Star Wars: The Last Jedi 4KUHD Review

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The Movie: 8.5/10
I know it’s Star Wars. I know it comes with a long history of other movies, stories about the cast, stories about the creator, memories that my husband has held so dear since childhood… yes, the score is factoring all that in, right or wrong. I think this is one of my favorite Star Wars movies, but then again, I see it all as one big story. I think this is a fitting episode that gives me lots of entertainment and furthers the story. I might have parts that, even on the second viewing, could be cut out for me, but hey I’m not in charge.

What part would I cut out? Guess.

As for the parts I really enjoyed, Rey is not just getting all the answers to her questions in a tidy little package. Luke isn’t the hero some people remember…or is he? Chewie is cool, as always. General Organa is just the right amount of determined and sad, even if I could do without the flying in from space part, but I can live with it. It felt like she was just tired of it all, losing some of that hope she has always embodied for the Rebels. Luke is needed to find the balance for the fight again. Does this sound very Star Warsy geeky? Yea, I’m not one of those. I just like the story and the characters, for the most part. I’m a fan of Sci Fi, so it’s just right up there under my all time favorite, wait for it, Star Trek TV SERIES. I’m not a big fan of the Star Trek movies, but again, I’m not a Star Trek geeky person, just a fan of the big overall galaxy it creates.

That goes for Star Wars too. I’m entranced by a lot of the ideas, not so much the sea cow on the cliff, or the casino place, but I don’t have anything better to offer them and they haven’t asked me, so I can live with all that:) The force, as described in this episode, is exactly how I have always thought about it. I know, I know, some people will bitch and moan about midichlorians, or whatever they were in Episode 1, get over it. It’s fiction, just go with the flow.

As for the overall story, I’m in. Rey and the Rebels are down trodden, of course, and now Kylo is determined to do what his Grandfather had always been trying to do, bring his own kind of order to the galaxy. I’m in. I’m all in for the next part of the story, so bring it on. That’s what a good installment movie in any franchise should do, even though I’m not a fan of the whole idea of franchises, I’m coming around to the whole thing. I get it, it’s like a TV Show, it just takes longer between “episodes”.

I was really interested in the purple hair general who just came over from Twin Peaks, and she’s awesome all the way around. She doesn’t have much time or long scenes, but they are enough to build more about the Rebel Alliance for me. I have often thought that every galaxy is pretty damn big so why do we care about this Empire or First Order stuff, you can go to a planet and just stay out of the politics, but this movie made me finally feel the reach of their control. Now that Kylo is determined, and is just as emotionally unstable as his grandfather, as spontaneous as his father, and twisted by the old teachings of Andy Serkis, he will be an even more intense jerk next time we see him and I’m exited for what the rebels have in store for him.

Features: 10/10

  • Audio Commentary With Director Rian Johnson
  • The Director & The Jedi (95 Minutes) – An amazing behind the scenes documentary that is literally a dream for Star Wars fans. Incredibly frank and honest from the start this is a must see. It even goes into Mark Hamill’s disagreement on the plot and handling of the Luke Skywalker character.
  • Balance Of The Force (10 Minutes) – Rian Johnson discuses the new version of the force used in the movie and how controversial it is for the fan base.
  • Scene Breakdowns (30 Minutes) – A look at the three main action sequences of the film.
  • Andy Serkis Live! (6 Minutes) – See what it takes for Andy Serkis to bring Snoke to life without the CGI.
  • Deleted Scenes (23 Minutes) – An incredible amount of deleted scenes with or without¬†commentary by Rian Johnson.
  • 4KUHD, Blu-ray & Disney Digital Copy

Audio & Video: 10/10
The 4K and Blu-ray presentation included in this deluxe Ultimate Collectors Edition are both head and shoulders above anything released on either format in the past. Disney and Lucasfilm are focused on pristine picture quality and what we have here are reference discs on both formats. From the opening crawl the blacks are super inky and detail is incredible. Some of the CG shots of pilots in cockpits look fake because the detail is so incredible.

Audio is also standout with a full Atmos and DTS 7.1 track that have no faults aside from them being mixed a little softer than I am used to. If you crank the volume dial slightly higher you will be in for a treat. LFE during the bombing sequence at the start is stunning and dialog is always central, clear and direct.

Overall Score 8/10