TinkerBell & The Lost Treasure Blu-Ray

Cover Art and Menus: 6/10
Well there is not much wrong with a cover like this for a movie like Tinker Bell.  It is a bit straight forward, and perhaps could have included more than just Tinker Bell and Blaze, but overall it is decent.

The menu is straight forwards also, with scenes form the movie in one corner while the options are presented on a static layout.   Kind of predictable and basic, but for this type of release it works fine.

Features: 6/10

  • Magical Guide To Pixie Hollow – In this feature, we are presented with the fairyland, and how things come to life with fairy dust and magic.
  • Pixie Hollow Comes To Walt Disney World – Here we are shown the new ride at Disney centering on Tinker Bell.  It runs about 10 minutes long.
  • All New Music Video – Here we get the classic music video by a Disney Channel star, and this time it is Demi Lovato giving us an earful.  I still don’t love the inclusion of these music videos, but then again they are definitely not made for me.
  • Deleted Scenes – There are quite a few scenes and bloopers that did not make it into the movie that runs close to 20 minutes, with intros.
  • DVD Version Of The Movie – I have said this before, but I do like the inclusion of a DVD copy of kid’s movies for the simple reason that they can take it with them wherever they go, without having to worry about there not being a Blu-ray player.  Tinkerbell includes a DVD copy, but not a digital, which I am okay with.

  • The Movie: 7/10
    Tinker Bell has been portrayed in a few different ways in the past – jealous, vindictive, funny, and as Julia Roberts, which was weird.  In Tinker Bell & the Lost Treasure, we get to see Tinker Bell in her own element, and she again is shown as smart if not somewhat clumsy.  Again she is portrayed as slightly edgy and short tempered, but it is with an eye on the rest of the fairies, and with no nod whatsoever to Peter Pan.

    The story begins as Tinker Bell is shown trying to “tinker” but not really having a good time with it, as her creations seem to always go awry.  Her friend Terrence tries to help her, but again, she just seems to have good ideas that don’t seem to come to fruition.  She is eventually summoned to see the fairy queen, who entrusts her with making the scepter for autumn, which must contain a delicate moon stone, that when hit just right by the rays of the moon, produces enough blue fairy dust to help keep the fairy tree alive, which protects all of the fairies in Pixie Hollow.  The story really takes life when Tinker Bell breaks the moonstone accidentally, blames Terrence, and sets off on her own to try to fix everything.

    While the story may seem a bit simplistic and unoriginal, it really was fun to watch, all things considered.  The presentation of Tinker Bell & the  Lost Treasure was quite exceptional, seeing as how this is a straight to DVD release.  The movie really looked good, which made the whole thing seem more appealing.

    While this is not the best Disney movie I have seen, it was paced well and offered a lot of entertainment value, and while this is the second Tinkerbell DVD release, it was good enough to make a solid children’s movie.  (I have not seen the 2008 Tinker Bell release, but if it was on par with this, the franchise should be okay.)

    This does not seem to add much to the Tinker Bell character in my opinion, but it is a decent release for younger kids.

    Audio & Video: 8/10
    For a non-theatrical release from Disney, Tinker Bell looks and sounds amazing on Blu-ray.  Presented in 1.78:1 widescreen, 1080p.  The colors are amazing, and the presentation is top notch, even when I kind of expected it to be a step down from what I would expect from a Disney or Pixar big release.

    The audio was decent, with a nice mix and solid use of the 5.1 Surround Sound speakers.

    Value: 7/10
    This was a decent story and decent presentation for the Tinker Bell fans.  While geared more towards the younger female population, the inclusion of Terrence and the smart story will keep all of the very young kids entertained.  My 4 year-old son was quite happy watching this whole movie, and he told me afterward that it was pretty cool.  I would recommend it for a rental for sure, and it could easily be a little girl’s go to movie as it seems to hit all the right marks for that crowd

    Overall Score 7/10

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  1. Tinkerbell is a great movie for my kids to watch. with the recent release onto blue ray dvd the quality was simply stunning when we watched it. i mean hd is one thing but blue ray is amazing. i have also seen it in 3d but i dont think this is as good as watching it on blue ray.

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