrases to get his point across, I love that. Was that a sentence? Whatever. If you want a brainiac movie do I need to tell you not to watch this or any of the Transformers flicks? If so, maybe brianiac movies aren’t up your alley.

Features: 2/10

  • DVD Version Of The Movie – No extras on this Blu-Ray, obviously a super duper special edition is in the works. You do however get a DVD copy of the movie to tide you over.

Cover Art and Menus: 3/10
There is a giant robot on the cover, as would be expected. I don’t mind it, but it’s not very exciting. I wouldn’t have this as a poster, it’s just not interesting enough to look at everyday. I do like the Transformers logo, that would have been a nice bold look for the front of the box and I would have it in my house. The menus are tricked out with all the charm of a space ship control panel.

Audio & Video: 9/10 (By Ascully)
Paramount obviously have a special edition of Dark Of The Moon in the works as this bare bones release contains nothing but the movie and only the 2D version. That said, the transfer here is stellar. Bay shot the movie partially on film and partially digital but you won’t be able to see which is which as they did an awesome job of blending the two mediums. The picture is rich colorful and has the blackest blacks this side of the moon. Infact only an idiot would complain about this transfer it is indeed one of the finest in 2011.

As you might expect with a disc supervised by Michael Bay himself the audio is also out of this world. Encoded in a Dolby True-HD 7-1 mix this is possibly the best surround mix not just of this year but perhaps of all time. From the opening Paramount Logo with the famous metallic transformers sound effect that whooshes through all your speakers you can clearly tell a lot of care was taken here. If you thought the other two movies were great on Blu-Ray this release will convince you otherwise as it’s light years ahead in terms of audio and visuals. Give this disc a spin you will not be dissapointed. Well unless you hate Transformers movies!!!!!

Value: 6/10 (By Ascully)
Included in the package is a coupon for $10 off the special edition 3D Blu-Ray when it is released (which hopefully includes all the extras) which is a bit disturbing to me as it’s like saying sorry you bought this inferior version here is our apology up front. That being said if you just want the movie and do not care about 3D this is a fantastic looking and sounding disc to add to your Transformers collection. It can be found for about $17 at time of writing which is fair for a brand new release. I am sure Cidtalk will disagree with me though 🙂

Overall Score 7/10