Tangled Blu-Ray Review

The Movie: 8.5/10
A good, laugh enducing romp inside a fairy tale is always a good way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon. Well, anyday for that matter. I did laugh. I did cry. I giggled, chuckled, guffawed, and even snickered. These are the signs that either I have small children at my feet enjoying the movie along with me OR I’m a 43 year old cynical skeptical somewhat jaded middle-aging woman who just really really likes fairy tales. I have no children, there ya go.

Tell me again why I’m not supposed to like fairy tale stories? Some are too sad, depressing, violent, unrealistic, celebrate idiot standards of beauty and lifestyle? I just described most of the romantic comedies, dramas, action adventure flicks, heist movies, and almost every other genre. Let’s not mention literature, music, poetry, art….no, none of these things even compare to the ridiculousness of a fairy tale.

Oh, but I do like fairy tales. Tangled gives me that giddy little smile I never got when I read story books as a kid. Modern writers and directors can be a tad too cheezy and over the top with mingling current humor with old themes and stories, but that’s part of the fun. I have seen a play of A Christmas Carol done traditionally, and I’ve seen Scrooged (about 100 times). I like them both. Adding the goof factor, the giggles, and the gafaws, and the references to modern culture isn’t taking away anything, it’s adding something to it.

The voices are right. (Sadly I was so totally turned off by the complete horrible hosting these two performers did on the extras that it kind of put a slight damper on my memory of the fun voices, but I’ll work on that.) There are moments of true joy and smarminess in their voices and because their voices aren’t so recognizable it makes it more like they are who they are speaking for. When a very famous voice, sometimes that overrides the pleasure of the quirky animated characters.

The animation is beautiful. I watched it in 2D and it was really just lovely. I am not that excited about 3D so I’m happy with the way of movie watching without dark glasses on my face. I did love Avatar, 3 times, but still, enough is enough.

The other characters in this story of the girl with the long long long long hair are really the heart of the whole thing. The horse, THAT HORSE is amazing. He’s got to be one of the funniest animated animals I have ever seen in my life. A horse soldier who acts like a hound dog, does a bit of parkour, flies from building to building, and his attitude is perfectly drawn, portrayed, whatever you want to call it. The star of the show for me. The bar scene is so good, so rich with details and characters I would love to have on a poster, and to have a movie just about them to be honest. Narly toothed, hooked handed, scragly looking fellas, but  with good intentions.

If I had one complaint about the movie it’s that the story kind of skips by too fast at one point. I wanted more of Repunzel discovering the world, more of her learning about things she had never seen. Instead she goes from the girl hidden in the tower to being fairly adjusted to the outside human population and it felt truncated. That’s it though, nothing else knocked on my grown up movie watching brain door.

It’s a good movie, what can I say? It takes me away and gives me that fun heart for a bit and I like that.

Features: 7/10

  • Deleted Scenes – I like deleted scenes from animated movies that are just sketches put together with some voice over. It’s a contrast to the final movie and I do love a good rough draft.
  • Untangled The Making Of A Fairy Tale – Oh dear, don’t make me talk about it….OK, fine. The star power made me want to gag. The cheap obnoxious banter, ugh. The bits that were actually about the movie were fine, but that sugar factor of the Disneyesque intro sections were annoying.
  • Original Storybook Opening – I like the final movie opening, but it’s nice to see the process of how movie makers come to the movie they offer to us in the end.
  • And More – More? Mysterious. You just have to find out for yourself….OK, you talked me out of it. This includes a rundown with music of tiny clips of the 50 animated movie features Disney animation studio has made. It’s cool, but you need your Disney thinking cap on kiddies!!
  • DVD Copy Of The Movie – Yes, a copy, shocking.

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
The cover art is fine. It’s packed with a lot of attitude which is how the movie is, so that’s fair. I would like it to be just ever-so-slightly less about putting an image in the middle of the layout and leaving it at that though. These characters have great faces, gimme a close up people!! I would have it as a poster though, so that’s saying something.

The menu is an image of the tower, the hair, a nice quiet scene that doesn’t give anything of the movie away, and that’s always a good thing.

Audio & Video: 10/10
At this point in the game you probably know what I am going to say about Tangled the latest Disney animated movie on Blu-Ray. IT LOOKS & SOUNDS FANTASTIC!!!!!! As always the 1080P VC1 encoded transfer is a literal showcase for your Blu-Ray/HDTV setup, colors jump out of the screen (without the need for fancy 3D) and Blacks are inky dark with lots of shadow detail. Rapunzel’s glowing golden hair is a particular standout moment, you can literally see every strand, you really appreciate the work Disney’s animators put into this retelling of a classic Fairytale.

The audio can be described as lively and the sound design makes use of the rear channel’s when you least expect it. There are a few musical numbers in the movie and when these occur the soundstage really springs to life. Sub woofer activity is almost as active as the rear surrounds and as with most of Disney’s CG animated movies this is a true standout disc.

Tangled can be enjoyed by all age groups (I am a 41 year old man with no children) so don’t judge a book by it’s cover (or a Blu-Ray by it’s cover in this case). But if you do have little ones I can see this disc as a firm goto for the foreseeable future.

Value: 4/10
Disney, you have a bazillion dollars. Do not make me, or a family with children pay more than $10 – $15 to take a movie home these days. They will buy more movies, more stuffed creatures, more Disney hoo-haa, so back off with the prices. If it’s over $20, wait a while and it will surely drop in price. NO I will NOT go along with the higher Blu-Ray or 3D prices. It’s a movie, it shouldn’t cost as much as the water we use in our house for a month. Disney studio folks won’t go broke because they price things more mildly….I am growing to despise this topic. Don’t spend $100,000,000.00 on a movie if you expect ME to pay for it, honey, I don’ t have that kind of cash! I love love love movies with small budgets, no budgets almost, so don’t get on your high horse and tell me expensive movies are better, they are not. Only a handful of filmmakers, studios and publishers “get it” and offer their movies at reasonable prices. Let’s hope every one else gets on that wagon soon.

Overall Score 8.5/10