Sorority Boys DVD Review

Cover Art & Packaging: 3/10
To be perfectly honest, the cover is my favorite part of this movie and DVD. It’s funnier than the story and the guy on the right looks vaguely like Darma of Darma and Greg on TV..just an observation. No offense to that lovely actress, just my first impression, nothing personal.

Extras & Features: 2/10
One “featurette” that is more like a music video featuring the guys getting their make up on. Of no interest to anyone who is looking for quality extras.

The other extra is actually really cool. Well, it’s a cool idea wasted on a crap movie. Small cameras were put on key people, director, director of photographer etc. During the filming of specific scenes they filmed from that person’s perspective. You can switch from view to view as you watch the scene getting a first hand look at the making of the movie. Like I said, it’s an excellent idea for an extra on a DVD. It’s just a shame it’s an extra on THIS DVD.

Movie: 2/10
Where shall I start. College dudes dressing up as Sorority girls, this is originality at it’s best.

Let me stop there and let you in on a little secret, this review will be full of something called sarcasm. If you come across a comment that seems remotely positive or in the praising vein…consider it sarcasm.

I have to admit when I first saw trailers for movies like Shallow Hal, Dumb and Dumber, Deuce Bigalow, etc. I was very skeptical. When I saw them I was pleasantly surprised that you could drag a balance of comedy, commentary, even some clever wit here and there. Sorority Boys not only made me skeptical before I saw it, I felt intellectually violated by the second scene. I don’t mean to be a snob….oh no. I want to make it clear that someone, somewhere will love this movie, dare I say even proclaim it their favorite movie of all time. Beyond the fact that this disturbs me deeply, it’s like a mystery of the human mind that can never be solved. Appreciating a scene where giant gelatinous dildos are used as swords in a battle between two frat boys in dresses must be left to those more open minded than myself.

I give the movie it’s 2 hard earned points for one Star Wars comment and a few cameos by original Animal House cast members. Don’t be misguided by this. THIS IS NOT LIKE ANIMAL HOUSE. This is a lame attempt at low brow humor, not a break out concept in fun movie making. At least Animal House, Porky’s and all the others that came before had one thing going for them, they were funny when I saw them. Did I mention I’m not 12 anymore? Animal House is a classic because it blazed a trail and had a lot of social commentary along with the site gags and raunchy digs. It’s a shame to have Sorority Boys associated with it, but that’s Hollywood.

The dudes always look like dudes, never like girls. They encounter their frat mates who do not recognize them, HELLO! The girls in the classically named D O G sorority house are not only NOT unattractive, but they are completely insulting caricatures.

I do think some of the key performers have potential, why they wasted it on this, I would love to ask them. This is not a total loss. I laughed four times and I genuinely like the idea of putting a bunch of snooty sorority girls in a boat adrift on the ocean. Other than that, anyone with an IQ and the opportunity to see ANY OTHER MOVIE ON THE PLANET, avoid this Porky’s wannabe at all costs.  This is an idea who’s time has come and gone. Dude Where’s My Car even had more to offer in the way of mindless entertainment, and that is very hard for me to admit.

Value: 2/10
If this DVD costs more than $3.00 anywhere in the world it’s a rip off. If you HAVE to see it, rent it for goodness sake. Adding this to any DVD collection might make your bookshelf or DVD holder very very unhappy! 🙂

Over All: 2/10
You do not need nor want me to sum up my opinion of this movie. There are those of you who will like it and for the other 95% of you, I hope you take my advice. If you are ever flicking through your TV channels late at night and see it on some dodgy network, keep on flicking.

Overall Score 2/10