The Mechanic Blu-Ray Review

The Movie: 7/10
Some movies fall into the category “What you see is what you get.” The Mechanic is one of those, in a good way. It’s not a great movie by any  means. It’s got all the dangly goods of a rock’em sock’em gutsy movie with men and guns and torment, so it gets a reasonable score based on that intagible quality.

I’m not a huge Jason Statham fan. I really did enjoy the Transporter, but since them it’s been a stretch to summon the same umph for the guy. He’s fine for what this story is telling us, a hard man, killer, organized, focused, loner. It’s that movie kind of character who is so precise and has such a perfect plan all the time that you need to check your bullshit radar at the door. I did that and enjoyed the action, the story, the bullshitty stuff, and the vibe of it all.

The story might not seem very original, and it is a retelling of another movie, but somehow it has enough elements that I have not seen to make it interesting. A son of a dude who the killer has crossed paths with is troubled and volatile. The killer needs to mentor him in the art of death. Sounds like a good tagline:) So, it has elements of intrigue and then the same old same old assassin tale stuck in for good measure. The thing is, I almost always like a good assassin movie. Why? Why do we find some kind of guts and glory in people who kill for money? Usually they are paid to kill people who we are told are unsavory so we can live with that, kind of super hero thing going on sometimes. Then again, we do have laws and courts….haha oh silly me, those are for movies like A Few Good Men and Liar, Liar.

Ben Foster takes the show for me. He’s got a tiny bit of over-acting here and there, but his character is troubled and lost in the world so that’s fine with me. He’s got a way about him that just makes each scene powerful and a little creepy at times because he’s so intense. If it wasn’t for Foster, I think this movie would have been a poor version of itself.

The fights in this movie are pretty intense and I didn’t get bored once. Oh, if you are just joining me on this review writing journey, I get bored when long fight scenes or car chases come along and it takes something pretty unique or powerful or high quality (stunts and effects) for me to keep my mind from wandering over to the “What’s going to be for supper” neighborhood of my brain. The Mechanic did not bore me for even one minute. I was into it from start to finish. It goes to show you that lots of fights, explosions, car bashing, troubled man tales of woe, they can stand up to the rigors of my threshold of what’s acceptable with testerosterony movie offerings.

This is a very violent movie, and it says so from the start. It’s brutal at at times. I would not let anyone under the age of 25 watch this..well, maybe 21, but definately not young men. I think it’s got a lot of that macho man bullshit riding along with the stuff that’s good and entertaining. I wouldn’t want to influence any young mind into thinking it’s ok to be an asshole killer with vicious tendencies.

Overall I enjoyed it. It was entertaining and severe at times to the point of almost putting my hand over my eyes…so that’s saying something.

Features: 3/10

  • Tools Of The Trade Featurette – There isn’t much here, just how they did some of the stunts and effects.
  • Deleted Scenes – One of these scenes could have changed the whole vibe of the movie so I’m glad it was cut.
  • MovieIQ – Check on the details of people, places, things in the movie, just pause and search. It’s pretty cool for those bathroom breaks while you are waiting for your spouse to return to his/her seat.

Cover Art and Menus: 3/10
Blah blah blah…that’s what is here when I come to the review template week. It’s just a paragraph of blah blah blah…and that’s how I feel about this cover. Enough said? I would not have this cover as a poster. I think the gun pieced together with other red guns is more graphic and I might have a mini-poster of that to fill in a corner of a wall somewhere. The menu is live action of the big action scenes from the movie, not much more to it really.

Audio & Video: 8/10
The Mechanic has a strange overall visual style. They were either going for the 70’s bathed in golden sunshine look or someone over exposed the film accidentally. So given that The Mechanic is a hard movie to judge as a lot of the color balance seems to be off on purpose. What I can say though is Sony’s HD transfer here is nigh on superb, with inky blacks and no signs of DNR or edge enhancement. And for all you film grain fans The Mechanic has lots of film grain that adds to the gritty brutal nature of the movie.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track is a sonic delight, everything in this soundtrack is amped up from gunshots to car chases. LFE is tight and appropiate and never seems overused. If you are a fan of action movies you are in for a real treat here.

Value: 4/10
I wouldn’t need to buy this movie but a rental for fans of action is just the right price. Rent it along with some other action flicks and make a night of it. The extras don’t beg to be lavished over either, so all in all, it’s not worth the purchase price to me.

Overall Score 6/10