The Informant Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 8/10
I like it. I would have this as, let’s say, a mini poster, framed and hanging in one of my movie rooms:) The menu is pretty laid back, but it’s themed for the movie. It’s a nice subtle package for a nice subtle movie.

Features: 5/10

  • Commentary By Director Steven Soderbergh & Screenwriter Scott Z Burns – An interesting look behind the scenes with the Director and Writer. Soderbergh has quite the eye for detail, he also goes into technical detail on the filming of the movie.
  • Digital Copy – A digital copy of the movie that works on your laptop or other “favorite portable device”.
  • DVD Version Of The Movie – I really like it when the studios include a DVD version of the movie in the box. It means you can take it with you and your Blu-Ray version is safe at home on the shelf.

The Movie: 9/10
The Informant is an awesome movie lover experience, at least my brand of movie loving. There are sometimes too many intangible things to really describe why I love a movie so much, but this time around I have a few details that really left a lasting impression.

The cast, excellent. I am so in love with Matt Damon, shhhh don’t tell Mr. Cidtalk. I might not know Damon the person, but as an actor he’s totally won me over through the years and in The Informant he’s absolutely brilliant. I don’t care who mocks me or rolls their eyes at me, you can kiss my behind if you think Damon isn’t worthy of such praise. He’s bold, and then turns around and is subtle, careful and then crazy into his character. I love it, love it , love it. He’s not the only shining star in this movie, but he is in every frame almost so he kind of stands out when I re-play the whole thing in my mind. There are some anonymous famous people, those who you think you have seen tons of times, but you do not know their name. EVERYONE is right on the mark with their performances, their portrayals of very specific types of people and it’s consumingly convincing.

The pace of the movie is a slow burn and it’s gloriously entangling for my mind. I mean, as the story unfolds I felt my brain moving to the edge of it’s seat, scene after scene my eyes widened and it consumed me…fantastic.

I’m gushing. I know this. I truly, unconditionally, loved this movie. There is an element of intangibility there, can’t quite explain, even though I thought I could, but I think about it and I want to cozy back into that world, the shifty character mind of a person who doesn’t quite seem to grasp reality the way we want them to. You have to see it to know what I mean.
The look of the film is spot on. Let’s be honest though, the early 90’s aren’t that far in the past and I didn’t think that era would have “a look”, but boy it sure did. Bland, boring, corporate, perfect. It’s well designed, even though there are a lot of functional shots, but there is a kind of visual flow (how hippie) that has a specific, um, happy place for my eyes and mind. Is that technically more gushing? I think it might be.

I just can’t apologize for my enthusiasm. It’s pure and lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole of The Informant, the story, the people, the truth/reality/dramatization of a series of one person’s choices and actions in their life that are fascinating and nuts. Good combination.

Audio & Video: 8/10 (By Ascully)
The Informant is quite a subdued movie in a lot of respects/ Soderbergh used the Red One camera which means the movie never saw a frame of actual film. This makes for a nice sharp HD image that looks fantastic. The movie is well lit and features a lot of overblown scenes that come across great. It gives the movie a 1970’s feel with the sheen of a 2010 HD presentation at the same time (It’s hard to explain but it works). Unfortunately, Warner chose to squeeze the movie onto a single layer Blu-Ray so the image is not as perfect as it could be there are minor spots of macro blocking the kind we were familiar with in old DVD releases at several points during the movie.  Had Warner dedicated a dual layer disc to the encode this would have been eliminated.

I had no problems with the Dolby TrueHD 5.1 soundtrack.  It’s just that it is quite standard for a movie of this type. It does everything just fine and delivers crystal clear speech, great music (surround speakers are used little if at all), but there is nothing here that you will be wowed with. All in all a serviceable soundtrack that fits the movie perfectly. In delivering the hum drum corporate life Whitacre deals with day to day.

Value: 7/10
It’s a great movie, little bits of extras, and I will be watching it again so it’s worth having on my shelf..

Overall Score 8/10

The Informant Is Available On Blu-Ray Combo Pack, DVD And For Download 2/23.