Tomorrowland Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7/10
I do enjoy an adventure through time. I’m a sucker for stories like Tomorrowland that delve into the “scientific” ways we could look at the future and how that can be exploited or used as a weapon or help humanity. I’m not saying Tomorrowland does it in a way that’s particularly inspired or original, but it works for the story they are telling. Let me just say it, Tachyons. Yes, Tachyons we thought were all Sci-fi because Star Trek loved to utilize the possibilities of these little beauties. The thing is, once we meet our leading young lady and her robot assistant, along with our leading man who is a disgruntled genius hiding away from some very other robots, I’m hooked on their stories and who they are, so the forced “science” takes away from the quality of the story.

I did enjoy this movie a lot. I had fun, laughed, was in amazement at some of the gadgets and visual treats. I need to leave it at that really, not because it ever turned into a bad movie or lost its way completely, but then there is the last half hour or so, and that made me less interested for sure. To take such a great idea, a place that the most creative, intelligent people have gathered to make a better world, and then try to shove a very flimsy idea down our throats like “Hey, just have a positive attitude and life will be great!!” lets it down big time. I don’t mind the idea that we need to be more creative and less combative, or that when we get a hold of a negative idea it can spread and cause things to get shitty. It’s just how they did it that made it almost feel like I was tricked into watching a pretty smart, pretty darn thoughtful little story and then WHAM I am being preached to by the Optimists of Tomorrowland and I better fall in line or there will be DOOOM!! 🙂

That is my only complaint about the whole thing, it just got too up its own ass about this Think Positive thing. OH, and like I just mentioned to Mr., what about the people who have children in Tomorrowland and those children turn out to be idiots, or mean, or just kind of useless in this world of geniuses and innovators? He says they are executed, I say they are dropped back into our dimension and then they are bitter and seek revenge for being turned away from Tomorrowland and take it out on the rest of us…oh I just wrote the sequel!

Features: 5/10

  • Remembering The Future (7 Minutes) – A short piece in which Brad Bird takes us through his mindset when it comes to Tomorrowland. It’s obviously a deeply personal film and that might be why it didn’t resonate with many people.
  • Animated Short The Origins Of Plus Ultra (3 Minutes) – A short animated film that describes the purpose of the “World’s Fair” at the start of the movie. There is also an option to play this at the start of the movie.
  • Casting Tomorrowland (7 Minutes) – The cast of Tomorrowland are introduced one by one and Brad Bird tells us why these people were his only choice.
  • A Great Big Beautiful Scoring Session (6 Minutes) – A peek at the recording of the score with composer Michael Giacchino.
  • The World Of Tomorrow Science Hour (5 Minutes) – Funny Outtakes from a fictional film recorded for the Tomorrowland Park Visitors.
  • Deleted Scenes (24 Minutes) – Six deleted scenes broken down as follows. Joking on the Eiffel tower, Young Casey vs the volcano, Doomsday living room, As originally written Casey The Downer, What happened to Tomorrowland and What Is Tomorrowland.
  • Disney Anywhere Digital Copy & DVD

Cover Art: 5/10
What a shame to have a boring cover for such a vibrant fun movie. I wouldn’t have this as a poster, but if you find me a better image from this flick I might just put it in my house.

Audio & Video: 10/10
Whatever you think of the film you cannot deny the quality of Disney’s 1080P AVC transfer. This is a pristine looking image that rivals the best Blu-rays released. Detail is breathtaking from cornfields to fantastic futuristic theme parks this is a disc that will make you take notice. Black levels are pristine and the transfer holds solid even under the fast jetpack scenes. This is an unforgettable looking Blu-ray that will stun and amaze in equal measures.

Tomorrowland’s DTS-HD Master audio 7.1 track is also as flawless. From the opening titles when a jetpack whizzes out of the screen and ends up in the back of the room it’s quite clear you are in for a treat. Talking of Jet Packs they are involved in the movie quite heavily and whenever one makes an appearance the surround speakers light up in a way I never thought possible. This is a stunning presentation in all respects, do yourself a favor and pick it up.

Overall Score 7/10