Sully Blu-ray Review

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The Movie: 7.5/10
True stories are always a challenge for a movie lover. Well ,for me anyway. If it really happened and real people really did stuff, only THOSE people will ever know the true truth. They might retell the story to a filmmaker, but if you have a plane full of 155 people, you’ll have 155 ways of seeing and experiencing the event. If you ask that many people, they will each have their own memories, their own biases, their own good or bad emotions attached to what happened. So, all that being said, this is a story based on a true event, and it’s a Hollywood movie staring Tom ¬†Hanks…yea…

Tom Hanks is excellent, of course. The story is gripping, of course. The special effects are amazing, thankfully. I don’t really know what more to say. I knew most of the details of the day the plane landed on the Hudson river, but this tells us about the other side of the “Hero” story. There was, as in life, bureaucracy and interference by government and corporate interests. It’s done very well with the timeline, which could have been confused, but director Clint Eastwood kept on top of all the pieces of the puzzle in a way that worked.

We are not just watching this even happen. We know it happened and this is the story of that, plus all the stuff that went with it, mostly the questions about if the landing in the river was even necessary.

Overall I enjoyed this movie a lot. Even knowing it’s a true story told in a fictional way worked for me. It’s got some of those overly romanticized moments that Eastwood and Hanks are famous for,but if I wanted to watch a documentary with no fluff or added drama, I would watch a documentary.

Features: 8/10

  • Sully Sullenberger: The Man Behind The Miracle (20 Minutes) – Narrated by Philip Terence this featurette tells the true story of Captain Sully. It’s a great featurette with tons of detail but the narration makes it feel like a Hallmark special.
  • Moment By Moment: Averting Disaster On The Hudson (16 Minutes) – The full detailed account of flight 1549 told by the real-life¬†Sully and his co pilot Jeff Skiles.
  • Neck Deep In The Hudson: Shooting Sully (20 Minutes) – A look behind the scenes of what it took to make this film. Eastwood himself does not seem to talk much these days but Hanks has a lot to say about the actors process.
  • 4K UHD, Blu-ray & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art : 7/10
I like the cover, but only the part with the plane in the water. If you take Tom Hanks off I would have it as a poster.

Audio & Video: 8/10
Sully comes to Blu-ray courtesy of Warner and a 1080P AVC transfer that portrays the theatrical experience at home. Bit-rate comes in at 24.57 Mbps which leaves around 10GB of unused space on the disc which is disappointing and an annoying trend from several of the studios at the minute. Close ups are highly detailed on this disc and some of the films CGI looks a little green screeny due to the clean presentation.

Warner chose the Dolby Atmos codec to bring Sully to life. This is a perfect disc to showcase this technology as overhead sounds are very pronounced during the plane’s approach to the Hudson. Dialog is central and clean even during the most intense action moments.

Overall Sully on Blu-ray is a great experience and the 4K disc slightly improves the image quality but not by much.

Overall Score 7.6/10