Trance Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7.5/10
I like it. I love it. I like it. I didn’t like that part, I loved that part. These are the things going through my head about Trance. The first few minutes got my heart racing with the fast paced, music filled, lively push into these characters’ world. I loved that. It’s a movie that really did keep me hooked all the way through, it’s just that I’m not sure why exactly. That I liked. The story is interesting, for the most part. I don’t think the female character is as strong or as compelling as they seem to want her to be. She doesn’t get my sympathy or understanding or even my interest in how it all plays out for her. That I didn’t like. There are some women characters who grab me and never let go, The Bride, Leeloo, Ripley, Marge Gunderson, and there are a lot more. Just search your mind for all the amazing women in movies who matter to you while you are watching their stories. It just didn’t pan out this way for our leading lady and myself this time around.

That did put a damper on the movie, ever so slightly. I got past it to enjoy the visual offerings from Danny Boyle. It’s a lovely looking movie. There are moments when my front brain was saying, “OK, enough is enough with the style over substance stuff.” but the back of my mind was fine with every strange effect and color combination and eye twister. It always makes a Boyle movie that much more involved as an experience.

The men are more interesting, even if they are fairly 2 dimensional. I mean, a young man trying to find out where a memory ended up in the deep recesses of his mind, and a man who wants to reap the benefits of that memory. These are not complicated people. There is the simply layered effect of what each of their own motivations might really be beyond what we are lead to believe, but even those hidden agendas, or buried selves are not mind bending. Mind bending might be how some people see this movie, but I disagree ever so slightly. It has its twists and turns, and I was not sure about everything as we went along for the ride. There just was not the kind of “holy crap” flash in my mind that could have come from something a tad more gutsy. That doesn’t mean that the heart of the story doesn’t have it’s pain and suffering, it does. It just doesn’t tease out my emotions enough to have an impact.

Maybe I’m aging past the stage of being awed by “clever” revenge stories that try to tell us all a cautionary tale with a twist to enlighten those among us who would be the destructive forces in this life. I didn’t have any “ah ha” moment and for the most part I didn’t identify with the character who was hurt enough to put all the wheels in motion. It is a casting issue, most likely. I’m not  Rosario Dawson fan. She doesn’t draw me in. She doesn’t convince me. I liked her in 25th Hour, and Sin City was just outrageous enough to not even matter who it was. Other than that I’m still trying to find a character she brings to the big screen who gives me a reason to care about her circumstance.

Overall I would say my favorite element of Trance is simply watching Vincent Cassel and James McAvoy do their thing. It’s interesting enough when you mix how it looks, along with that small spark of intrigue about where the story would take them all in the end, it’s a good movie watching experience for sure.

Features: 7/10

  • The Power Of Suggestion: Making Trance – A 30 minute making of that for the most part is superb. There are lots of repeated moments though.
  • Danny Boyle Retrospective – Boyle looks back at all his movies, except the ones that really matter (Trainspotting & Shallow Grave) I guess those two movies do not belong to Fox so he was forbidden to talk about those.
  • Short Film Eugene By Spencer Susser – No idea why this is on the disc as it has nothing to so with Boyle or the theme of the movie. Still if you like short films here is one about a magic laptop.
  • Deleted Scenes – Seven deleted scenes that seem to be extended versions of scenes already in the movie rather than actual deleted scenes.
  • UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 3/10
Let’s take a moment to make a decision people, no more boxes of faces on covers of DVD’s or movie posters. OK, decision made. I would not have this as a poster. The menu is what it is, navigation to the important stuff.

Audio & Video: 8/10
Another Danny Boyle film so I really do not have to say Trance looks fantastic. It’s neon lit London backdrop make the streets look different from the London we all know and love. Boyle is a lover of technology and the movie was filmed on a variety of different cameras including consumer DSLR’s. The 1080P/AVC encode delivers perfect clarity with no signs of DNR or edge enhancement. Putting it succinctly Trance is an absolute looker.

Audio doesn’t fare as well unfortunately and here is why. At the start of the movie James Mcavoy delivers a monologue that sets the stage for the whole movie, the monologue is spoken over music which makes it very unclear. To add to that Mcavoy uses his Scottish accent so you might need several listens to actually hear what he says. This problem also occurs further into the movie and with Boyles insistence of using music drowns out a lot of the dialog. Aside from that issue the movie is energetic and surround channels are used throughout. The climax of the movie which leads into Emeli Sandes amazing “Here It Comes” is a Blu-Ray showcase you will want to blast at full volume.

Value: 7/10
I don’t need this movie in the collection, so the value isn’t really an issue. If you want a night of interesting movie watching, I say rent Trance. Get a couple of other more mind bending films to go with it, Tree of Life, Inception, even Pulp Fiction, to round off the evening.

Overall Score 7.5/10