Solo: A Star Wars Story 4kUHD Review

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The Movie: 6/10
I’m Star Trek, my husband (Mr. Ascully) is Star Wars, so that means I come at all Star Wars movies with a less romantic and swooning point of view. That being said, I do love the galaxy of Star Wars, the legends, the stories, the design, all of it, so I’m always happy to delve into more of it.

Let’s just get into it. I don’t like to be boring or like everyone else, but I have to talk about the look of this movie. The DP and anyone else involved in the darkness of so many scenes were to self indulgent and got away with making this fun story look like poo…yea poo. I won’t say every scene looks too dark, but about 50% of the whole movie is either squint-worthy, or you miss the action all together because they were in silhouette.  There was also a lot of almost blur to the main characters, not sure what they were going for there, but it really cheapens this particular movie. I LOVE indie movies and I LOVE experimental movies, the artistic and creative use of light and composition can be stunning and make for an incredible movie watching experience. In Solo…it does not.

Now for the good stuff. I like the story, the characters, the connections with what we know for the future of the Rebellion and the Empire and the whole galaxy. I was really entertained and the scenes I COULD see I was looking and looking for Star Wars world details, and was not disappointed. I don’t like to pick on performers, but the Solo guy didn’t give much emotion or get me very attached to his younger self, unfortunately. Dragon Queen was fine but also had some flat moments when I would have wanted to feel that tug at my heart for their plight and the choices they have to make, but that didn’t happen.

Overall I did enjoy Solo, and I am always happy to see more of my beloved Chewie 🙂 Keep them coming Disney/Lucasfilm and I’ll keep watching. I mean, it’s no Star Trek, but it’ll do in a pinch…oohhhhh controversial! 🙂

Features: 6/10

  • Solo: The Director & Cast Round-table (21 Minutes) – Director Ron Howard sits down with most of the ensemble cast and acts as a moderator. Quite interesting but not as good as a director commentary.
  • Kasdan On Kasdan (8 Minutes) – Lawrence and his son Jonathan discuss how Star Wars has consumed their family throughout the years.
  • Remaking The Millennium Falcon (6 Minutes) – A look at the newest incarnation of the iconic spaceship.
  • Escape From Corellia (10 Minutes) – The sand-speeder chase at the start of the film is given a deep dive.
  • The Train Heist (15 Minutes) – Similar to the last featurette but focusing on Solo’s coolest sequence.
  • Team Chewie (7 Minutes) – The relationship between Chewy and Han is done surprisingly well in the movie and here we see how that was developed.
  • Becoming A Droid: L3-37 (5 Minutes) – A look at how the fastest talking droid in space was created, with input from Phoebe Waller Bridge the actress who plays her.
  • Scoundrels, Droids, Creatures and Cards: Welcome To Fort Ypso (8 Minutes) – Every Star Wars movie has to have a cantina type scene and here we see how Solo’s version fairs.
  • Into The Maelstrom: The Kessel Run (8 Minutes) – A look at the special effects wizardry that made this iconic scene reality.
  • Deleted Scenes (9 Minutes) – A bunch of deleted scenes some of which are obviously from the original directors vision.
  • 4kUHD, Blu-ray & Digital Copy

Audio & Video: 6/10
Solo is not a good-looking movie even theatrically people complained about the low light and flat image. So here on 4K and Blu-ray it still looks the same. Dark shadows and very crushed blacks all around, Solo is not a colorful looking movie by any means.  On the upside when the DP gets his head out of his ass in the final act things start to look sharp and detailed, it’s just a shame that couldn’t happen earlier.

On the upside the DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 track on the Blu-ray is terrific, but switch over to the UHD disc and you get an amazing Dolby Atmos track that really rocks the house. As with most Disney releases of late you do need to crank the volume to get the most out of the dynamic range but when you do damn it sounds good.

Overall Score 6/10