The Host Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 6/10
The first contact or invasion of a species from another planet, it’s out there in our future just waiting for us. What will it look like? Movies and books usually tell either a tale of complete domination with horrible consequences for humans, or a cooperative coming together of interplanetary friends. The host takes a bit of a different route, the first thing I like about it.

I won’t say I love LOVED this movie. It’s definitely got some good qualities. It also has a lot of flimsy things that make it, upon reflection, kind of mediocre. As for the ‘new’ look at an alien invasion this isn’t 100% new, but close enough. A species from another world implants itself in a human, the host, and then proceeds to make our world a much better place. Yes, that’s the part of the whole thing that makes the question of taking our planet back a bit more complicated.

These aliens have ended poverty, war, hunger, environmental damage, and all other human complications. So, what’s the reason we would even have the obligatory rebels hanging around in mountains and underground to protest? I can’t quite figure it out. I mean, the snag of having some personalities still trapped in the human body, aware of the fact they have been taken over and no longer have control over their own body or life, well, that’s kind of  a problem I guess.

Our rebels are hold up in a mountain with gadgets and grains and a fine life of hiding out. There doesn’t seem to be any master plan to take back the human race, but they do have some guns and a doctor. Imagine what you will.

How do we find these rebels? A young woman, a fighter against the invasion, is invaded and has the unfortunate feature of having herself aware inside while the alien runs her body. Do they get along? Do they learn to cooperate? Are they at odds, violently opposing each other? Watch the movie.

What I do like about this young lady, beyond that she’s Hannah (watch that movie too), is that she isn’t a super hero kind of chick, or an overly academic problem solver. She’s just a young woman, struggling with her feelings and the fact that she’s possibly trapped inside herself forever. There is too much kissing and romance and young adult idealism.

That’s the more noticeable element of the whole thing that turned me off. The look of the aliens’ version of human life is a bit too shiny. I understand that’s the whole idea, but then it’s almost cartoony in its perfection. The look of every location is over designed, contrived for that “cool” factor. Some of the dialog is awkward, wooden, flat, blah. The action scenes are almost TV movie in their choreography and believability. These things override the best parts of the movie, but not enough to make it less entertaining.

Overall I enjoyed the journey of our heroine, the idea of this type of invasion, and that stimulating thing where I still wonder, “So, why do we have to get rid of these aliens?”

Features: 7/10

  • Deleted Scenes – Three minutes of deleted scenes that really were deleted for a reason.
  • Bringing The Host To Life – An 8 minute EPK style featurette. It focuses mainly on Twilight author Stephanie Meyers and her creation of The Host.
  • Feature Commentary With Author, Screenwriter & Producer – The whole crew sit down for one of the most unenthusiastic commentaries in recent memory. If you are a die hard Meyer’s fan I am sure you will get something from this though.
  • Seeker PSA – Basically a Public Service Announcement on behalf of the Seekers in the movie. I could see this playing in the theater on one of those first look things.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 4/10
I would say the cover is boring, but that’s boring. I have said so many covers are boring. It’s boring. I would, possibly needless to say, not have the cover art as a poster. The menu is just navigation, so one could say it’s boring.

Audio & Video: 8/10
Universal’s 1080P/AVC encode is quite lovely to look at with its futuristic sun-baked earth and the glaring eyes of the main protagonist. Some of the special effects in the movie are a little iffy, and the clarity of high definition does not hide the flaws very well. Still everything here is pristine with no signs of artifacting, banding, aliasing or ringing.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track is loud and bombastic with crisp dialog and action scenes that aurally impress. LFE output is very deep and lifelike and surround effects (the girl trapped inside the girl) coming from different speakers across the rear of your sound stage. The Host will be a polarizing movie, I could tell as I was watching it that it was not made for me however I did have some fun with the main premise.

Value: /10
I think The Host is a reasonable sci-fi flick. I just don’t think I would pay the full price to have it for evermore. I would pay the rental fee because it’s a fun movie to enjoy on a weekend night. Don’t forget to take along something like Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind for quality control. 🙂

Overall Score 6.5/10