The Man From Nowhere Blu-Ray Review

The Movie: 7/10
The Man From Nowhere is a Korean movie that has attitude and style right from the start.  Actor Won Bin is Cha Tae-sik, a recluse who spends his time avoiding just about everyone.  Everyone except for his very young neighbor’s daughter So-mi (played excellently by Kim Sae-ron), with who he seems to connect.  So-mi’s home is in shatters as her mother is a dancer who runs heroin on the side, and when she rusn off with a shipment, her dealer employers are less than thrilled.

At this point if you feel as if you have kind of seen this movie before, I would say that perhaps you did in theory, as it seems to mimic Leon : the Professional in many ways.  That is not to say that the Man From Nowhere is bad, as it is not, but the similarities are evident in the beginning of the movie for sure.

When  the drug dealers seek revenge on So-mi’s mother, and then on So-mi herself, Cha Tae-sik decides that he has to intervene.  This quiet store owner seems to have a history, and perhaps a high level of military training, and when he attempts to get So-mi back from the two brothers who seem to be involved in just about every illegal activity in the city, things get out of hand, but in a good way.

The Man From Nowhere is a revenge action movie, and even though you may have seen parts of this story before, it is presented in such a way that is does not get old.  Won Bin is an electric performer, who kinds of hides away at the beginning of the movie, and really emerges as a bad-ass force to be reckon with as the movie goes on.  The presentation here is good as well, as the acting and the story meld with a very strong Blu-ray presentation, with a dark feel and theme that just flows with this cold movie.  The Man From Nowhere is a very well done import from Korea, and one that I really enjoyed.

Features: 3/10

  • Making Of – The making of runs just over 15 minutes, and is divided up between interviews, outtakes and behind the scenes shots.
  • Highlights – This is new to me, but the highlights are 5 minutes of some of the key parts of the movie.  It is very strange to see this on a disc, but it is kind of cool.
  • Trailers – There are a lot of trailers included on this disc, including one for Ip Man 2, which looks amazing.  As cool as this is, it just is not really an extra in my mind.  There are also trailers included for the movie itself.
  • English Soundtrack – It should be pointed out that the movie is also presented dubbed in English, as well as the Korean original soundtrack.

Cover Art and Menus: 8/10
I love this cover.  It is basically a black and white shot of Won Bin, looking menacing.  Perfect for this type of movie.  The menu features the same shot, with scenes playing in a hazy background.  The menu keeps the dark theme going, but it is not as effective as the cover.

Audio & Video: 8/10
The Man From Nowhere looks and sounds amazing.  The sound was a bit underwhelming at points, as the presentation is a bit straightforward.  Use of the Surround Sound is limited, but when there are club scenes or fighting sequences, the sound does kick in a bit.  The video is very well done, even when a lot of the movie is shot in darkness.  I was very impressed with the clarity and presentation.

Value: 7/10
The Man From Nowhere is a great import movie from Korea.  While there is nothing really new here (it did remind me of several other movies) it is well done and a great little ride.  The acting and action are pretty good, and the movies that it seems to emulate (steal from) are great movies to take from (Leon: the Professional comes glaringly to mind).  I had a blast watching the Man From Nowhere, and even though I am not a huge fan of dubbed movies, I got lost in this one from the start, and was able to get past the dub issues.  If you are in to action and or revenge movies, the Man From Nowhere is a sure bet.

Overall Score 8/10