The Shallows Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 6/10
Sharks, cute cuddly little dudes just minding their own business and then WHAM a guy named Spielberg comes along and changes everything! A few decades later and we are still mesmerized with the danger our fishy little friends bring to the oceans of our little planet. The Shallows is only the latest in the film world to bring us a tale of terror and teeth. Does it turn the crank of someone like me who still believes Jaws rules the roost in this department? Hmmm not really.

The Shallows takes us on a singular journey with a young woman who is struggling in her life with the loss of her mother and potentially changing her career choice. She goes to a “secret” beach alone, presumably to find herself. She surfs and then she sees a dead whale, and THEN she meets a shark. We get the Woman Vs. Nature and Woman Vs. Herself drama throughout the rest of the story. None of this is a surprise, of course, and I might be making it sound quite mundane, but it’s not. I’m not in love with this movie, however, I did enjoy it. I was entertained by whole of it, if not some of the little details.

The cast is fine, even though we are mostly hanging around with Blake Lively the whole time, everyone is fine for their roles. Come on, it’s not about the people, is it? It’s about the shark and in this time around we get a really good one. There is a moment or two when our finny friend does some pretty outrageous Hollywood stunts, but we can forgive that and chalk it up to the need to outdo Sharknado. Who can blame them?

Our heroine gets a nibble, gets dehydrated, meets a sea gull, finds some determination, and does some math. It’s riveting:) Well, I’m sounding snotty, but to be fair, it is pretty compelling and the two reasons are the camera work/direction and our leading woman. She has moments of being a bit too overly Maxim modelish, but most of the time I am convinced she is her character, stranded physically and emotionally on that rock as the tide and a shark move in on her.

As for as ocean attack flicks go, The Shallows lives up to it’s cousins in the growing family of fear inducing movies of the 21st century. It does stand out with a certain level of quality, but of course, mostly just reminds us of how good Jaws is and always will be:)

Features: 7/10

  • Deleted Scenes (5 Minutes) – Three deleted scenes one of which is a quite different take to one of the scenes in the film.
  • Shooting In The Shallows (6 Minutes) – A look at the technical aspects of shooting a shark movie. Blake Lively seems to really be enjoying herself here.
  • When Sharks Attack (7 Minutes) – A real life shark attack victim discusses his ordeal.
  • How To Build A Shark (7 Minutes) – A look at the creation and design of the CGI shark.
  • Finding The Perfect Beach (6 Minutes) – A look at what it takes to find the perfect beach location to film a movie.
  • UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 2/10
Boring covers are becoming a bad habit for movie companies. I would not have it as a poster because it’s just so uninteresting, so BORING…and boring.

Audio & Video: 10/10
The Shallows is a gorgeous looking film that makes the location they filmed in look like a number one holiday destination. The 1080P AVC transfer is a sight to behold with no technical issues whatsoever. Skin tones are natural and black levels are tight you will be hard pressed to find fault here.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 audio track is as impressive as the picture quality. Featuring amazing surround effects and a lot of LFE activity, this is one of the tracks to beat this year.

Overall Score 6/10