Skyline Blu-Ray Review

The Movie: 3/10
Don’t run away just because of the score. Hang in there for some of my ramblings about this movie. I don’t lick anybody’s ass so I won’t tip toe around the movies that populate the lower score world.

We talk about some movies that take us on such epic journeys, around the world, through so many ideas, adventures, excitement and ultimately satisfying. This isn’t Skyline. It’s a journey, yes. It’s an adventure, yes. A journey to the depths of my mind to find the movie lover and bring her back to the movie in the first twenty minutes because she felt betrayed and went to hide. An adventure along the spectrum of all the feelings about a movie from “ugh” to “OK, I’m gonna hang in there for the last third because it’s actually turning itself around.”

It’s not a rave review, I know this. I can’t lie. Skyline is not a great movie, not really a good movie. It does have one thing going for it, and for me that’s enough! It’s unique. In this world and that’s not something you can say about most movies. The story isn’t actually unique, aliens invade while a group of very annoying people try to run or fight the invasion. Right, so that’s not special at all. Even though I do LOVE alien invasions, good or bad. That could be why I had the stop sign in my soul that kept me from checking out halfway through the dang thing.

These aliens look awesome, very awesome!! The action gets more intense and interesting. The visual impact of what was happening near the end of the story is done in a new and captivating way. I would compare it to a nicely composed graphic novel or comic book. That’s a good thing. Aliens scouring LA for scraps of humans leftover, from a bird’s eye view, which is eerie and haunting almost, which is excellent. The story then takes a turn and that perked me up, so these threads of goodness held it in together.

The acting, how to not sound snotty….well, the acting is underwhelming. The more you read about the movie the more you might understand how the quality of the performances suffered, but come on, inject some grit and suck out some of the TV grade dramatics. I won’t even choose anyone to talk about, except the blond. I don’t know her name but she was my favorite. A bitchy character with attitude but played well by a woman who looked kind of familiar but not really…you know the type.

I ended up having a better time talking about this movie on our podcast than I did watching it, but in the end, that might be enough. I would watch it again, but the bad stuff won’t get better. It’s a poorly acted, VERY poorly written with the worst dialog you have ever heard (unless you watch your fair share of adult orientated flicks). It’s distracting and you truly want to just stop the movie and get on with your life, but don’t. Hang in there it gets better and it’s fair to say that ultimately it was almost fun with a touch of sweet bleakness as a bonus. The ideas of the alien invasion are satisfying, even though the humans don’t make me want to win the battle.

Give it a try, but do not blame me if your mind wanders and you start thinking about the yard that needs to be mowed and the trash that needs to be taken out. It might just be a common side effect that’s unavoidable in the first 2/3 of the movie.

Features: 2/10

  • Feature Commentaries With The Filmmakers – I didn’t love the movie and the dudes who made it don’t interest me very much, sooooo there ya go.
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes – Hmm not much value here.
  • Alternate Scenes – Refer to the Deleted & Extended Scenes section.
  • Pre-Visualization – If you like to see how special effect scenes are set up ahead of time, these computer simulations are kind of interesting.
  • D Box Enabled – I have no D Box, but it might have made the movie more fun if I invited my husband over to my chair:)

Cover Art and Menus: 3/10
This cover has a nice color scheme. It’s got some mysterious action going on…but it’s still awful. It doesn’t represent the movie at all. It’s called Skyline people, how about a striking bold image of a skyline with the alien invasion just kind of happening, a hint of the story. The cover is actually kind of confusing now that I look at it more. I would not have this as a poster, in fact if I could convince my husband to let me I would make my own and put it in the box.

The menu is just basic navigation with images of the movie. Do we care about menus anymore? I guess it depends on the movie.

Audio & Video: 8/10
“Amazing special effects with a load of douche bag’s who you couldn’t care less about.” That is how I described Skyline on this weeks podcast and I defy you to challenge that. I still had a little fun with the movie, but not a lot.

So, how does the image quality on this Blu-Ray disc hold up? Has to be better than the film right, well it is. As usual Universal have pulled out all the stops with a high quality AVC 1080P transfer that really showcases the special effects of Skyline. The movie itself has a high gloss almost TV looking sheen to it which is faithfully represented here. Some might call it DNR but I am not totally sure it is. Anyhow Universal have a great transfer here.

From the opening credits (which have a LFE explosion as each and every name appears on the screen), you know you are in for a raucous soundtrack. The Strause Brothers, or Brothers Strause if you are reading the aforementioned credits, do a great job of amping up the action with some ridiculous DTS-HD Master Audio surprises. Some of the sound here is showcase stuff, such as the Ferrari getting crushed and the stealth fighters firing off the nuke. The only problem I did have was some of the dialog gets lost in the action, but really after about five minutes into the movie I stopped listening to the lifeless cast anyway.

Value: 3/10
The value of this movie is all in the fact that the last 1/3 turned me around in a way that I never thought would happen. I was really not enjoying the movie overall, and then wham, it grabbed me!! So, that’s worth a watch. Rent it though, please. Don’t put any more money into than you need to. If you love it, fine, buy a copy, but until you confirm that, just rent rent rent.

Overall Score 3/10