The Love Guru Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 4/10
The cover for the Love Guru features the main characters just kind of thrown in behind Mike Myers, who is in full Guru Pitka Indian regalia. It really isn’t all that funny, and it really did not do a lot for me. I understand that this is an over the top comedy, and that the real main character is Myers, but the cover is kind of blah.

The menus are slightly better, featuring Indian themed music and 1970’s hippy background. It fits with the film’s theme, and isn’t over the top. It’s not great, but it is better than the cover, which is supposed to be funny merely because Mike Myer’s is in character.

Features: 6/10
The Love Guru, like many of Mike Myer’s DVDs has a ton of deleted scenes and bloopers, which are honestly quite funny. It is worth watching some of the bloopers just to see how much fun they had making this movie. Some of the deleted scenes (especially one featuring Verne Troyer supposedly skating) are left out of the film for good reason, but some seemed to me to be needed to advance the (limited) story.

There are also some Featurette’s that were actually pretty entertaining. One short, “Hockey Training for Actors” was about how they went about filming the hockey scenes, which Myers felt needed to be realistic, as he is Canadian. It was truly amazing to learn that Romany Malco, who plays the NHL leading scorer Darren Roanoke had never really skated before.

Also included was a feature on how they used and created animatronic elephant and an ostrich for the movie, and how it worked in real time. The feature was entitled “One Hellava Elephant.”

Finally there was a short called “Mike Meyers and the Love Guru: an Inside Look.” This short was really kind of a throw away, with Myers talking about why he decided to make this movie, as well as interviews with some of the other actors and such. My least favorite feature on the disk really.

Finally there was the entirely too short piece called “Back in the Booth with Tim and Jay,” which brought back the two hockey announcers from the movie to give even more in depth coverage of the hockey action. Played by Steven Colbert and Jim Gaffigan, the pair were absolutely hysterical through the movie, and in this extra.

I also need to mention that the Love Guru Package that I reviewed included a digital copy, that can be transferred to your itunes to view on your iPod or iPhone, or watched on your PC using Media Player. I really like this idea, and it takes the struggle out of having to find a way to take movies that you own and get them into a digital format that you can use. The flexibility that this offers is great, and it looks like more and more DVD releases are going to include these digital copies. I for one am happy that they are being included.

The Movie: 4/10
I am a bit torn on the Love Guru. I am starting to wonder if I have outgrown (dare I say matured) to the point where Mike Myer’s humor is no longer really funny to me. I mean there were points in the movie where I laughed out loud, but there were also points where I felt that Myer’s just gave up and went low brow for some really cheap attempts at humor.

I guess I have either really changed, or Mike Myers has. Maybe it is both.

The Love Guru is about Guru Maurice Pitka, who is of course played by Mike Myers. Myers gives Pitka an Indian accent, and the full Indian/guru outfit, complete with an ashram and an elephant. Guru Pitka is a man who is constantly fighting to become the next Deepak Chopra, and he is battling with himself to realize what his mentor has burdened him with, which is to find true love inside himself. Interestingly enough, Guru Pitka’s mentor is played by Ben Kingsley, who plays a crossed eyed guru, which made me think of a bastardized version of himself in Gandhi.

Guru Pitka is hired by the owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team, who is played by Jessica Alba. The Maple Leaf’s lead scorer Darren Roanoke is struggling to find his scoring form after his wife takes up with rival Los Angeles Kings goalkeeper Jacques “le Coq” Grandes, played by Justin Timberlake. As would have it, “le Coq” is aptly named, and the tradition of Mike Myers using penis jokes in his movies continues.

Guru Pitka is left to struggle through treating Roanoke as the Maple Leafs try to break a curse on the team by winning the Stanley Cup. All hilarity ensues, or is supposed to, as the cast fights to straddle the line between story and overused punch lines.

I really wanted to like the Love Guru. Mike Myers has a track record of being really funny at times, like in So I Married an Axe Murderer, or the first Austin Powers movie, but it really seems like his last movies have just relied on sight gags and dance numbers. I miss the clever Mike Myers, when he would develop a character that was outright funny, and not rely on wiener jokes and using Mini Me for laughs.

It just seemed a bit tired. I really did laugh, but I had to struggle through some inane jokes to get to the funny parts. Maybe I did grow up a little bit, and maybe Mike Myers is still really funny to some people, but I couldn’t help but think that this felt like watching old Beavis and Butthead reruns; been there and done that. Overall there were some funny parts, but numerous penis jokes, a pissy mop fight, and watching elephants hump just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

Video & Audio: 8/10
The audio for the Love Guru was good, and the levels were great. There were a few musical numbers (again, seen that before in a Myers’ movie) and they sounded great.

The video was just average. I didn’t think there was really much to it, and I guess this type of movie doesn’t need much in terms of video, but the colors were not as bright as I thought they could be. There was a great scene involving a Bollywood type of interplay between Jessica Alba and Mike Myers that looked very realistic and funny, but overall just average.

Value: 4/10
I can’t say to even spend time watching the Love Guru unless you are the type of person who wants to see Mike Myers play “the funny guy” again. This just was too much of the same, and the jokes were not great. It is funny in parts, but I think it will be a long while before I sit down to watch this in its entirety. Basically if you thought the last two Austin Power’s movies were the best, you will like this one, otherwise stay away.

Overall Score 5/10