The Boondock Saints Unrated Special Edition DVD Review

Cover Art: 5/10
Finally someone has the balls to make a DVD cover that isn’t so boring it puts you to sleep before you have a chance to watch the movie. Boondock Saints isn’t a quiet little flick, and the box it comes in gets you ready for what’s to come. It’s a metal box with a cool clear inset with artsy images embossed behind the discs.
The menu is a bit annoying though, I must say. Any DVD author reading this review, please please for the love of GOD, DO NOT put clips from the movie on the menus. It’s vulgar. Not only do they pick clips from the movie, often they choose bits that give away the climax of a scene, or even the ending of the movie. I reiterate, it’s vulgar.

Features: 5/10
There’s not much to speak of on this 2 disc set, unfortunately. If any type of movie cries out for extras it’s one like this. It’s quirky, intelligent, funny, looks great, and it’s got that mysterious movie magic (corny but accurate) you just can’t explain. A few interviews or behind the scenes would be a great way to enjoy this story even more. I understand that some times directors and writers don’t want to make a whole big ta-do about the background of a movie they make. They like the work to stand on its own. I respect that, but when we only get a few deleted scenes and some bloopers it feels like a tippy tap pat on the head to keep us happy. I would rather have nothing at all than just some dribbles of extras slapped on with no real value.

This special unrated version has more blood and more of the “F” word than you might find in the theatrical release, so go for this one. It’s worth the extra bonus corruption to your little mind.

There are two separate commentaries that are great to listen to, especially the one with Billy Connolly. It’s the closest you get to being behind the scenes, so we have to take what we can get. The printable script is ok, but you can get most movie scripts online these days so it’s just kind of taking up space on the DVD where some other extras like a documentary of behind the scenes or something along those lines could be.

The Movie: 8/10
Two Irish brothers fight crime in Boston with their own brand of justice. That sounds like a good tag line. It’s a bit flimsy though, considering the depth of The Boon Dock Saints. Let’s break it down shall we?

Two Irish brothers, twins live in a condemned building working at a meat packing plant. A few tattoos, black clothes, and a little sweaty all the time, they look like they’ve had a hard life already. Boy they sure don’t need what’s about to happen to them at this point in their lives.

They are sitting in their local pub, ran by a stuttering, old dude with Tourettes Syndrome, when three thugs from the Russian mob come in and try to shove the old man out the door by orders of the new building’s owner, a Russian mob boss. All hell breaks loose and the next thing we know our charming Irish lads are beaten bruised and headed to the police station to confess. Confess to what? Well, you have to see the movie to get the whole story. What I will say is that they become semi-heroes around the city as more and more dirty nasty criminals start dropping dead (with the help of a few bullet holes).

The brothers take on their new mission in life as casually as they crack open another beer. Their cause isn’t a play for attention or fame. It’s as pure as one can’t imagine. They want to rid their city of evil men. It’s simple. It’s a nice idea, but then you have the whole ethical dilemma thingy, right? Is killing the bad guys outside the law acceptable when everyone wants them dead and gone, or is it wrong to take the law into your own hands? Well, our questions are put to the test through the eyes of the lead detective played by Willem Dafoe. He’s bizarre and fantastic. His job is to hunt down the murders who are killing the killers.. follow me? But he isn’t sure he wants to stop it.

The story flows from quiet more serious moments to funny and clever with dialogue tossed around between the cast with near brilliant accuracy. Then it goes on to scenes of outrageous action and just enough slow motion and cool music to be effective but not obnoxious. There’s the comic relief with the brothers being cheeky and oh-so-cute along with their rogue friend Rocco who’s hyper ADD type persona gives the trio a bit of the ridiculousness, which doesn’t make it farcical, but keeps what they are doing from being a deep dark tale of vigilantism and more of a “what if” scenario. What if someone were to take on this role in the world, killing off the truly bad people amongst us?

There’s the violence and the blood that give it all a kick that is totally called for with this story. Then there’s the look of the film. It’s bold and has that mixture of gritty realism tossed in with some highly produced stunts and, the aforementioned action sequences. There are a lot of groovy camera angles and well-designed shots that keep your eye happy while your brain is dealing with the action.

It’s fun and thought provoking at the same time, which I appreciate. I loved it. I would watch it again in a heartbeat and I recommend it to anyone. I even told my nephew about it. He’s 9 and wondered if it might be too violent for him, too much blood and all that. So, he’s more worried about it than I am. It’s a good film, with a great story, and fantastic performances with a few exceptions, like Ron Jeremy and some others who seem like they might be friends of the director trying to get their big break.. other than that it’s top quality and falls near the very top of my 2006 DVD releases list of favorites (so far J).

Value: 5/10
For the cover and the excellent movie, I say this is a must have for a serious film collector. It’s got the goods as far as a movie goes. The DVD is seriously lacking though, no extras to speak of so that knocks the overall score down somewhat. The quality of the movie is what saves it in that department.

But, if you just want to have a good ride with a couple of wild Irish lads, rent it and spend the extra cash on a six pack and for your swear jar, for it will surely inspire you to find more colorful ways of using THAT word. Don’t worry, I say that word in real life, but I like to refrain when it comes to these reviews. Someone might have a delicate constitution and I wouldn’t want to taint them (you) with my foul language.

Overall Score 8/10

2 thoughts on “The Boondock Saints Unrated Special Edition DVD Review

  1. Actually, The band The Boondock Saints (which was named The Brood before being signed by Atlantic Records) is the Director, Troy Duffy’s band. They did a few songs on the soundtrack as well.

  2. Very nice summary. I finally watched this flick about a month ago after several years of getting bewildered looks and comments when I said I hadn’t seen it. Needless to say, I was floored and have watched it twice since! Just found a cool little tidbit about the Boondock franchise. Apparently, there’s also a band called “Boondock Saints”. Well, their drummer, jimi fat hand jackson had to have a brain operation and so while filming BS2, bullet shell casings used in the movie were donated to raise money for the operation. That might not be exactly accurate, correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought that was one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard about.

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