Sucker Punch Blu-Ray Review

The Movie: 7.5/10
Men are wretched creatures. I didn’t say it, Sucker Punch told me so. Cigar smoking, woman hitting, murdering, conniving, corrupt, grease-ball men rule the world in the latest Zack Snyder cinematic frolic. Don’t let that worry you though, there are enough scantily clad women with machine guns to keep your man brain from being offended.

I like this movie a lot. Mysterious, I know. Men are portrayed as assholes and it’s got enough fight/battle scenes to keep my brain unstimulated for many movies to come. You see, I generally don’t like long drawn out fight or battle scenes in movies, but I overlook these things. The entertainment factor of this movie is a powerful force. Having a great time while watching a flick on a Sunday afternoon is a lovely thing.

To say it’s a fun story seems a little creepy when you know what it’s about. A tormented orphaned young lady put in an impossible situation. The vibe of the movie is harsh on all counts. The design of the mental institution is severe, just the kind that would scare the crap out of anyone. It’s like a caraciature, all the key elements that are uncomfortable are exagerated. The brothel/burlesque club is the same. The common thread in both is that the young lady is captive, trapped by forces beyond her control…eh hem…bad men, very bad men.

There’s dancing, a little singing, lots of really powerful and exciting action sequences (despite my tendency to be bored with fights fairly quickly), awesome special effects, a style that’s a mix of old and futuristic, powerful women, and the list goes on. It’s not a perfect movie, not even one of the best of the year, however, it captured my imagination and me from the very first minute. The big idea of the movie is that you are in charge of your own fate, your life is your own, except you might find a bit of help in unexpected places.

The cast is suited to their respective roles. They turn every corner of the emotional trapezoids of life, tough, sad, hurt, mean, cruel, determined, evil, manipulative, loyal, vengeful, and there’s more but I don’t know how many sides a trapezoid has. (Upon a quick search I have determined the correct answer is 4, so the emotions of this movie really put the old trapezoid to shame!!)

Sucker Punch is moody and troubling and uncomfortable. The bad guys are super bad and oh so satisfyingly intimidating. That’s my favorite part actually, right after the bold almost indestructible women, of course. When our leading lady goes into a trance dance to hypnotize the dudes her mind wanders and we get the benefit. Each fantastic war scene is more explosive than the last and there seems to be no limitations on what can happen, giant mech robots, giant samurai, clockwork men, and a futuristic train in peril, it’s a wonderland for the eyes.

Never underestimate the power of a good time. I’ll say it loud and proud, I loved Sucker Punch, tucking the flaws deep in the recesses of my mind, and going with the flow of swords and high heels and  slow motion and swimming around in there is an incredible message of hopefulness and determination.

Features: 8/10

  • Maximum Movie Mode – Watch it again and see what the director Zack Snyder has to tell about the making of the whole movie from start to finish. From costumes, music, special effects, it’s all here presented in a flashy but not obnoxious way.
  • Original Sucker Punch Animated Shorts – The title says it all. They are cool, great artwork, and fun to watch, however, I just don’t think they do much go further the stories for me.
  • Sucker Punch Behind The Soundtrack – Where did the music come from? The answer is in this extra, but then again what did you expect when you read the name of it? It’s kind of brief but you get all the information I think is necessary on the subject.
  • DVD & Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
The cover is fitting, if not that interesting to me. I like the style and the mood of it. It’s just not as good as the movie. The menu is OK, but not that memorable to be honest.

Audio & Video: 9/10 (By Ascully)
Sucker Punch is a thrill ride from start to finish (my favorite release of the year so far) and the AVC/1080P encode does the movie justice and then some. Sucker Punch is quite a dark movie (in tone and pallete) and Warner handle these difficult conditions with ease. Blacks are inky, skin tones are precise and when those explosions kick in the color really washes over the action. Facial clarity is amazing you can even see every speck of makeup on Baby Dolls face in close ups. If your looking for a movie to show off your home theater setup this is a great choice.

Audio on this movie is a showcase also, Sucker Punch has an amazing soundtrack that really brings the adventure of Baby Doll and friends to life. When the music kicks in the movie comes to life. Synder’s movie is LOUD and this is usually a problem when it comes to voices, but here even the most delicate whispers come through loud and clear. Your also treated to dragons, trains, giant mechs and clockwork soldiers each with unique sounds all of there own.

Also worthy of note is Sucker Punch comes on two BD-50 discs, one with the theatrical cut and the other the extended cut which is 17+ minutes longer. This keeps the bit rate and audio quality very high on both versions of the movie.

Sucker Punch is a movie that will divide audiences, but for me it’s one of the best movies I have seen in some time. With all the sequels and lame movies that come out year after year, I applaud Zack Synder with his journey into the imagination. If you like to daydream  this movie is for you.

Value: 4/10
It’s a quality good time of a movie, and the extras are good, it’s just not one of those that I would pay over 20 bucks for, maybe $10. It is a big action flick after all, not life changing or anything like that. I would like to see it again at some point, but probably when it hits cable TV or Netflix. My debit card just doesn’t have a swipe in it for this particular expenditure. However, I say make space in your mind to watch it, it’s worth the time and a handful of dollars, just not a bucketful.

Overall Score 7.5/10

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