Spectre Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7/10
I do like Bond movies. I won’t say I have liked them all, but along the way it has become its own movie watching experience as our favorite spy moves through so many decades and dodges a LOT of bullets. I might be a fan of the 007 world as a whole, but sometimes the individual movies have a certain hit and miss quality. Spectre is…wait, I need to do something…. OK, finally Windows knows not to underline Spectre as if it were a misspelled word!…. Spectre is exciting, no doubt. It’s fun, of course. It’s got some wacky stuff like a plane sliding down a mountain, sure. It’s got a very menacing and unforgettable villain, um, wait, it’s Blofeld right? Or was it another guy? Or was he really that menacing? No, unfortunately the villain, while Christoph Waltz does a fine job of making him creepy and complicated, he’s not scary enough for me and he doesn’t do enough to Bond to make him seem like much of a threat.

The opening of the movie, as with all Bond flicks, is exciting and looks very cool, and then that kind of energy is not revisited through the whole story, which is a little disappointing after that big beginning.

Let’s just talk about torture and attempts to do away with our James. Bond has been put on laser tables, blown up, attacked by ninjas, thrown out of planes and trains and automobiles, all in the attempts by the bad guys to do away with him or just to make him suffer. There are a couple that stand out and make the villains of those movies a bit more YIKE. Let’s see, the naked chair would be the big one, oh yes. The other would be when he’s been held captive and is down and out, abandoned by MI6 and left to his own devices. In Spectre he is loosely tied to a dental chair and a pricked with some little needle things that Blofeld promised would have lasting effects, but apparently, he was mistaken. Remembering back that was the most uninteresting part of the whole movie and it should have been the big TADA!

What did I like about Spectre? Overall it met all Bond requirements. I went to exotic places, met exotic women who I would like to have talked to BEFORE they hopped into bed with the Bond, but hey, they are grown women they can do what they want. I enjoyed the story, never high brow but always diabolical. I really enjoyed the meeting at Spectre where they discussed the havoc they are playing with humanity with their control of diseases and natural disasters. I mean, come on, that’s more menacing that the dental chair. I go away from Spectre with a certain satisfaction and one more piece of the Bond puzzle that makes me want one more and one more and one more.

Features: 5/10

  • Spectre Bonds Biggest Opening Sequence (20 Minutes) – A look at the day of the dead sequence from the start of the film. It’s quite promotional in tone but you do get some good insights from the cast and crew.
  • Video Blogs (9 Minutes) – Very short clips taken from the web campaign for Spectre. 6 in total most less than 2 minutes long.
  • Gallery – Production and behind the scenes photos.
  • Trailers – Both theatrical trailers and the teaser trailer are included.
  • UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
It’s Bond, he has to be the focus, but that makes the cover a little bit underwhelming. It’s too bad they didn’t use some more of the imagery of the opening of the movie. That might have made it onto a wall in my house as a poster.

Audio & Video: 10/10
There is nothing bad to say about this 1080P AVC encoded transfer from FOX. Spectre was shot on film and it shows with fine grain that makes the movie look very nice. Blacks are black and if you want a good demonstration of shadow detail watch the scene where Christoph Waltz is bathed in shadow and then the light hits him to reveal who it is. This is an impressive looking movie that is pure demo material. Clocking in at 148 minutes it’s also the longest Bond Film to date and even with that challenge for the encoder it still holds up to close scrutiny.

Spectre’s Lossless DTS-HD MA 7.1 track is powerful, rich and superbly detailed. From the opening scenes to Sam Smith’s oscar winning song it’s clear this is a showcase as most Bond movies tend to be. Surround sound is very impressive, just fire up the opening sequence and you will believe you are really at the Day Of The Dead festival. This is a super impressive soundtrack that is not to be missed.

Overall Score 7/10