The Space Between Us Blu-ray Review

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The Movie: 4/10
I love space stories. Take me to outer space, to another planet, to the moon, to another galaxy, another universe, and tell me any story you want to tell me….I’ll listen. The problem with welcoming that wide open range of ideas is that the numbers are against me. If I watch enough spacey movies there will be some that don’t deliver THAT THING I love about the world of stories beyond our world. The Space Between Us is a story, and they do go out into space, at least as far as MARS. I wanted it to be good, fun, interesting, intriguing, wacky, or any of many other terms I would use to describe various movies that take place beyond Earth’s gravity. It wasn’t.

First things first, this movie is well made. It’s got great production values, big nice sets, well designed special effects, and all that goes with that. That is as far as i can go with the positives. I am really really not all about being negative with movies. I do find something I like in almost every single flick I watch. Well, Godzilla’s Son might be the exception..ick. The idea might have a nugget of something decent, a child born on another planet and what the does to the physiology and how we would perceive him/her. I’m guessing this movie doesn’t do the medical profession any favors with the basics of why this kid is doomed to live his life on his native planet, not Earth. Obviously growing up without the same gravity will impact the bones. A different controlled environment might change how this human can process things like oxygen and light and all that good stuff, but I’m not sure, and this movie doesn’t do much to expand on the concept of our alien but human child. It just focus on the gravity and how it makes him walk funny, his bones being brittle, and a big heart (metaphorically and actually..ugh). I found I didn’t care at all about the health of this person and his struggles to assimilate to our planet. I think I was supposed to care.

The science wrapped up in all the things about going to Mars, having an actual place people can live in Mars, the Richard Branson type guy who abandons the whole project when this child has to be a secret, totally lame by the way, it all just falls so flat. I’m not a Flat-Earther, but I do believe there are flat movies, and this is one of them.

No one interests me at all. We meet our love interest, a young teenage girl (played by a 27-year-old woman) who is tough and rough and knows pretty much everything a person needs to know to live a live of crime, but she’s not that interesting. I like the actress, and I like the actor who plays our space alien child/teenage boy, but they are not given good characters to really bring any kind of life to, just cardboard cut outs. The foster child girl, and the boy raised by scientists. I get it, we stereotype every one in movies so we can get to the point and tell their stories, but come on. We can do better than this.

I will say it’s a fun type flick. There are times that I could get lost in the ideas of traveling into space, which is always good. It’s just too bad it made me want to stop the movie and watch YouTube videos about our universe instead:)

Overall it’s all fluff, all smiles and heart-felt fodder for a lazy rainy afternoon movie watching. it’s a bit sappy though, so be prepared to have your heart-strings tugged at, just not your brain strings.

Features: 4/10

  • Alternate Ending (3 Minutes) – Worse than the ending in the film so kinda pointless.
  • Deleted Scenes (14 Minutes) – Five deleted scenes it’s quite obvious why they were taken out.
  • Love Featurette (5 Minutes) – EPK style trailer with interviews over the top.
  • Audio Commentary – For such a meh film the commentary is surprisingly¬†interesting.
  • UV Digital Copy

Cover Art: 3/10
The cover is as uninteresting as the movie, sadly. SPACE people, it’s SPACE and so many chances for cool images, but nope. I would not have it as a poster.

Audio & Video: 8/10
Digitally photographed The Space Between Us looks great on Blu-ray and uses the AVC codec at 1080P. The image is crystal clear and very sharp with great black levels that hold firm even in the scenes that take place in space. Fine detail is evident in close up shots and I saw no banding or macro-blocking.

The DTS-HD Master audio 7.1 track here is solid and gets you into the movie as it should. Music which plays a part in the film is loud and appropriate. Surround sound is limited to the couple of action scenes in the film but works when it does make an appearance. Dialog is centered and LFE channels are live when the action starts.

Overall Score 4/10