The Worlds End Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 8/10
I have to give this movie a high score. It it what it is, a movie that made me laugh  my ass off (if only that were literal). The World’s End gets better and better the more I think about it, and that’s saying something. It’s a story about going back to your home town, revisiting the same people, place, and hopefully the same feelings, but finding something has changed. The big question we all face when we go back home  again is “Am I different, or is it everyone and everything else that has changed?” This tromp through the middle age crisis of identity tries to examine that idea, and more.

The leader of a band of friends back in their teenage years has never let go of their best night ever. They planned to it all the pubs on the “golden mile” in their hometown. They were untamed, having fun, loaded, and their mighty leader, Gary King felt like it was the highlight of his life…..and we ALL know THAT guy.

Now in their 40’s King gets the friends back together to try the golden mile again. They are all grown up, wives, children, responsibilities, and have all grown past that night. Gary has the same car, the same mixed tape, the same clothes, and the same attitude, “party all the time”. It’s a comedy, of course, but the deeper issues of growing up, letting go, being brainwashed as you get older to become a more boring, more assimilated individual are addressed in a very effective way. Each member of the group has a different view of King, all of them can’t seem to say no to him though.

The cast is amazing, everyone from the guy from The Office UK (or the Hobbit) to a guy who played a terrible dude in Happy-Go-Lucky, and of course Remington Steele (Bond) makes an appearance. I could do without the ex-Bond, but that’s just me. Everyone goes for it in every scene whether it’s comedy conversation or action fight scenes, yes there are fight scenes. It’s a pleasure to watch them all. Paddy Considine is my favorite though. He has a lingering love for the Hobbit’s sister, and he plays it with a sincerity that almost doesn’t fit in the movie, but I like it. The sister is played by Rosamund Pike, who always puts a lot into her characters.

The music is obviously from the early 90’s and wins the heart of my UK husband of the same era. It digs that much deeper into the emotions of trying to relive one’s past, in a good way.

What makes this and other Wright movies (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim) interesting, intriguing, almost hypnotic? It almost sounds generic, but there is an intangible way he writes dialog and deals with issues like memories and the importance of youthful sex and relationships, the ugliness of the type of selfishness of a person like Gary King, and that hint of jealously that lays inside for his freedom. Deep. He just does it right, Wright, even if sometimes it’s immature and kind of gutter humor. I can handle gutter humor coming from this crew.

What’s the hook? Well, it’s an Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost flick, so it’s super sarcastic, super smart ass, and very much in the 9 year old boy humor department at times. That’s part of the charm I suppose. The title says a lot, so go with that. The heart of the story is about the pain of letting go of our youth, facing the harsh realities of life and the universe, and deciding who you want to be, the person you were or someone new, ever changing. I didn’t know where the movie was going, no idea what it was about beyond those things, and that was the best way to take the ride, laughing all the way.

Features: 11/10

  • U-Control Storyboard Picture In Picture – Watch the final cut of the film with the storyboards inlaid PIP style alongside.
  • Trivia Track – Watch the movie with a pop up trivia track that has even more info than the rest of the extras provide.
  • Edgar & Simons Flip Chart – A 13 minute look at the writing of the screenplay.
  • Deleted Scene & Out-takes – A single deleted scene and 11 minutes of goofs and mishaps.
  • Signs & Omens – All the films Easter eggs revealed for the first time.
  • Completing The Golden Mile: The Making Of The Worlds End – A 48 minute making of which actually looks into the acting process more than the actual making of the movie. it’s a very warm and subtle look at how actors hone the difficult craft that is comedy.
  • Feature Commentary With Edgar Wright & Simon Pegg – There are three commentaries on the disc all are very entertaining. The other two are focused on the Technical and a commentary with the cast.
  • Filling In The Blanks: The Stunts & FX Of The World’s End – There are lots of special effects and some amazing martial arts style fights in the movie. See how these were done surprisingly there is a lot less CG than you would think.
  • TV Safe Version – A 4 minute version of the film with the dialog edited for TV. Hilarity ensues.
  • Galleries – So many photographs it will take you an age to look through them all, if you are a fan of British Pub Signs you are also in for a treat.
  • VFX Breakdown – Another visual effects feature this one lasts 9 minutes and repeats a lot of the stuff from the longer version.
  • Director At Work – Edgar Wright on the set doing what he does best.
  • Pegg + Frost = Fried Gold – Similar to the Director featurette but focused on the leading men of the movie.
  • Friends Reunited – If you have seen the longer Completing the Golden mile feature this one is a shorter version and would be redundant for you.
  • Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy – A quick recap of all three movies in the series.
  • Animatics – An 11 minute look at two of the bigger scenes in animatic form.
  • Hair & Makeup Tests – Very early test footage of you guessed it hair and makeup.
  • Rehearsal Footage – Lots of early footage from way before the film was even made.
  • Stunt Tapes – A 9 minute look at three of the major stunts in the movie, the guys who do the stunts here are incredible.
  • There’s Only One Gary King: Osymyso’s Inibri-8 Megamix – A weirdly silly music video for fans only.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 4/10
I get it. I understand the comedy concept of the cover, and yet I do not like it at all. It’s not as funny as the movie, just a sarcastic version of what they think a cover for a movie like this calls for. I wouldn’t have it for a poster, but there are lots of other images from the movie I would, like the one above this paragraph. It represents the character, the idea of the whole “going home again but it’s not home anymore” idea. If only I were THE Hollywood cover designer!! Menu is menu.

Audio & Video: 9/10
The World’s End is a fantastic way to end the Cornetto trilogy and Universal have done the film justice with a 1080P/AVC encode that is as deliciously smooth as the ice cream in that famous dairy treat. There are so many extras on the disc you would think the picture quality would suffer somehow but this simply is not the case. No signs of ringing, banding and edges are crisp clean and full of detail. Color reproduction is top of the charts and black levels are superb which helps as a lot of the film takes place at night. I have no reservations in recommending this disc its a major step up from the slightly disappointing transfers of Shaun and Hot Fuzz.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround track is not your standard comedy fair, this plays much more like an action movie. From the opening when Primal Screams Loaded cranks up the speakers to the final scenes The World’s End is a treat for the ears. A lot of the fun here comes from said soundtrack, if you are British and was a -in the 90’s (just like myself) this will tickle all the right places. From the Happy Mondays to The Stones Roses and the Charlatans Edgar Wright has put together an awesome time capsule of British Indie Rock. There are tons of explosions, flights and even some car action here and all use the LFE channel to full effect, you will certainly be surprised at what this film delivers on the audio front.

Value: 7.5/10
If you are measuring the value in terms of dollar worth per laugh, the price is pretty low. The thing is, I do not advocate paying more than $20 for any movie, not with a clear conscience. So, for the massive extras, the good time movie, and all those calories burned through laughter, I say rent this sucker, watch it twice and leave it at that.

Overall Score 8/10