The Lego Movie: The Second Part Blu-ray Review

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The Movie: 7/10
OK, we all know what this movie is, it’s Lego. I won’t complicate it, it’s Lego. It’s fun. It’s funny. It’s Lego. What else do you want? I am not the kind of reviewer to find fault around every corner. I look at a movie as a whole, as often as I can. Unless a film has some glaring obnoxious flaws I can’t ignore, I want to just sit back and enjoy it for what it is. This is LEGO…do you get me yet?

The world our little blocky friends live in has taken a dark turn since we last visited them. Mad Max would come to mind with it’s dark post apocalyptic vibe, but this is more colorful and cute.

Of course there is a lesson to learn, but you’ll have to watch it to get the benefit of it’s life changing qualities. The whole story is about saving the world that our Lego friends live in, and we get all kinds of help from all kinds of new characters. I appreciate the effort to make so many pop culture references throughout these movies. Yes, it’s a low common denominator to endear us to the characters and the story, but it works.

The voices are fine, as you would expect. The animation is amazing. The laughs are real and the sentimentality is just enough. It might be a bit mushy near the end, but hey, it it what it is.

Overall I would say the Lego 2 movie is worth expanding the world they created in the first one, and I would even go so far as to say I might look forward to another one someday:)

Features: 7/10

  • Everything Is Awesome Sing Along (1 Hour 52 Minutes) – A mode that lets you watch the full movie with sing along lyrics and pop up trivia.
  • They Come In Pieces: Assembling The Lego Movie 2 (9 Minutes) – Looking at what it took to make an interesting sequel.
  • Emmets Holiday Party: A Lego Movie Short (3 Minutes) – A short that played theatrically with a very Christmasy feel.
  • Outtakes And Deleted Scenes (12 Minutes) – A ton of fun fake outtakes, fans of Batman will love this.
  • Music Video (3 Minutes) – Becks music video for Super Cool.
  • Audio Commentary – Lord and Miller take you through the struggle it took to get a sequel to the Lego Movie made.
  • Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Copy

Audio & Video: 8/10
The 1080P AVC transfer Warner have delivered is excellent. This is quite possibly the most colorful film you will ever see. Fine detail on every single brick is wonderfully presented and a lot of the dark scenes in space are also superbly presented without a hint of pixelization or banding.

The Dolby Atmos soundtrack is very very quiet I had to turn up my receiver 5 or 6 more notches to get any punch out of it. Once calibrated though the track is full of bass and lots of surround effects especially during the films many songs. Both audio and visuals are cutting edge here and you will not be disappointed.

Overall Score 7/10