The Thing Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 8/10
I loved it. Not IT it, but it The Thing…..if you are a sci-fi, horror, monster flick lover you’ll get that little microscopic joke.

This movie is a seriously great time. I was ready for this kind of adventure in suspense and horror on this fine day and the thing THING satisfied me completely. Not only did we watch the 2011 version, we followed it with watching the original. It was one of the best movie watching days I’ve had in a long time. I might find other movies to be better, more thought provoking, more artistic, or have qualities that have more impact, but there is an indescribably satisfaction I get from movies as well made and as kind of weird as The Thing (both of them).

The cast is fine, mostly excellent, but a few dull moments. The music is just right, ominous and tension building in the way that tingles my movie loving inner tendrils (whatever that is).

The gross factor is pretty high in a couple of scenes, which is really fun. I won’t give up the secrets of how the original is linked to the new one. You’ll have to figure that out on your own.  What I can say is that if you are like me, your eyes will be sending information to your brain that mesmerize you sufficiently to be ever so slightly distracted from the rare visual effect that goes floppy. My husband will argue and claim they are PERFECT, but that is just the love of the movies talking. I can say there are a few moments that require a 1985 mind that accepts a whole lot more give and take.

For pure beautifully paced, woman hero, flame throwing, creepy-as-f**k 2 headed creature, snow blowing spectacularness, The Thing makes me happy to be a movie lover. The feeling of being taken away to a place, time, circumstance that is almost real but with that element of fantasy that makes me even believe the quick way characters in both movies come to conclusions about what’s happening….even though it seems pretty much impossible to do so…that’s the fantasy meets reality in a good way that makes me smile and sigh and remember movies.

Watch it. Love it. Watch it again.

Features: 7/10

  • Deleted/Extended Scenes – Seven extended scenes that add nothing much to the overall product.
  • The Thing Evolves – A 14 minute look at the making of the movie, it’s one of those heavily edited to look cool extras but does have a lot of information if you look between the A.D.D lines.
  • Fire & Ice – Did you know the technology used to let stuntmen be on fire has changed recently? This featurette will show you how.
  • Feature Commentary With Director & Producer – A full length commentary to fill you in on all the gruesome details.
  • U-Control (PIP) – Universal’s famous U-Control feature lets you watch a full length making of while the movie plays.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy – A DVD & Digital copy so you can watch The Thing in every situation.

Cover Art 10/10 and Menus 4/10: 

Getting the menu out of the way, it’s boring and standard and who cares.

The cover, however, is a whole other THING! (get it?) I love the cover. It’s a little mysterious, kind of old fashioned, makes me cold, and it’s not got Hollywood faces slapped all over it. I would most definitely have this as a poster in my house, right along side the poster from the original The Thing.

Audio & Video: 8/10 (By Ascully)
For a 2011 movie The Thing does not look as good as it should on Blu-Ray. We actually watched the original film on Blu-Ray right after and I think the 30 year old version actually looks more filmlike. What you do get here though is a shadowy atmospheric image with a hint of grain. There is a bunch of DNR in the picture , lots of the actors faces look waxy in close ups. So this is far from a perfect transfer.

Universal didn’t mess up the audio on this release though. The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track is actually impressive. The contrast between loud and quiet is very rangy, take the opening scene when the vehicle falls through the ice and you will see what I mean. The rear speakers are the star of the show and you will be looking behind you in the more scary parts. I really enjoyed The Thing, if you are a fan of the original you will really get a kick out of this Prequel.

Value: 6/10
Go get the original and this one at the same time for a THING night in, and look for a bargain. Do an online rental or wait for it on Netflix, or hand over the cash. I am not into buying DVD’s much anymore, but I understand if you think you will watch it multiple times that it will be worth the price to add to your collection. The extras are pretty good so you are getting a great monster flick along with movie making magic tagged on for good measure.

Overall Score 8/10