Spring Breakers Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7/10
In another lifetime, the one I lived back in the years between 18 and 26, I would have been transfixed on the images and concept of Spring Breakers. There was an angst, an unsettled, unbalanced self brewing behind my eyes. I was looking for nothing but wanted something like everything to do with self and instant gratification. I engaged in dangerous behavior, colorful people. I was disconnected from what the people who knew me from the hometown perspective could see or understand. I was free. Free to be something darker, broken, seeking. This is what I see in Spring Breakers.

The young ladies, college students, convince themselves that all they want is a change of scenery, achieved by going on Spring Break. They are portrayed as four students with no money, desperate to get out of the dorm, out-of-town, out of their lives, for just a while to have some fun. The look of the movie, the colors, the intimacy, the contrast of music with image, and a certain disconnect, it took me back to that other life of mine.

That was the first third to half of the movie. When we meet our “bad guy” that feeling went away. I was taken to a new place. I was transported to the movie watching part of my brain. There was suddenly a caricature of a dude with gold teeth and weird attitude. I really do like James Franco, this time however, he turned the dreamy visit to a very real part of my experiences of young life, into a middle age woman watching a movie with a plastic character. I was reminded that those years, those feelings, that bubble of living consumed by a grating need to feel pain, feel control, feel something, were fleeting. Capturing it in a movie seemed impossible at that point and I lost interest every so slightly.

I did enjoy the story of our young students, somewhat. They found that they wanted more than just a good time. They wanted that edge of behavior to cut them, bring them to life, give them power. Well, all but Faith, she wanted no part of the darkest side of things. I totally grasp the vibe of Spring Breakers. I can sum it up in one old saying, “Be careful what you wish for little girl, you will surely get it.” There was a seed of frustration and violence beneath the bleached hair and hoochi shorts. Their benile life had caught up with them and it was time to break, and break free.

Finding the bad guy mixed with their own version of angst and thus sparks a crime spree. It’s kind of ugly but not ugly enough for me. I want a movie to commit fully to what it’s saying. If these young women and this pseudo gangster wannabe are going to support the beginning of the movie with its dreamy truth and fantasy honesty, they need to go to a much darker place, but they do not. I still like the whole movie, even if it drifted me out of that lulled inappropriate longing for the old days of my own youthful stint of self-destructive behavior. It’s colorful and somewhat cutting and the music is awesome. I did wish for a movie that didn’t live up to it’s terribly boring cover, and I surely got that.


Features: 7/10

  • Deleted Scene/Outtakes – One deleted scene that shows the girls sexually harassing a fat man. It does not really fit in the tone of the movie so I am glad they left it out.
  • Breaking It Down: Behind Spring Breakers – A 22 minute three-part making of. This starts out like a pre packaged EPK style featurette but ends up as a superb talk with the director and cast. Recommended viewing if you like the film.
  • Harmonys Ear Candy – A seven minute featurette focusing on the superb soundtrack by Cliff Martinez and Skrillex.
  • Vice Featurettes – If you have ever heard of the ATL twins this featurette is for you. It goes behind the scenes with the boys. The way the featurette was produced I was not sure if it was a spoof or not.
  • Audio Commentary With Director/Writer – Writer/Director Harmony Korine has a really laid back way about him and this comes over in this feature-length commentary track. He does give some insight into the girls in the film though especially Selena Gomez.
  • Trailer/TV Spots
  • UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 4/10
Boring is a word I use a lot for covers and menus. I will use it again today. I have an idea at whom this image is directed, and it’s not me. It does a disservice to the movie it’s fronting, which is part of the plan I’m sure, but still, not very interesting. I wouldn’t have it as a poster, clearly. The menu is themed somewhat with the colors of Florida, and then just navigation. I think I’m over menus. I mean, if they are interesting and nice to look at, even that doesn’t matter, it’s a MENU. It just gets you to the parts you really want.

Audio & Video: 8/10 (By Ascully)
Never judge a book by it’s cover and never judge a Blu-Ray this way either. Spring Breakers is one of my favorite films of this year and that is mostly down to Benoît Debie’s amazing cinematography. Every sun drenched scene is bathed in candy neon color and some of the framing is pure genius. This is not a standard Spring Break type movie more an art house film masquerading as a mainstream feature. The film uses a lot of different film techniques there are even portions filmed on VHS. The Blu-Ray itself handles everything perfectly with no signs of banding, artifacting or ringing in the image at all. The only noise you will see is intentional and down to the actual film stock.

From the opening sequence where Skrillex assaults you with his Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites track you know you are in for an audio treat. The Blu-Ray uses a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track and never falters. The movie is as much about music as it is about Spring Break and the surround speakers and LFE channel get a full workout the entire runtime.

Value: 6/10
I’m going to say this is a good Friday night rental flick. It will be best paired with something like  Spring Break from 1983, finished with some other youthful romp like a Friday the 13th or Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I know these are not alike, but if you are in the mood to rid the fictional world of annoying teenagers and 20-somethings, this is the way to do it. Some might escape their punishments, so be prepared.

Overall Score 7/10