The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2 DVD Review

Cover Art and Menus: 5/10
The cover for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 is just a shot of the four main characters on the Greek coast, looking like they have won the acting lottery, due to the fact that they are on the Greek coast.  The tag line is “some friends just fit together,” and it appears from the cover that these girls do in fact have a good relationship.  The cover is pretty generic, but not too horrible,

The menu is a static shot of the cover photo over a strange looking Greek animated background.  very static, and very boring.  Note to those who are in charge of packaging these movies: try to use more than just a cover shot for your menu.  It is just cheap looking, and very boring, especially for a movie that cost some real money.

Features: 4/10

  • Go Jump Off A Cliff How The Final Sequence Was Inspired By Fan Reaction To The First Movie –This is a nice short about how the girls, who were simply walking around Greece, came across a group of guys who were jumping off a a cliff into the beautiful water.  The boys, who were apparently all fans of the first film, had traveled to Greece in a sort of brotherhood type of deal.  The actors were so taken by the story that  they asked to have a scene added where the girls jumped into the ocean.  Of course the scene is added to the movie, and the cast and director Sanaa Hamri talk about how the jump is symbolic to the girls’ journey in the movie.
  • Additional Scenes –There are also some additional scenes that did not make the final cut of the movie.  they are really throw away scenes, and not needed,  the additional scenes run about 8 minutes, and include commentary.
  • Gag Reel – The gag reel is pretty short, but of course fun to watch.  I am a real sucker for watching actors completely flub their lines, and as always this was humorous.  The gag reel checks in at about 4 minutes.

The Movie: 6/10
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants came out years ago, featuring four young girls who were brought together over a pair of jeans that magically fit all four of them, but also looked great on each.  The four best friends formed a sort of group by which the pants were passed around, and their “magic” would bring good fortune to each.

Now, three years later, the girls are all grown up, as each is in college.  They are geographically spread out, but each is still in need of some of the good fortune that the jeans seem to deliver.  This time around Carmen, who is played by the Ugly Betty star America Ferrera, is stuck trying to figure out the theater.  She is at first the girl who seems the most out of sorts at not having the 4 best friends together, and she is left to deal with the fact that not only is she struggling to make new friends, but her mother is having a new baby and Carmen is truly feeling left out.  Carmen is a bit distraught at the fact that the other 3 girls are not really keeping her in touch with their lives, and she is left to deal with a summer without her friends or her mother.

Bridget (Blake Lively) jets off to turkey to work at an archaeological dig, where a female mentor helps her deal with the fact that her mother is gone.  Bridget is forced to face up to her father, with whom she has been having a difficult relationship with, and she travels to see her estranged grandmother, who helps her face her past.  Of course as each of the girls deals with their hardships, the pants make a visit, to bring luck to each, just when they need it most.

Tibby, the semi-goth one of the group faces up to a pregnancy scare.  She is forced to deal with her emotions and her inability to trust those who get close to her.  She alienates her boyfriend Brian, and tries to reach out to the rest of the Sisterhood, with varying degrees of success.

Finally Lena, who in the last movie fell in love with the Greek Kostas, is forced to deal with the fact that he is engaged to be married.  heartbroken, she returns to New York, where she discovers Leo, the nude model in her drawing class.  Just as it seems that she is past Kostas, he shows up to tell her that he is in love with her, and the marriage is off.  She tells him that it is over, but this is a fictional “chick flick”, and therefore romance is still in the cards.

Lena’s sister takes the pants to Greece, and loses them, so the four girls travel to Greece to find the pants, and force Lena to rethink Kostas.  It is at this point that I would normally talk about spoiler alerts, and how I don’t want to give any of the plot away, but with a movie like this, if you don;t know the ending by now, you didn’t pay attention.

I enjoyed the first Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants as much as a 30-something year old male can.  I watch a lot of these “chick flicks” as i have a 16-year-old stepdaughter, and a wife.  I figure I have forced them to sit through some crazy stuff, so I can’t complaint too much about the occasional gal pal movie.  Where the first film felt genuine and had a pretty fun story, the sequel felt a bit long in the tooth.  There was a lot of time spent going nowhere, and the story here just was not all that great.  The movie itself was decent, but not one that I will soon sit through for any reason.  That being said, my wife and stepdaughter quite liked it, but even they said that the first one was better.  I think the girls have had some success in other ventures, like America Ferrera in Ugly Betty, and Blake Lively in Gossip Girls, but it still seemed like they got along, which is essential to a movie like this.  I would call Sisterhood 2 a sequel that was pretty much more of the same.

Audio & Video: 7/10
For standard DVD Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 was pretty nicely presented.  It was colorful and crisp, and a nice transfer.  The video is presented in 1.85:1 wide screen that looked great.  A good chunk of the movie was shot in Greece, on the coast, and I truly think that they could have shot the movie with a hand held video camera and Greece would still look amazing.  The shots are pretty straight forward, but it just isn’t the type of film where you would expect anything else.

The audio was 5.1 Surround Sound, and like most of these romantic comedies/ gal pal films, there is not much use of the rear channels.  The dialogue is great though, and as most current movies the overall audio presentation was decent.

Value: 6/10
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 is not as good as the original, but it is not a bad movie either.  If this is your type of movie, then it is worth checking out the next chapter of the girls’ story.  i am not sure that there is enough here to really make a buy worthwhile, unless you are a huge fan, but rent it.  The entire cast gets to go to Greece this time, and they seem to still have fun as a group.  The story is not as good as the first movie, but it works.  I hope that they don’t decide to keep this going to a third movie, but I think that we just might see Pants 3.  There just isn’t enough here to make a full series, and I am pretty sure that those damn jeans are not going to fit the girls in a few years time.  As a matter of fact, how can the jeans still fit the girls as they are now in college anyway?  I guess that I need to suspend my disbelief for a bit longer.

Overall Score 6/10