The Lobster Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 9/10
We don’t get a lot of lobster up’round here. We are landlocked in the middle of a big chunk of land, but if I needed to turn into an animal, lobster would not be my choice right off the bat. I would choose something like a whale. They might have some danger from the idiot humans and the occasional giant squid or snotty little sharks, but overall it seems like a  pretty tranquil life. I won’t worry about it much, I mean, I am happily married so we won’t need to be turned into animals anytime soon. If one of us exists this world, however, well, I made sure I know what Mr. Ascully would choose, just so I know what his fate will be, and he says “One of those big birds of prey.” I find that extremely sexy and cool. A whale and a bald eagle, not exactly a match made at “the hotel” but we will make it work.

Love is not easy. Relationships are absurd when you really think about it. We couple up all our lives through being socialized from the time we are very young. We grow up and enter the world of finding a mate, which is pretty animatistic and natural, we just can’t help ourselves and we have made such a weird ritual of it all that when you stop to watch a movie like The Lobster it magnifies how strange we are.

The characters are driven to find a mate who has something in common, a “defining characteristic”. It seems absurd that we hang our entire mate finding hunt on whether or not the other person likes the same sports team, or they have a similar health issue, or personality trait that we then hope will hold us together for the REST OF OUR LIVES. I can say that Mr. Ascully and I met on the internet and our first connection was The X-Files and movies. Yes, that was nature’s way of giving us that first spark to be drawn together. We don’t base our entire relationship on those things, no no..I mean, I am writing this movie review for his site, after we watched the movie in the little home theater where I built the screen and he has invested a lot in our movie collection, and we have modified our entire basement around the ritual of watching a movie…not to mention when The X-Files came back this year it was pretty much the only topic of discussion for a few weeks. Hmm it’s only been 16 years, and we have none of those little things called children to distract us, but maybe we will stop relying on these things to be the basis of our relationship some day:)

The movie reminds us though, that even what we think of as deeper connections are really not that deep. Either we are drawn to a person because of lust, trauma, necessity, the fear of being alone, the fear of being seen as a loner, or maybe a few superficial things that do make you love/like the other person enough to stay together and make your way in the world together. The thing is, it’s not something you can define. We are just creatures like all the other animals and our concept of love is really a human decoration on what is truthfully our need to keep reproducing to keep humans alive on this planet. Sounds bleak, but it is what it is.

We have our main characters finding “love” while being connected during a stressful situation, drawn together by something intangible, and ultimately possibly willing to make great sacrifices to be together. It’s the intangible thing that the rest of the world seems to want to deny. It’s just THAT feeling you get that’s not based on anything, or not anything on the surface, where we find the one we really want. In the world of the movie and in real life that’s all love really is. The rest is silly, like if I get a nose bleed all the time and you get a nose bleed all the time, that can be the basis of our relationship on its own. I do think some people see things that way in life. Think about it, how many couples do you really know who can fully express their differences, everything from politics to religion, down to their choices in music, movies, how they spend money, family values, style, and even less important like which baseball team they support? I know people who lie lie lie lie about some of that shit just to keep their partner happy so they won’t end up alone.

Speaking of being alone, the hotel where people are turned into animals when they can’t find a mate has escapees. The LONERS of the world are running a muck in the woods, trying to get away from the convention of being coupled up. It sounds wild and untethered and exciting and FREE, but nope, they have rules so severe about NOT being coupled up that there is no freedom in this strange world. The only people who look happy, living normal life in the city, are all people who are in a couple. Life goes on as usual. They smile and eat lunch together, shop, work, etc. Nothing looks out-of-place on the surface, but we know that unless you find actual love, which is hard, you are a target for either being turned into a lobster, or being hunted in the woods, or sadly deciding that the rules of the whole “MUST HAVE A MATE” get to be too much so you jump out of one of the hotel windows.

Watch the movie to get the full experience of its strange and charming take on what we call love. If you can’t find that love in this life, what animal would you choose to become?

Features: 5/10

  • The Fabric Of Attraction: Concocting The Lobster (22 Minutes) – A way above average look at the making of this superb film. Highly recommended.
  • UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 9/10
I would have this as a poster in my house, no hesitation. I loved the movie and this image is fun, interesting and reminds me of one of the best flicks of the year so far.

Audio & Video: 8/10
The Lobster is presented using an AVC encoded 1080P transfer in 1.84:1 aspect ratio. Filmed digitally using the Arri Alexa XT camera the film has a lot of detail which the Blu-Ray manages to retain thanks to the high bit-rate. The film is color graded to make the futuristic world look grey and drab so a lot of the movie comes across murky and uninteresting by design. Depth of field is great and black levels have a inky feel about them, a darker scene near the end of the movie has a lot of digital grain but nothing that will stop your enjoyment of the film.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix is subtle but punchy when needed. Special note goes to the score which is mostly played on violin and makes you jump with its noisy stab noise at key moments. Dialog and narration are central and clear, the surround sound is also subtle and involving. The Lobster is a unique experience that is a must see for unusual film lovers.

Overall Score 9/10