The Foot Fist Way

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Cover Art and Menus: 6/10
Well I actually liked the cover of Foot Fist Way.  It is a sort of throw-back to kung fu movies, and the image of sensei Fred Simmons with too cool for school sunglasses is actually funny.  As a matter of fact, this is probably one of the funniest parts of this DVD.  Having said that, I am now officially sad.

The menu is a static shot of the cover, and while it works for the cover, it is a bit weak for the menu.

Features: 4/10
there are not a lot of extras included on the Foot Fist Way DVD.  There is an extremely unimaginative commentary that seems to be more of a conversation while the movie is playing than a real commentary.  There are also some deleted scenes that are not missed, and an alternative ending, where Fred ends up breaking his wife’s neck.  Interesting turn of events, but still not all that great.

There is also a strange behind the scenes feature that is simply shots of the making of the film with music over the top.  It is in a strange black and white presentation and it gets old.  There is no real commentary at all, and it runs an agonizing 25 minutes.  Then there is a blooper reel, which is short, and kind of amusing, but again not all that  great.

The Movie: 4/10
Foot Fist Way is a movie about a small town Taekwondo instructor, who is bigger in his head than he is in real life.  He considers himself a true master of the sport, and he acts as if he is a world class master.  He runs a strip mall Taekwondo school where he teaches all ages the art that he truly believes in.   Fred Simmons is played by Danny McBride.  He plays the one dimensional master of martial arts as if he is a white trash superstar, and the premise seems as if there is lots of promise.  The problem is that the movie never really delivers on the promise, as laughs are few and far between.

Fred ends up being joined by his semi psychotic martial arts friend Mike McAlister, who is played by Jodi Hill, who is also the director of the movie.  Again, the character that Mike plays could have been hysterical, and even though he is my favorite character in the movie, it just didn’t end up being all that it could have been.  The two martial artists take some of Fred’s students to see film legend Chuck “the Truck” Wallace, who is a caricature of Chuck Norris.

Fred is also left to deal with a wife who cheats on him with her new boss.  The strain that the marriage puts on Fred comes out as he struggles to maintain his image of “master of the demo.”

Basically for me Foot Fist Way is a disappointment, as things could have been a lot better.  It is obviously a budget piece, but I wanted it to be really funny, and it is not.  I think that both Jodi Hill and Danny McBride have the ability to shine in comedy films, but I think it is going to take more than a weak story and half-hearted laughs to showcase their talents.

Audio & Video: 5/10
This is a budget DVD, and as such the video is often grainy and blurry.  It goes with the territory, and it is to be expected on a film such as this, but be prepared.  This is not a high definition experience.

The audio was decent, if not a bit dull overall.  There really wasn’t much in the way of a soundtrack, and there was not a real use for surround sound here.  Again, this is your basic budget movie.

Value: 3/10
I am not a fan of Foot Fist Way.  I feel like with all of the hype surrounding this movie perhaps I missed something.  It was cool to watch the guys try to pull of this movie on a tight budget, and the premise seemed to be funny and clever, but this movie just didn’t click for me.  It just was not all that funny.  I can’t recommend that you go out of your way to see this one, regardless of what Will Ferrell says.

Overall Score 4/10