The Incredibles Blu-Ray Review

The Movie: 9/10
There’s not much to say about this movie. Honestly, it speaks for itself. It’s a story about a family, about marriage, about love, about bravery, and devotion to doing the right thing. It’s not sappy or over the top mushy at any time, which is a bonus. The characters are all a bit quirky, but we can identify with them all in one way or another. I’m in love with the story behind the colorful images, which is why I rate this movie so darn high.

From a teenage girl who wants to hide from the cute boy in school to the young boy who has a streak of orneriness, we all know these people, even if they are animated.
It’s a kid movie, sure, but it’s got a lot to say about marriage and hitting that middle age thing where our lives seem a bit drab and uneventful. We all can’t be super heroes with alter egos, but hey, we can understand why working at a job that sucks every bit of life out of you, it’s universal. Our leading hero, Mr. Incredible is both visually and emotionally a representative of our husbands/fathers who gave up their dreams when they were young to face a life time of mediocrity and boredom at a dead end job. But never fear, this is a story about more than boring jobs and mid life crisis’s 🙂

There’s stuff blowing up, a colorful bad guy who doesn’t even flinch at the prospect of destroying a whole family, and a ton of funny moments mixed with real tension as you watch our favorites battle the evil of the world. If you are a grown up who says you don’t like “this kind of movie”, get over it! Give us all a break and stop whining about how animation is just for the little ones. Come to the dark side….hahaha join the rest of your fellow adults who enjoy animated features as much as live action. You will have a great time, trust me!

Every scene looks amazing. I would challenge anyone who likes to find fault to dig up a flaw in any frame of this animated beauty.

Aside from the underlying real life references and the gorgeousness of the animation, it’s just plain fun! It’s entertaining with lots of laughs and trust me, you will be hard pressed to not have a good time. If you walk away saying it was boring or not funny at all, you are a big fat liar!! No offense:)

Features: 9/10

  • The Incredibles Revisited – A NEW 22 minute roundtable that puts the main creators of the movie back together for an interesting retrospective.
  • Deleted Scenes –  All the deleted scenes from the DVD (5 in all) are here in full HD for the first time.
  • Boundin Short Film – Academy Award Nominated Short – Yet another wonderful short that shows the heart and creativity of folks at Pixar. Boundin’ features the voice, vision, story, music, and concept by Bud Luckey. Luckey is a veteran animator who offers up a simple but lovely heart felt little story I hope everyone takes the time to watch.
  • Jack-Jack Attack Short Film – All new animated short- This is the time that little baby Jack was left with the babysitter while the family is out fighting the bad guy. It’s an excellent short that has a ton of personality, and it’s just plain funny. The babysitter is put to the test with this super hero baby who has an affinity for fire and laser beams.
  • Interactive “The New Nomanisan” Island Redevelopment – Syndrome’s Island Base has been transformed into a wonderful island vacation getaway which you can explore here.
  • Paths To Pixar: Story Artists – Take a look at Pixar’s story artists in this continuing series that if you have been following along is present on most Pixar releases.
  • Studio Stories: Gary’s Birthday –
  • Classic DVD Content – Everything that was included on the DVD release which clocks in at over 70 minutes. The hard to find Easter Eggs have also been given easy access in a seperate menu.
  • Digital Copy & DVD – Different formats for different situations 🙂

Cover Art and Menus: 9/10
This is a movie that is so imaginative I wanted to see some of that on the cover, but it ended up as one of those middle of the road Disney offering. The menus are a whole other story. Once you see the movie you will realize that the people who put the menus together did a great job of making this a great HD package. They take images straight from the movie and translate them into some of the best looking menus I have seen on a Blu-Ray.

Audio & Video: 10/10
Well what do you expect from a Pixar release in terms of picture and audio? Amazing 1080P picture? Check! Expansive 5.1 audio? Check! Yes folks all the boxes are checked as usual for an almost perfect experience here on Blu-Ray. I say almost perfect as there are a couple of Banding and Aliasing issues however they are so small most viewers will never notice.

Value: 9/10
We were out and about the other day and found this Blu-Ray for just over 20 bucks. That is an exceptional value for everything you get. I’m the first one to complain about Blu-Ray prices, but this one makes me happy.

Overall Score 9/10