The Rebound Blu-Ray Review

The Movie: 6/10
The rebound is a strange romantic comedy that seems to have been floating around for quite some time under the radar. Originally shot in 2008, and released in 2009, it stars Catherine Zeta-Jones as the middle aged Sandy, who discovers that her husband is being unfaithful while watching home movies on her computer. Sandy picks up her two kids and moves out of the suburbs and into New York City, where she embarks on a new chapter in her life, which involves her focusing more on herself and her own happiness. To complicate things in her new single life, she meets the Aram (Justin Bartha) at the coffee shop beneath her new apartment.

At first Sandy finds him way too young to consider dating, even though she swears she has no interest in dating, but soon the paths of the two continue to cross in strange ways (I liked the self defense beating he takes from her) and a budding romance begins to develop. Aram is coming off of a particularly nasty divorce from a hot French girl who used him to get a green card, and he too is on the rebound. The movie focuses on the romance as the two struggle to label just what kind of relationship they really have; true love or simply a rebound fling.

The Rebound is funny in parts, if not very predictable in others. The whole “milf” aspect is kind of new and funny, but the rest of the movie just falls into some tired romantic comedy areas, with the humor being scripted and at times spread too far apart. Sandy of course hires Aram to babysit her kids, which has some funny moments, as she tries the whole New York dating scene, with abysmal results.

In the end the Rebound is just a mediocre romantic comedy. There are some fun spots,band it was nice to see an older female in the lead role, but this is not funny or romantic enough to be a top romantic comedy movie. It was enjoyable, but not great.

Features: 2/10

  • Interviews With Catherine Zeta Jones & Justin Bartha & Others – As for features, we get one, which is a simple, 25 minute set of interviews with the cast and others about the movie, and how great they think it is. It is never a good sign when the studio can’t be bothered to make or include real extras, as it just seems to show a lack of support. In this case, it is pretty apparent that there is not much love for this product, but it has to be said that the movie does miss the mark.

Cover Art and Menus: 6/10
The cover for the Rebound is your classic romantic comedy cover, with the two main characters in some sort of embrace. Tried and true, and expected. It is not a horrible cover, but again, it is old and a bit lame, even for this type of movie. The menu features a pretty great little song, with shots of the film playing in the background. I really liked the menu actually, as it grabs you with the music, and shows some of the better parts of the movie on loop. The menu is not stale like the cover.

Audio & Video: 8/10
The audio and video for the Rebound are both pretty darn good. The movie is presented in 2.35:1 AVC encoded HD, and the presentation is sharp and colorful. Most of the scenes are very well done, but at times they seems to be a bit of fuzziness to the movie that is a big change from the sharpness that pervades most of the movie.

The audio was pretty darn good also, with a great amount of ambient sound for a romantic comedy. The dialogue is up front and solid, while the rest of the audio is pretty good for this type of movie, and romantic comedies are not known for their use of snazzy surround sound.

Value: 4/10
The Rebound is not a bad movie, but in a sea of romantic comedies, this is not going to be the go to Blu-ray. The movie is really not great either, and the replay value is certainly poor. I just don’t think that this is going to be a movie that you wil watch over and over. The humor is pretty scripted, and unfortunately this is just an average romantic comedy, and if you have read any of my other reviews on this genra, you know that there are just too many romantic comedies out there to spend time on mediocre movies.

Overall Score 5/10