The Green Hornet DVD Review

The Movie: 5/10
Ho hum with a sprinkle of fun, yea that about covers it. As I think back on The Green Hornet that’s the thought that comes into my mind. A slight groan of hooo humm mixed with flashes of having a good time. I did like it, yes. I laughed several times, yes. It’s got some good dynamics with the growing relationship between a super hero and his “sidekick”. Jay Chou is a very compelling fellow to watch, making him my favorite element. The thing is that the good stuff gets a little lost because the action doesn’t elevate it to being a great action movie and the story of the Green Hornet as a super hero in general isn’t a compelling enough story to make it a great tale of danger and intrigue.

Part of why it didn’t capture my full attention, or fill my mind with great movie memories, was the shallow story. There’s a lot of flash over substance here, and the banter between the hornet and Kato is pretty good, but then venture beyond that with the politician story and the crime boss and it all comes out like bad mashed potatoes. We all know it’s hard to make bad mashed potatoes!!

The 3d element was lost on me. I can’t even imagine why they added it except to just get sucked into the trend of 3d. Some of the fight scenes had a nod here and there from what I could tell, but overall, it was not an important part of the movie.

The music is pretty good, a little heavy on the side of trying to be cool. The special effects were OK. There are some good fights, and everytime big rig cement mixers came on the screen it was awesome, but other than that a few of the FX came off cheesy and didn’t look polished enough for the promise of a 2011 super hero flick. Overall the look and sound of the movie was pretty straight down the middle for me. There was nothing that stood out and nothing that really looked/sounded bad enough to be a distractin. Hoo humm

Even though I did laugh and I did like the bad guy, OH and the opening scene with Christoff Waltz and James Franco is awesome, the hornet will remain forgettable for me. It was fun while it lasted, but it’s like empty Hollywood calories.

Features: 5/10

  • Awesoom Gag Reel – Casual giggling and messing up lines is standard fare for a gag reel, surprise.
  • Filmmakers Commentary – The director and writers are pretty enthusiastic about this movie so the commentary is more fun (potentially) than the movie on its own.
  • The Black Beauty: Rebirth Of Cool – How do you live up to the expectations of a fan base of any established legendary comic story vehicle? Do it right, as close to the original as possible, of course.
  • Writing The Green Hornet – A pair of writers always interests me because I am not a collaborator type. So, to get a whole script written with more than one cook in the kitchen is fascinating to watch.

Cover Art 3/10 and Menu: 5/10
Ascully fills each section of the template with “blah blah blah”. I suppose it’s a guide so I know precisely where to type stuff…come to think of it, that’s a little bit weird, but the point is that “blah blah blah” is how I feel about the cover of this DVD. The theme of average runs deep in this review. The cover, however, takes it’s place below average, way below actually. I might not have to note this, but I wouldn’t have it as a poster. The Green Hornet logo or a single shot of Kato doing something cool, yes, I might have that as a poster. This one is just not appealing, exciting, interesting, dynamic, creative, none of the things I would like to see from a big bold action wannabe flick. The menu is DVD stuff, but pretty good considering it’s now considered old technology, or whatever.

Audio & Video: 6/10
Unfortunatly we were not sent the Blu-Ray version of The Green Hornet so I can’t comment on the HD transfer of this movie. The 480P transfer on the DVD is fine and serviceable, it’s pretty soft on occassion and has some black crush but as far as DVD transfers go it is high up on the scale.

The 5.1 Dolby Digital audio was quite lackluster, I don’t know if it’s because I am used to the HD Uncompressed audio on Blu-Ray and have been spoiled, but the track here seemed a bit dull and lifeless.

Value: 4/10
Can you guess what I might say? I don’t want this in our movie collection. It doesn’t appeal to me beyond the one time viewing. Therefore, if it costs more than $1 I’m going to say it’s not really a good value for me. If you love Seth Rogan and have to have every single one of his movies, fine. If you have to collect every comic book hero movie, fine. If you just want a few laughs and a so-so movie on a Saturday night, rent this little green sucker and get it over with.

Overall Score 5/10