Titanic Special Collectors Edition

Cover Art and Menus: 10/10
The cover art isn’t very interesting, but it represents why most people who love this movie love this movie…Jack and Rose. Let’s be honest, the ship sinking is just a little detail compared to such an epic romance. That’s not me talking. I’m all about the ship, the tragedy, the real life story behind the pretty faces. I may not like the cover art, but I love the overall package. For this special edition they went all out to give this 3 disc set a touch of class with the hard bound box and lots of images from the movie splashed throughout the case. The menus are functional with clips from the movie in the background. I guess they didn’t feel the need to dazzle us with fancy menus when they went to the effort on the box and all those tasty extras.

Features: 9/10
This is the stuff many fans of the movie have been waiting for since it first hit the big screen. There are no extras that don’t measure up to my expectations. Every tid bit of information is interesting and produced in a way that makes it all very watchable. One of my favorite extras is the time lapsed video of the massive set being built. A life size portion of the ship was built in Mexico and during the construction they kept several camera’s focused on the action so now we can see it being built before our very eyes.

The historical information is hypnotic no matter how it’s presented. From actual photos and interviews with survivors we get closer to the story on the real life side of things.

The Branching Out feature is cool, but I didn’t watch the movie to go through all the extras. You can go straight to the menu and watch them individually. From seeing how they made people slide down the deck to how Winslet’s designer dress caused her a lot of grief in all that cold water. The two commentary tracks only add to the overall package, its nice to hear Cameron talk about the movie and the historical commentary is so detailed it would be great to educate the little ones about such a historical event.

I would think that if you want to see extras about Titanic you will be very happy with what they have packed onto these discs. The only one that wasn’t great was the alternate ending. I’m glad they included it on the DVD, but I’m VERY glad they cut it from the final movie. It’s an awful way to end what has become a real tear jerker ending for the sappy ones in the world.

  • Lights, Cameron, Action – The making of the masterpiece
  • The Stars Speak Out Featurette
  • History In The Making – Historical Commentary
  • Producers On Producing Featurette
  • Branching Out – over an hour of riveting branching footage
  • Making The Scene – 45 Minutes of deleted scenes
  • Alternate Ending
  • The Voice That Launched A Thousand Hearts Celine Dion Music Video

The Movie: 9/10:
You can hum and haw at my 9/10, but give me a chance to explain. I realize Titanic isn’t the greatest movie ever made. Making a bazillion dollars doesn’t make it good. So why give it such a high score? At the risk of sounding sappy, sissy, or girly, I have to say it sweeps me away. From the first glimpses of James Cameron’s reproduction of what the Titanic looked like as she was docked, all the way through to seeing the last of the ship succumbing to the ocean I am emotionally sucked in to it all. I’m not in love with the fictional characters or their stories, but there have been a lot of movies about the true life folks that were aboard and I guess it was time to give the tale an injection of Hollywood magic.

Jack and Rose could be the heart of their own story in some other world away from the doomed ship, but as it is, it’s a packaged deal so we have to take the authentic with the fantasy. If you are a historic accuracy freak I’m sure you have your own complaints about how this sacred tragedy has been marred by Cameron’s romantic vision. My advice is to watch it the way I do. Let yourself enjoy the love story for what it is, and keep in mind that it’s through Jack and Rose that we get to take and up close and personal tour of this monster machine.

No other movie has ever captured the world’s imagination the way Titanic did. It was the right moment in time, the right director, and the right moment in time for film making technology. The fateful Titanic had only been found in it’s final resting spot a few years before the movie was made so it was fresh in the minds and hearts of anyone interested in the story. That may the perfect combination of circumstances that lead to it’s massive success. I wouldn’t say it’s the best movie ever made. I wouldn’t say that it’s particularly interesting to rehash the real life people who were on that voyage. That’s been done with several movies and documentaries. What I can say is from the moment it starts until it’s over my eyes never run out of amazing things to look at.

Call me superficial, but this is one of the best looking epic films I’ve ever seen. The ship was over the top with elegance and lavish decor, so it’s not a Hollywood trick or exaggeration. Every corner of every frame is full of replica sets, objects, and scenes recreated from actual photos from the Titanic. It actually adds a lot to the experience of watching this movie if you appreciate the effort the film making team went to to bring such an amazing historic icon to life. That being said, aside from the look of it all, one of my favorite parts of this whole film, Ms. Winslet. She says or yells “Jack” a few dozen too many times, but hey, that’s just being nitpicky 🙂

DiCaprio gives an equally good performance, like it or not. The only scene that is slightly boring and not up to par with the rest of the movie is when Rose is on her chunk of wood in the frozen waters and Jack is hanging on for dear life. It seems out of sync with the rest of the movie not just because of the ominous look of the scene, but the dialogue and their delivery of lines is almost a caricature of what you would imagine such a dramatic moment would be like. Then again I’ve never been floating in the ocean in sub freezing waters trying to stay alive, so what do I know?

With Cameron’s obsession with the Titanic we also get the current views of the ship as it lies at the bottom of the ocean today. I could do without the modern day story line going on with the older Rose telling the tale. I don’t really care about the “heart of the ocean” diamond or whether it’s found or not. But bringing us from today back to 1912 throughout the film breaks up the story enough to keep it moving along comfortably.

This movie is a classic. I’ll say it even if you don’t want to admit it. I can imagine watching it once a year or so just to go back to the grandeur of that moment in time and to have a good cry when the horror of that and other tragic events hits me all over again..sounds fun doesn’t it?

Value: 9/10
I can’t find the words to describe my happiness when I look at the price tag on this DVD 3 disc set. Not only is this one of those movies that needs to be in every DVD collection, it’s packed with goodies and packaged with a degree of class. All that could add up to a big chunk of change, but these people are in love with their fans and so you can get it for just$20.00…what are you waiting for?

Overall Score 9/10