The Queen

Cover Art and Menu: 8/10
Love the cover. Yep, it’s happened again, a DVD cover actually pleases me. I like the simplicity and elegance without being too much of an attempt at regal. The menus are uneventful, just kind of graphic and functional.

Extras & Features: 6/10

  • The Making Of The Queen – As good as this film is I was hoping for a big collection of extras. What the DVD actually offers isn’t quite what I was wanting, but even this brief making of is pretty good. It’s not amazing, but there are interviews with the cast, writer, and director who all talk about portraying living people, telling this delicate story, and all the other semi-controversial stuff that comes with making a movie about the week Princess Diana died.
  • Director Commentary & British Historian Commentary – If you enjoy this movie you will love watching it two more times as you listen to the commentaries. They are both interesting and informative and somewhat entertaining.

The Movie: 9/10
The Queen is one of those rare movies that has almost everything going for it. It’s got some laughs, drama, quality acting and directing, all with some real life history tossed in just for fun. The history is the tippity tapping around the British Royal family and how they coped with the death of Princess Diana. Well, it’s about how the Queen dealt with it mostly.

I am an American, surprise, but when I was a girl I always wanted to meet and marry a wonderful sexy handsome tall funny…eh hem…British man. I got my wish, and with my 7 years of marriage I have seen the whole Royal family from a different perspective. I haven’t seen many movies, even documentary style that cover the private life of the Queen and her little crew. It’s a lie to say I have never wondered how they life behind the scenes and beyond the tabloid stories.

The Queen takes us into the moments we don’t see, the Queen in her night gown, the Queen watching TV, the Queen driving a jeep across the countryside wearing her everyday clothes. I know the film isn’t supposed to be about that stuff, but it’s still interesting.

The film gives us a pretty clear opinion of how the royal family dealt with Diana’s death behind closed doors. It’s still a movie, so it’s not true truth, but it seems plausible while you watch it. It doesn’t ever feel far fetched or even too up close and personal as to make them become familiar.

I don’t think I need to dwell on the performances, they are all stellar…every single person is intriguing and holds their own against the star of the show Helen Mirren. She’s amazing, yes, but so is everyone else.

I loved this movie for a few reasons, it dealt with a sensitive subject (sensitive for a lot of people, not me really) with class and delicacy. It is paced perfectly and doesn’t tug at the heart strings enough to be annoying, but just enough to keep the emotions boiling up from scene to scene.

It’s a good way for me to get more informed about this whole royalty thing, even though it’s a movie version. I like to think I’m learning my husband’s heritage with Hollywood’s helping hand.

Value: 6/10
I highly recommend The Queen as an addition to your DVD collection even if the extras are not very hefty. It’s a good one to have around when you or your guests are in the mood for a good solid drama. It’s kind of pricey, yea, but when your better half is pure UK blood, it’s just a common courtesy to spend the dosh. If you are not as fond of the Britishness, rent it and be sure to put sugar on that home popped corn, that’s how they do it across the big pond.

Overall Score 8/10