The Stepfather Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
The cover for the Stepfather looks pretty cool, even though the aspect is off when it comes to the three stars at the bottom of the stairs.  The cover is actually decent, with the exception of the tag line “Daddy’s home,” which is pretty lame.  the menu features scenes from the movie with a haunting soundtrack.  It is actually not a bad little menu all things considered.

Features: 5/10

  • Gag Reel – A gag reel for a thriller movie?  seems a bit odd.  the actual reel itself is tolerable, but overall this was just odd.
  • Commentary With Penn Badgley, Dylan Walsh,& Director Nelson McCormick – This was a light commentary, that was okay to listen to , even though it was devoid of any real gems.  Everyone seemed to enjoy making the movie, and doing the commentary, which at least makes is tolerable.  Again, not much depth here, but not horrible.
  • Open House Making The Film Featurette – The making of feature was about 20 minutes long, and was actually pretty informative, with lots of information on the actual characters themselves.  They talk about the original 1987 movie that this was based on, and spend a good deal of time talking about the house which was built for the movie.
  • Visualizing The Stunts Featurette – At 12 minutes, this extra talks about the way they tried to make the stunts realistic.  This is not the type of movie that seems to have a lot of stunts, but they spent a lot of time talking about few that were done.
  • MovieIQ – This is a kind of pop up trivia that i thought we got rid of a few years ago.  I am not really a fan of this type of thing.  When the icon appears, you hit it and get info on the characters, actors, etc. in a pop up screen.

The Movie: 2/10
The Stepfather is one of those films that sounds better than it is.  Based on the 1987 film of the same name, the new version could almost have been a made for television movie, as it just lacks the bite and feel of a real movie release.

As the movie starts, we see David Harris (Dylan Walsh) enjoying some early morning coffee and toast as he leaves a house in some suburban area.  His casual demeanor clashes with the fact that the house is full of a dead family that he has apparently killed.  His cool exterior embodies a type of psychopath that we really don’t see fully for the rest of the movie.  We get to see a brief interlude where the authorities discuss the killer, and we get a warning that he may strike again.

Enter a new family, where mom (Sela Ward) is smitten by the dashing David, and we cut to six months later when her son Michael (Penn Badgley) shows up and gets a bit creeped out by the new guy who is trying to move into the family.  We all know where this is heading, and it seems to take ages to get there.  Michael’s girlfriend parades around in a bikini, adding further tension between Michael and David, and we just get to wait until David supposedly loses his mind and tries to kill everyone, which of course he has to do.

The Stepfather was one of those movies that  I wanted to scare me, or leave me questioning what was coming next, but it failed miserably on both accounts.  overall it was just a movie that was straightforward and monotonous, and therefore I was more than disappointed.  To me, this was a missed opportunity, as there was plenty that could have been done.  Skip the stepfather, and save yourself the long torture.  You know what is coming.

Audio & Video: 7/10
Well the Stepfather looked pretty good, and the sound was adequate.  The 2.39:1 MPEG-4 AVC encoded video is sharp and detailed, and looks good.

The audio was a bit muted for my liking, but seemed decent enough.  Overall both the audio and the video were average, but not spectacular.

Value: 2/10
This is supposed to be a thriller, but there is not much here that was not pretty obvious from the start of the movie.  The movie itself was just a slow walk to an ending that was pretty obvious (the showdown was in the cards from the start!)  I was underwhelmed by this Blu-ray, and can’t recommend this movie unless you are a big fan of this genre of film, but even then, there are better movies to watch that this.

Overall Score 3/10

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  1. I just watched this on Netflix,I agree it’s a by the numbers thriller but I was creeped out by the cool exterior of the main guy. It’s worth a watch if you like this type of thing.

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