The Invisible

Blu-Ray & DVD Version Covered In Review

Cover Art and Menus: 4/10
I’m kind of neutral on this one. The packaging is standard, nothing special, nothing exciting, nothing much to talk about at all really. The menu has that crazy cool clickity click through each item. I think they went back to 1992 and got the sound effect. So, as far as the outside goes, and the navigation on the disc, we are not talking about a whoop-de-doo kind of a deal.

Features: 2/10

  • 13 Minutes Of Deleted Scenes – Sometimes deleted scenes don’t do much to forward the story, so it makes sense to cut them out. This time, however, a whole side story is wiped out. In the process the editing gurus who did their stinky magic made the whole movie seem like things weren’t always falling into place. I guess that’s what happens when you want to get rid of some stuff but you didn’t film enough other stuff to fill in the gaps.
  • Music Videos – Ugh..(= boring and pointless)
  • Feature Audio Commentary With Director & Writer Christine Roum – It’s cool to listen to a director talk about making her movie. The problem is, sometimes the movie doesn’t have enough grab for me to sit through it more than once. I dabbled, but didn’t listen to the whole thing.
  • Feature Audio Commentary With Writer Mick Davis – Again, if the movie had really caught my attention I would be glad to go through it 2 and then 3 times for all the chit chat…but it didn’t.

Movie: 5/10
I shilly-shally. I whiffle-waffle. I hem and haw. Some movies do that to my poor brain. I like it. I don’t like it. It’s semi-cool. It’s boring. All this for a movie I’m not sure I would recommend to most people? I know, it’s crazy.

Ok, let’s break it down. The Invisible is about a young dude who is bright, and handsome, and rich one minute; unseen, unheard, and questionably dreaming/dead/paranormal the next. He’s a victim of a certainly unfriendly act by a girl who wears a stocking cap to conceal her long flowing hair, and who has a very large chip and powerful punch on her shoulder.
Through his invisibility period he learns about people. He sees his domineering mother in a different light. He finds out his best friend is more frail and weak than he ever knew. But the kicker is, he learns a good lesson about life. What that lesson is, I’m still not sure, but it resembles forgiveness, open-mindedness, selflessness, stuff like that. The intended pay off of the whole thing is a bit more ambitious than the movie itself, but it still finds a way to work, somehow.

Do I sound confused? Well, that’s because I am. I watched The Invisible thinking so many things. The acting was kind of stock Hollywood acting school for 20-somethings. A little bit of trying to be deep and thoughtful, and a little bit of over the top pretend intensity.

The directing is overly stylistic with a lot of pointless angles and lighting effects, but there are often twinges of goodness with quality action sequences and use of locations.
Speaking of that, the sets and locations are actually quite nice. There are lots of groovy dark places, woods, rain, interesting buildings, which all adds a nice atmosphere to the somewhat gloomy story. There are some good moments with tricking the eye to make us feel like he is invisible to the world around him, but no great scenes of OH WOW THAT’S COOL.
There are some great action shots, again with the rain and some fighting and stuff, but the dialogue is never that good, or not good enough to balance things out.

There are LOTS of editing problems. We see part of a scene with a teenage girl that makes no sense at all, followed by a detective on the trail of something that has absolutely no lead in or explanation. (see deleted scenes, it will all make more sense). So, that kind of stuff really takes me out of a movie, and that is probably why I say it’s less good than it should be, but less bad than it could be. Hmmmm

Oh, and I have to mention this one thing that I have come to hate hate hate in movies. They take a beautiful girl, put a hat on her and tuck her hair up in it, and then she’s supposed to be unappealing. At one point she drops her locks and we see her as the stunner she really is. She’s too lovely to be as rough and dangerous as they want us to believe. That also took away my ‘leap of faith’, you know the one you take when you watch movies. The thing that tells you Wookies and Tin Men aren’t real, but it’s ok to believe it for a little while. This movie breaks that trust thing all the way through. I was convinced one thing was solid and real, and that was Marcia Gay Harding’s portrayal of the mother. She rocks!! Everything else, even the rain feels contrived and over thought out.

I won’t reveal the hooks and ‘ah ha’ moments. I’ll leave that to you to discover all on your own. I can say this, The Invisible is the best slightly above average movie I’ve seen in a long time.

Video & Audio: (By Ascully): 8/10
Another beautiful transfer from Buena Vista its getting hard to determine the difference in each Blu-Ray release from this company as they seem to have the transfer process nailed right now. Again the uncompressed soundtrack is included on the disc and is a step up from the 5.1 which is on the standard DVD. I only half enjoyed the movie but the presentation on Blu-ray disc and the DVD is hard to fault.
Value: 4/10
Rent it. Watch it. Return it. That would be my recommendation for most people. It’s not a bad flick, but it’s not something I have a strong desire to keep forever and ever. It will show up on cable someday and that will be a great time to re-watch it…at least for me

Overall Score 5/10