The 9th Life Of Louis Drax Blu-ray Review

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The Movie: 7.8/10
I liked it a lot. The 9th Life of Louis Drax is one of those movies that hooked me from the first moment, and to be honest, I have no idea why. I can’t pin point anything. I know its got it’s issues, every movie does, but for some reason I just fell into the world and the circumstance and went along for the ride.

The story has some old elements, of course, there is nothing new under the sun, but it’s presented in a way that is compelling. We meet a boy who has had a hard time in life, lots of accidents and injuries, and near death incidents. His parents are not getting along, and one day at a picnic on a cliff (yea, on a cliff) things lead to him falling and ending up in a coma. The mystery of how it happened unfolds through a series of real life stuff and a few explorations of the mind. We meet his mother who is needy and a bit too forward with the doctor who is an expert in neurology. This doctor is kind of cold and distant and his wife is not happy with him at the moment….so you do the math.

As we go through the budding relationship of the mom and doc, the kid lies in his coma and we are introduced to one theory of what is happening during a coma. This movie is heavy-handed with the psychological terms and more theories, but not in a way that’s too heavy. It just seems kind of silly sometimes. Even though there is not much silly about this brooding flick. It is pretty serious, which I like a lot.

In all this we have the missing step father of the kid in a coma. The police are involved, and we get an awesome police officer. She’s bold and not falling for any of their bullshit secrets and lies. She and the kid were my favorites in this whole story. Well, the step dad, Jesse from Breaking Bad, was pretty good too. I’m not usually a fan of his, but this time around he had a part that tugged at my heart and he did a good job.

At one point you might feel like the movie tries to hard to skirt the line between reality and fantasy, but just go with it. It works. If I had a complaint it’s that I figured out the mystery very early on, but it didn’t bother me much. I knew where we were going with the “who done it” and why, but like I said before I just really enjoyed this movie from the start so I let it go. Thanks Elsa!

Overall I really enjoyed this movie, even with its flaws. It’s memorable because of the kid and his amazing personality, and his trip through the depths of his mind during his coma. It’s got enough movie watching goodness for me to forgive the eye rolling performances and dialogue at times. Maybe I was just in a movie loving mood:) Nah, it’s a nice little movie and I recommend it with a double bill of something like a Marathon of something like Stranger Things.

Features: 2/10

  • The Making Of The 9th Life Of Louis Drax – A 3 minute look at the making of the film, mostly promotional.
  • UV Digital Copy

Cover Art: 3/10
What a boring cover! I don’t like it. I would not have it as a poster, no way. It’s more like the cover of a cheap novel. It does nothing to really give you a hint at the more dreamy aspect of this movie.

Audio & Video: 7/10
The 9th Life Of Louis Drax comes to Blu-ray courtesy of Lionsgate and a 1080P AVC encode in 2.39:1 aspect ratio. This movie has a strange dream like appearance that leads to overblown whites and crushed blacks. Do not worry though your set is not faulty that’s just how this movie was created. Fine detail is evident on faces at times and I saw no issues with banding even during scenes in water. louis Drax is not a stunner but it does recreate the theatrical version at home.

The DTS-HD Master audio track is reserved and laid back. Some crowd scenes come alive in the rear speakers. The best part of the movie sound wise is a game of squash where you can actually tell where the ball is even though you can’t see it. Dialog is centered and clear and LFE channel is used sparingly.

Overall Score 7.8/10