The Fate Of The Furious Blu-ray Review

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The Movie: 5/10
If you are looking for a rave review of the Fast and Furious franchise, or even a nod to how cool the latest in the series is, you might want to turn your steering wheel in another direction. I am not a fan of this franchise at all, and yet I do have some fun while watching very specific scenes in the different movies. This time around we have the FATE of the crew in our laps, well, not really their fate. It’s just a concept dreamed up by the somewhat weird and overly philosophical bad woman. She goes on and on about shit that seems so obnoxious, I mean, I understand she has developed a very Fatalistic view of the world and humanity. She has decided that she needs to hold the super powers of the world accountable for their actions, while also destroying most of civilization so that we can all just find out what our own FATE is….kind of interesting, and yet a little bit boring if I’m honest. I think a true thinker, some bad person who wants to rule humanity or who wants to lavish in the chaos of its undoing would have a better plan than to just blow shit up. If I were a maniacal villain I would want to do the slow game, none of this hijacking some criminal car racing dingle to do things for me and get his criminal gang involved and end up with nothing more than a submarine  that is in a crappy place that can be stopped with the aforementioned criminal gang. It seems a little convoluted. OH wait, it’s the Fast and the Furious! 🙂

I can’t overthink it. My head starts to hurt, so I don’t try. The thing is, I can escape into so many fictional worlds and wild places and never question the logistics or the motivation of characters. It’s just that in the Fast movies it all started a bit more grounded in “reality” and now they are going full on Bond-ish wacky on us so I have a disconnect with the fun factor they are trying to infuse. I don’t have a great time watching the CGI car chases (note the submarine I mentioned) unless I’m into the whole of the movie and the story, with the chase as part of moving it all forward. That’s not how it works in this movie, or the story of these characters.  It reveals nothing except the budget.

Overall I did have some fun with a few of the bigger stunts. I can appreciate a good stunt if it makes me say “WOW” or rear my  head back as if the action were coming my direction. F8 has that a few times. Oh, how I hate the F8 thing, but hey, it’s cool and everything right? I will continue to watch these Furious movies because of one reason, my husband Mr. Ascully is a huge fan and I can’t really avoid them since we do the podcast reviews and these written reviews about them all:) If not for that, I can assure you I would find something else to do with the hours of life that are being spent watching an aging sweaty bald Primadonna bloke clump around on the screen. He does nothing for me, but then again, that submarine coming up out of the ice, kinda cool…get it? COOL:) That’s it, that’s what this movie inspires in me, bad jokes.

Features: 7/10

  • The Cuban Spirit (8 Minutes) – A look at the trip to Cuba at the start of the film. This was the first major studio movie to film in Cuba.
  • In The Family (20 Minutes) – A four part featurette that deals with the main characters in the movie.
  • Car Culture (20 Minutes) – A look at the zombie car sequence is one of the highlights of this three part series.
  • All About The Stunts (17 Minutes) – Title tells it all 🙂
  • Extended Fight Scenes (5 Minutes) – The two main fight sequences are made longer for your pleasure.
  • Audio Commentary With Director F Gary Grey
  • UV Digital Copy, DVD & Blu-ray

Cover Art: 4/10
Blowing your wad of the biggest stunt in the movie by putting it on the cover is not a great idea. I think it says a lot about the movie as a whole, which is THIS is what they think is the best feature of the whole thing…it’s not. I wouldn’t have this as a poster, mostly because I don’t really like the franchise, but also, it’s pretty boring to look at.

Audio & Video: 9/10
Digitally photographed The Fate Of The Furious looks great on Blu-ray. Universal have opted for a 1080P AVC encode that fills most of the disc and looks incredible start to finish. Color levels are fantastic here and black and shadows are inky and never crushed. Noise is evident in some of the darker scenes but is the fault of the camera not the transfer used here.

The DTS-X Master Audio track here is honed to perfection. The movie is full of explosions and car engines and it never comes up short. LFE usage is room shaking and during the action scenes all the surround speakers are in use at all times. This is a stellar soundtrack that also uses a lot of music, the whole presentation is top notch.

Overall Score 5/10