Stuck On You DVD Review

Cover Art and Menu: 6/10
It’s a comedy starring two of Hollywood’s dream dudes, what else could they do with the cover? The menu is pretty fun, colorful and goofy, but fun.

Extras & Features: 7/10

  • Full-Length Audio Commentary by the Farrelly Brothers – Two guys who are so into making movies it’s a pleasure to listen to them talk about their latest comedic venture.
  • Deleted/Extended Scenes – You get quite a few
  • Blooper Reel – You can imagine how many laughs they have on the set when someone messes up their lines or misses their cue.
  • “It’s Funny” – The Farrelly Formula – What makes the Farrelly brothers movies successful? Well, most of them anyway.
  • “Stuck Together” – Bringing Stuck On You to the Screen – Where did the story of conjoined twins get its humor? Or at least its version of humor.
  • “Making It Stick” – Makeup Effects of Stuck On You – Now this is cool. It is a time elapsed clip of how Damon and Kinnear got connected together everyday of shooting. It doesn’t look too fun, but they had video games and each other to keep their spirits up during the 5-8 hour process.

Movie: 7/10:
Check your brain at the door and put your heart on your sleeve, this movie is not for the intense thinkers amongst you. Let’s start from the obvious point, this is a Farrelly brothers’ film, ok, enough said. There are enough bad jokes, questionable lines of dialogue, and uncomfortable moments to take us back to the days of Something About Mary. Don’t assume that Stuck on You is in the same league as Mary, it’s not. We are talking low brow comedy here people, and at least with Something About Mary there was some cleverness here and there, Stuck on You is not quite so generous.

Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear are funny, for sure, but are they FUNNY? Well, in a conjoined twins kind of way I suppose it kind of pumps up the humor factor. But wouldn’t just about any two Hollywood stars in the same situation be as funny? Maybe not De Niro and Pacino, but I’m sure we could put together a few other sets of actors who could have fit the bill just as well. I really like Damon and I love Kinnear, but there’s something about this kind of comedy that loses my attention pretty quickly and I’m not that entertained no matter who’s at the helm.

I’ll admit that I laughed a few times, and I rolled my eyes, AND I shook my head several times, the way a mother who’s kid just said something terribly embarrassing would do. There are elements in Stuck on You that have that whole heart warming thing going for it, like the shy anxiety ridden brother whose panic attacks kick in when he’s put in front of groups of people who happens to be stuck to a sibling who is gregarious and has aspirations to be a famous actor. It’s an interesting combination, obvious, but semi-charming at times. Damon is the shy one who has never admitted to his three year online “girlfriend” about his conjoinedness and Kinnear’s half of the brother set barely notices that he has another human attached to him. They are mismatched, but need each other, of course.

They run a burger joint where they are the starring attraction where they have given a new meaning to fast food. One of my favorite things is that at each table of their restaurant there is a bell that is rung when and order is made and they have three minutes to finish the food or the customers get it for free. That’s where the duel brother/fry cook skills kick in. Four hands are faster than two apparently…you’ll see for yourself.

Kinnear’s dream to be an actor take them to Hollywood where their freak status is not as appreciated as it was back home. We all know how that feels. Along the way they find hot women, Cher, new friends, a crazy old Hollywood agent, fame, and maybe the nerve to finally be separated, just maybe.

Everyone in the movie is fun to watch and most of the dialogue isn’t too painful, if you remember to check that brain at the door! It’s got heart, that’s for sure, as all Farrelly brothers’ flicks have. Don’t worry, you won’t have to strain yourself thinking about this one, what a relief.

I liked the movie. That’s about as strong an opinion that I can dish up. It’s not the kind of story that requires any analyzing or after thought, in fact, I think I forgot it already 🙂

Value: 7/10
For $20, let it sit on the store shelf or in a box at your friendly online retailer’s warehouse. For $3 rent it and enjoy. Even better, wait about a month or two and it will be on cable, I’m pretty sure.

Overall Score 7/10