The Last Song Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 6/10
The cover is pretty straight forward for a teen romance type movie, with an embrace and a beach shot.  I don’t mind it for this type of movie, and it is to be expected, but it does get a bit old.  We get to see Miley Cyrus and her real life boyfriend and co-star Liam Hemsworth.

Features: 5/10

  • Set Tour With Bobby Coleman – This is pretty fun little extra that includes little Bobby Coleman, who plays Jonah, who is adorable.  The whole tour is cute and fun, and at 5 minutes it is a nice short time for this feature.
  • Making Of The Music Video When I Look At You By Miley Cyrus – Miley Cyrus herself takes us through the the making of the video.
  • When I Look At You Music Video By Miley Cyrus – My wife was overly excited about the fact that this video is included on the Blu-ray.  The soundtrack only include two Miley Cyrus songs, which I thought was a good idea, as the rest of the soundtrack is quite good.  This song is not bad for Miley Cyrus, and the video is pretty average.
  • Alternate Opening Sequence With Director Commentary – The alternate opening sequence includes an extended sequence of the church burning.  It really changes the tone of the movie, and I like the original better.
  • Deleted Scenes – We get about seven minutes of deleted scenes here.  There are a lot of Greg Kinnear scenes as well as a nice scene with the fire jugglers.
  • Audio Commentary – The audio commentary includes director Julie Anne Robinson and co-producer Jennifer Gibgot.  It is a light, cheery commentary, and the two females are very into the movie and the process.  It is not one of my favorite commentaries, but there is a lot of information.

The Movie: 7/10
The Last Song is a Miley Cyrus coming out movie.  I could not help think of Crossroads, the movie that was supposed to launch Britney Spears movie career, which this movie has a lot of similarities with.  I rate them very close as movie, for this type of teenage female romance movie.  Miley seems to be ready to break out of the Hannah Montana mold, and this is a good vehicle for doing just that.  The main difference between Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears is that Miley is much more of and actress than Britney was, and so her movie career may be slightly easier because of it.

The Last Song is a movie about Ronnie Miller, played by Miley Cyrus. who is set to to spend time at her fathers house on the beach in Georgia.  Ronnie, a once amazing music talent, has not forgiven her father for leaving her and her mother and brother.  Her father (Greg Kinnear) is just happy to have Ronnie and her younger brother Jonah (Bobby Coleman) visiting, and while things go great with Father and son, Ronnie is intent on making the stay difficult.  She stay out late, and refuses to engage with her dad.  Her stay includes hanging out with a bad group of friends, and she ends up meeting Will, who plays beach volleyball and works numerous jobs.  He is a hard worker, and he has a thing for Ronnie, who plays coy, as she doesn’t trust his intentions.

They eventually start a relationship, which develops slowly, and helps melt Ronnie’s anger towards her father.  As the summer goes on, her relationship with her father, as well as with her brother, evolves and thaws to the point where things are going well, and just at that moment, her father breaks down.  Ronnie learns that her father has cancer, and at that point she realises just how much family and love means to her.

The Last Song is a movie based on a Nicholas Sparks book, and the writing is quite well done for this type of movie.  Miley Cyrus does a decent job acting in this movie, but there are times where she overacts, or at least seems to go too far to sell an emotion.  Liam Hemsworth, her real life boyfriend, is good as well, but Greg Kinnear and Bobby Coleman are excellent.  Without Kinnear this movie would not have the same feel or realness.  His acting really brings a lot to this movie, and I don’t think I would have liked it nearly as much as I did without him.

The Last Song is a nice change for Miley Cyrus, and you just hope that her movie choices are as solid, and as well done as this one, so that she can break out of the Hannah Montana mold.  She seems both grounded and talented, and her future should not be solely defined by her Disney Channel character.

Audio & Video: 8/10
The video for the Last Song is quite solid.  The 2.35:1 widescreen presentation is clear and sharp.  The colors are great and the scenery is quite well done, with some beautiful beach scenes.

The audio was very well done also, and the DTS 5.1 presentation is upfront and music heavy.  The dialogue is clear and there seemed to be a nice mix of ambient sound, like the ocean sounds.  It was a nice presentation overall.

Value: 6/10
This is a straight up teenage romance movie, with teen superstar Miley Cyrus, so it will appeal to those who are the type who watch Hannah Montana and the Disney Channel.  It was well done for this type of movie, which probably has to do with the fact that it is based on a Nicholas Sparks book.  The Blu-ray looks good and sounds good, and there is enough here to enjoy for anyone who likes romantic movies.  The addition of Greg Kinnear really helped this movie’s credibility.  For those who like this genre of movie, this is a decent one.

Overall Score 6/10