The Flash The Complete First Season Blu-Ray Review

Own it on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital HD September 22, 2015

The Show: 8/10
I’ll just be honest here and say that I loved ‘The Flash’ from minute one all the way through to the big cliffhanger finale. I’m usually hesitant to jump into any TV show – especially a comic book show – because of the time commitment that they take. At 22 episodes in length The Flash is quite the commitment but the time just flies by as it’s so enjoyable.

The Flash is the story of Barry Allen a forensic scientist with the central City PD. As usual in super hero stories especially ones from DC Comics his mother is murdered and a strange yellow/green flash is all around her. On top of that young Barry is teleported to another part of the city and never really understood what happened that day as his father was incriminated for the events.

Switch to modern-day Barry Allen who while working on the STAR Labs super collider the system ruptures and the energy cloud hits him directly. Barry survives but is in a coma for 9 months and later The Flash is born. That is a super simplified version of events but if that does not get you interested nothing will.

While the show is content with being its own self-contained item, it makes great strides to be a part of the larger DC Universe. With  cameos from Arrow and Gotham as well as appearances by genre veterans like Mark Hamill reprising his role as The Trickster from 25 years earlier,  Had this show not gotten renewed for a second season, it’s big final moment – while being a cliffhanger – is also the perfect finishing moment for the series. Thankfully ‘The Flash’ was a smash hit and Season 2 is set to premiere very soon. This is a show I want to see more of. if the creative team can keep the energy up while maintaining the fun and excitement, ‘The Flash’ should have some fast legs keeping it going.

Overall The Flash is an incredible Super Hero show from Warner and DC, it gives Marvel’s Agents Of Shield a run for its money in both production values and acting quality. This comic book fan can’t recommend this highly enough.

Features: 8/10

  • Behind The Story: The Trickster Returns (9 Minutes) – Hosted by the one and only Mark Hamill, here we get a look at the character of the trickster played by Hamill 20 years ago in the original flash show and now again in 2015.
  • The Fastest Man Alive (30 Minutes) – The cast and producers take you through the recreation of The Flash in this new form. Discussions take you through the genesis of The Flash to the modern day twist the new series brings.
  • Creating The Blur: The VFX Of The Flash (25 Minutes) – Like Game Of Thrones this is a television show with effects that rival modern-day movies. Here we see the clever tricks used to bring these effects to the small screen.
  • Screen Test: The Chemistry Of Grant & Emily (4 Minutes) – Early test footage that true fans of the show will really appreciate.
  • DC Comics Night At Comic Con 2014 (29 Minutes) – Cast & crew from Gotham, Arrow and The Flash gather at Comic Con for a 30 minute panel. A lot of fun to be had here and some surprising insights into how the shows are linked.
  • Pilot Commentary – Producers and directors come together for this commentary on the pilot episode. They are obviously comic book fans and love the source material and you will really get a kick out of the enthusiasm here.
  • Deleted Scenes (33 minutes) – Spread over the 4 discs you get over 30 minutes of deleted scenes. Obviously these were cut for a reason but it’s fun to see what was left on the cutting room floor during the process.
  • Gag Reel (8 Minutes) – Eight minutes of funny missed lines and people falling over. You know the drill it’s a gag reel.
  • UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 8/10
The Flash comes as a four disc set housed in a keep case with reflective printed slipcover, you can also get a lenticular limited edition at Target. Inside the case are 4 discs, an episode guide booklet and a UV digital code for use on Vudu or Itunes.

Audio & Video: 8/10
Warner did not skimp on production design and everything on-screen comes through superbly in this 1.78:1 1080p transfer. Detail levels are top-notch allowing the viewer to fully appreciate the intricate costuming, the meticulous makeup of Barry’s laboratory, as well as facial features and makeup effects.  Colors are bright with flesh tones looking very natural. Black levels are inky and offers up a welcome sense of three-dimensional depth. Where the show gets a slight hit is when the scenes take place late at night, some crush creeps in during these sparse few scenes and can have a bit of a flattening effect on the image. Aside from that minor niggle The Flash makes a brilliant debut on Blu-Ray.

The English DTS-HD MA 5.1 audio track is as impressive. Dialog is crisp clean and bright, speech is always centrally located and the surround channels are constantly engaged and offer a lot of ambient sound.  Music is especially well handled using all the speakers to make you feel right in the middle of it.

Overall Score 8/10